From the Jackson County Banner, Saturday April 20, 1867, Page 3 Column 2

Logs in the Black River
It is estimated by those who ought to know, that not less than 225,000,000
feet of logs were in Black River and its tributaries at the opening of the
river this spring. It is safe to say that not less than 120,000,000 have
already gone down. At the rate lumber is selling at the present time, the
whole amount, in market, is worth $4.5 million--or almost double all of the
capital in all the banks in Wisconsin.

Log Driving on Black and St. Croix rivers has become reduced to a nicety,
and it would be about as easy to break up a heavy Rail Road Corporation as
to stop the running of logs on either of the streams mentioned. We give this
as an opinion acquired from a candid and careful study of all the points. The
attempt to stop the practice in other States has been made without a show of
success. The practice is a bad one, and if any one will show us an honorable
way by which to stop it, we will most heartily put our shoulder to the

Persons who have recently returned from the mouth of the river, inform us
that the river is completely blockaded for miles, and think it will be
jammed full for at least fifteen miles when the drive is finished. This makes a
gloomy prospect for the manufacturers, unless the loggers buy their lumber. We
learn that General WASHBURN has shown a willingness to purchase their
lumber. They should do this without any hesitancy, because they alone cause
the detention in getting to market.

All agree that there never has been a better rise since lumbering
commenced on this river.


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