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Do you have a book you could do lookups for others?  Do you have old newspaper articles from Kewaunee Co.?  Do you have an old family bible of Kewaunee Co. residents?  Do you have access to census or vital information? If you have resources of any kind and wish to volunteer to lookup information for others who may have questions, please  me and I will list your name and resource here. Thanks! 

"The Antwerp Emigration Index"

This book indexes approx. 5,100 individuals or groups migrating out of central Europe from Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and other such countries. The destinations of these immigrants range from New York to Australia plus many points in between. This needs to be stressed though - the index covers only the year of 1855.

Not only are specific places of origin mentioned, but also the cities where passports were issued.

Two types of passenger lists are given; one direct and one indirect. These two lists help to explain the course taken by those who left Europe via Antwerp. Ship numbers and names are also given.

Kim Potier
Sturgeon Bay (Door County), WI


Lookups in St. Joseph's cemetery in Norman and Nativity of the BVM (aka St. Mary's) in Tisch Mills.

Ron Mitchell

Czech Phone Directories

I have Czech phone directories from villages and towns around Pilsen/Plzen, Prague/Praha, and Cesky Budejovice.  Will do look-ups ONLY if  village name is known and  it MUST be from near to these 3 cities!  Too much time is wasted looking for needles in haystacks.  So please respect the conditions for lookups.  Thanks.

"Kewaunee County Honor Roll and War/History  World War I 1917-1918-1919"

Compiled and edited by Harry H. and Lester C. Heidmann, pub. by Algoma Printing Co., Algoma Wi., 1929.

Contains list and information of men and women who served in WWI, and also those who served as civilians in Kewaunee Co in various capacities.  It has in index, and I will do look-ups.

Joann Levin

"Nineteenth-Century emigration of "Old Lutherans" from Eastern Germany (Mainly Pomerania and Lower Silesia), to Australia, Canada, and the United States" 

by Clifford Neal Smith  1835- 1854.

Gertrude Heuer

"Our Marchant Relatives"

by Jeanne and Les Rentmeester

Their books are a combination of history and genealogy. They wrote about a massive immigration of Belgians to Northeast Wisconsin, an invasion which enriched the area in cultural contributions, ingenuity and common sense. The first one described the FLEMISH-BELGIANS; the book that I have is about WALLOON-BELGIANS. The Rentmeester's have included numerous family histories in this book which are indexed by surname.

Kim Potier Davis

Sturgeon Bay, WI

"From Grez-Doiceau to Wisconsin"  M.Defnet, J.Ducat, T. Eggerickx & M. Poulain

Belgians that came from Grez-Doiceau, Belgium

"17200 Belges Devenus Americains 1620-1920"   Marcel Lacourt

Lists 17200 Belgians that came to the US

Paul Theys



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