Index of Kewaunee County History from Algoma Record Herald (1873-1950) & Luxemburg News (1909-1950) 
The following is an index of newspaper articles.  Click on the links to see the article descriptions.  You may purchase copies of the actual articles by sending the CATEGORY THE ARTICLE IS IN (this will make it easier to track down if there are problems), name of the article, date, and the brief description of it, a SASE, and $1.00 per page (usually 1 page per article) to:
Algoma Public Library
406 Fremont Street
Algoma, WI 54201

I'm not sure what the exact turnaround time is, but I'm sure they will get them out as soon as they are able.  This is a new thing I've started doing with the library.  If anyone has any problems, please email me and let me know.  I will have somebody check the index to make sure there weren't any mistakes with the dates.

(H) indicates a short or 1 line article.

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 Algoma newspaper

1-Ahnapee Furniture Factory, & Wood Products Co. history
2-Ahnapee Harbor & Rivers of Ahnapee
3-Ahnapee & Kewaunee Schools
4-Ahnapee Lumber Co.
5-Algoma Library
6-Bad weather in Door & Kewaunee Co.
6a-Banks of Algoma
7-Bars of Ahnapee Township
8-Boat Service in Algoma
9-Brick & Cement Blocks factory of Algoma; history
10-Bridges in Algoma
11-Bruemmerville News
12-Business & the men that had them in Algoma
13-Carnot News
14-Cars & Gas stations in Algoma
15-Casco & Mr. Decker News
16-Cemeteries of this area
17-Cheese Factories of Kewaunee Co.
18-Chronology list of events from paper
19-Church History of Door, Brown, & Kewaunee Co.
19a- Clay Banks & Foscoro News
20-Diseases in Door & Kewaunee Co.
21-Door Co. History; From the Algoma Newspaper
22-Election results & Men in office of Kewaunee Co.
23-Factories of Ahnapee, history of them
24-Farm visits of Door & Kewaunee Co.
25-Fire Co., Fire Insurance, Fire Station & the Fire men
26-Fire of 1871
27-Fires of Door & Kewaunee County
28-Fly Net Co., history of the plant
29-Forestville News
30-Foundry & Machine Co. history, of Algoma
31-Funeral & Marble Shop in Algoma
32-Glove Factory of Algoma
33-Golf club in Algoma
33a- Hall's Mill of Algoma
34-History of Ahnapee Township
35-History & Changes of Ahnapee
36-History of Kewaunee Co. Fair
37-History of Kewaunee Co. & Sturgeon Bay newspaper
38-Hospital at Algoma
39-Hotels in Algoma
40-Indians of this area
41-Kermiss; a Belgium Custom
42-Kewaunee City History
43-Kewaunee Co. & History & It's people
44-Lace Co. of Algoma, history of the place
45-Legion Hall & Dug Out of Algoma
46-Letters & Trips by persons of Kewaunee Co.
47-Lights & Water Works in Algoma
48-Lincoln Township News
49-Luxemburg News
50-Mop Co. of Algoma
51-Name changes of Door Co., Kewaunee Co. & Algoma
52-New buildings in Algoma, after 1940
53-News that was left; about everything
54-Parade & Pictures of Algoma
55-Parks in Algoma
56-Pea Canning Co. in Door & Kewaunee Co. & Van Camps of Algoma
57-People of Ahnapee Township
58-People tell about their business
59-Pierce Township News
60-Plumbers Woodworks factory history
61-Plywood, Hardwoods, Veneer & Seating Co. & Panel Co. history
62-Poor farm of Kewaunee & Pierce Township history
63-Poor person & Insane person & poor farm News of Kewaunee Co.
64-Post Masters of Ahnapee
65-Post Office's of Door & Kewaunee Co.
66-Railroad & Trains & Depots in Kewaunee Co.
67-Rio Creek News
68-Roads of Kewaunee Co.
69-Shipping from Algoma
69a-Ships on Lake Michigan
70-Shipwreck & docks & harbors of Kewaunee Co.
71-Sketch of Candidates, running for office
72-Small business & Factories in Ahnapee
73-State & Co. list of Citizenship & Population
74-Stebbins & Bastor Hotel buildings, in Algoma
75-Stories & History of Kewaunee Co.
76-Streets and Sidewalks of Algoma
77-Telephones of this area, the history of the phones
78-Theatre of Algoma
79-Things of interest of Ahnapee Township
80-War of 1898; Spain.-Amer. War
81-War information; list of soldiers, Sailors & Vets of Door & Kewaunee Co.
82-War letters & Stories
83-W.P.A. & C.W.A. Works
84-WWII Information 

Luxemburg newspaper

85-Belgians of Kewaunee Co.
87-Cheese Factory
88-Churches of Kewaunee Co.
89-Decker & Jail History
90-Fair History of Luxemburg
91-Indians of Kewaunee area
92-Kewaunee City History
93-Lights of Kewaunee Co.
95-Luxemburg History of city
96-Misc. News that won't fit into other categories
97-Naturalzation of the Men of the Co.
98-People of the Area
100-Schools of Kewaunee Co.
101-Seyk Mill 


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