Kewaunee County
(Town of Franklin)
Franklin Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery
Tombstone Photos

Taken and submitted by:  Larry and Linda Kopet

Alberts, Borre and Agnette
Alberts, Emil and family
Christiansen, Didrick and Anne
Dedrick, Peter and Anna
Franklin Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery,
Gullikson, Thomas and family
Heidmann, Louis and Julia
Hermundstad, Knudt and Julia
Hermundstad, Tom and Knudt
Herreid, Sievert P. and Ida P
Jensen, Anne Labber
Jergenson, George and Bertha
Jergenson, Tollef and Marit
Johnson, Einer L. and Norris W
Johnson, Halvor
Johnson, Karn
Johnson, Ole
Johnson, Olia
Knudson, Cecelia
Knudson, L.
Knudson, Mada and Ingebor
Knudson, Mossie and Gena
Knudson, Pauline
Knutson, Knut N. and Josephine
Knutson, Niels H. and Bertha
Koutnik, Frank and Mathilda
Mathiesen, Thora and Marn
Mickelson, Engrie
Mickelson, Michael and Julia
Mickelson, Ole
Nelson, Knut and family
Olsen, Anna O.
Olson, Ada L.
Olson, Arne
Olson, Christian and Hannah.
Olson, Gilbert and Anna
Olson, Mickel
Peterson, Ever and Johanna
Peterson, Karl and family
Peterson, Ole and Engeborg
Throndson, Merlin and Sylvia


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