The following is a list of surnames currently being researched in Jackson County.  Please contact the researcher directly for information regarding their research.  Please note,  if the email addresses listed is no longer valid that I do not have an updated email.
SURNAME RESEARCHER Township or other details
BENNETT Selma Bonewald
BLACKBURN Marilyn Campbell Mauston
BROWN Kenneth Brown Taylor
CAMPBELL David S. Trattles Manchester
CONDERMAN Rachel Whitted Garden Valley
DARWIN B. Kidrick Black River Falls
DAVIS Maureen Hyde 1850's Onward
DOUBEK Karel Doubek Black RIver Falls
DUNN Cheryl Dorfner
 Penni Fox
Hixton, Alma Center
DUXBURY John Thomas Duxbury Hixton
ENDICOTT Maureen Hyde 1850's Onward
FARRELL Judy Pisano Taylor
FISCHER Ron Schroll Melrose Township
FRANKS Selma Bonewald
GATES Ann Onstad
GOODENOUGH Maureen Hyde 1850's Onward
HEATH Penni Fox
HOYT Carol Severson Northfield
HUTTON Penni Fox
IDE Penni Fox
ISBELL Maureen Hyde 1850's Onward
IVERSON Yvonne Stedman Merrillion
JOHNSON Selma Bonewald
JUDKINS Penni Fox  
KIDRICK B. Kidrick Black River Falls
LARSON Micheal J. Larson York
MANTHEI Ralph Seefeld Alma Center
MARKHAM Susan Hanson Budensiek
McGINNIS Gordon L. Drollinger Black River Falls
MERRILL Maureen Hyde
Penni Fox
1850's Onward
METCALF Penni Fox  
MILES Carol Severson Northfield
MILLER Penni Fox
NANSTAD Ann Onstad
O'BRIEN  Jill Schultz Black River Falls & Irving - 
1840's to 1960's+
ONSTAD Ann Onstad
PARISO Ann Onstad
RHODES Bettye Heinrich c1888
SCHULERUD John La Rue Garden Valley
SCHERMERHORN Cheryl Dorfner Hixton, Alma Center
SECORD   Joan Somers City Point
STEDMAN Yvonne Stedman Hixton & Black River Falls
TAYLOR Judy Pisano Taylor
THOMPSON  Joan Somers City Point
TRINIER Cheryl Dorfner Hixton, Alma Center
WRIGHT Cheryl Dorfner Hixton, Alma Center
ZILLMER Delores Zillmer 1880


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