Surnames and Researchers

Surname Timeline Researcher
BABCOCK 1860's-1900 Jeanette Kennedy
BAILEY 1840's-1880. Penny Kresl
BATES 1850 thru 1900 Cliff Oliver
BAURICHTER 1847-1930 Marcia Clark
BIECK 1850 to present Linda L. Brandt
BLACHKA 1850 to present Diana Lucier
BOETTCHER 1860's to present Katherine Willis
BUCHS 1850-1900 Elizabeth Calog
COLLINS 1883 - present Ann & Clive Tonge
COX 1850 - present.
DAMES   Jo Mandl
DANIELS 1780-1850
DAVIS 1850-present Sharon and Bill Myers
FELDPAUSCH   H.J.A. Veldpaus
FORT 1850 - present.
GENSMER 1870's - 1980's Judy Parsons
GORDON 1850 - 1875.
GRAHAM 1840's-1880. Penny Kresl
GRAUNKE 1840s to present Katherine Willis
GRISWOLD 1836 to 1900 Tom Griswold
HEALY/HEALEY   James F. Healey
HEIDEN 1851-1930 Marcia Clark
HERMEL 1857-1875 Sherri Downhour Golightly
HERZOG 1856-1930 Marcia Clark
HOBBS 1870-1920 Harriet Hobbs
HUEBNER   Jo Mandl
HUTCHINSON 1860's-1880's Jeanette Kennedy
KIRKLAND 1840's to present Dwight Downs
KRAMER/KRAHMER   Melissa Foster-Rose
KUMP 1850's-present Chad Nichols
LANGHOLFF 1840's to present Barbara Rohde
MANOGUE Jefferson County 1857 > Rock County 1899 to present Marge Sierzega
MEYER 1850's-1860's Amy Hennard
MILLARD 1840's-1850's Debra LaFontaine
MUELLER 1860's - 1900's Katherine Willis
NEWMAN 1850's-1860's Jessie Ruth Sturdivant
PAGEL   Melissa Foster-Rose
PERRY 1870 to 1900 Tom Griswold
PHELPS 1840's to present Dwight Downs
PLUM 1850's-present Chad Nichols
RADEMACHER 1857-1875 Sherri Downhour Golightly
REYNOLDS 1840's-1880. Penny Kresl
RICE 1840's to present Dwight Downs
ROBERTS 1850-present Sharon and Bill Myers
ROOD 1850's-1900+ Jeanette Kennedy
SARGENT/SERGEANT 1840's-1880. Penny Kresl
SAUR/SAUER Jefferson county from the 1870s on. Justina Cook
STELSE   Carri Bohn
STENGEL 1850's to present Curtis Lee Zeitelhack
TAFT 1850 thru 1900 Cliff Oliver
TERWILLIGER             1809-1896
THOMPSON 1842-1868 Colleen Thompson
TRUMP 1851 to 1870 Linda L. Brandt
UGLOW 1850-1920 Eugene Clark
WIEDENHOEFT 1850s to present Katherine Willis
ZEITELHACK 1850s to present Curtis Lee Zeitelhack

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