Sources of Information
For Historical and Genealogical Research
Provided by Kewaunee Co. Historical Society 
Algoma Public Library
406 Fremont Street
Algoma, WI  54201
(920) 487-2295 or 487-5904

* Algoma newspapers on microfilm, 1873-1994
* Index to birth, death, marriages Algoma Record Herald 1873-1950
* Births in Algoma Record Herald 1873-1922
* Index to Marriage records- Kewaunee county courthouse 1859-1907 (indexed by bride and groom)
* Index of Kewaunee County History articles in Algoma Record Herald 1873-1950 and Lux News 1909-1950
* Index to Green Bay Newspapers 1833-1840
* Photo Negatives of pictures in Algoma Record Herald, 1937-1987
* Cemetery list for Kewaunee and Door Counties.
* Luxemburg newspaper on microfilm, Feb. 26, 1909 to Mar. 11, 1971
* Luxemburg News 1909 to 1950
* Obituaries- Luxemburg News 1909-1950
* Kewaunee Enterprise on microfilm, 1871-1886 (incomplete data)
* Death and Marriage lists from Kewaunee Enterprise, 1859 to 1920
* Obituaries in Algoma Record Herald 1873-1950
* Kewaunee County Biographical Sketches
* The Monument by F.M. Wits
* History of Kewaunee County written in articles found in the Kewaunee Press 1921-1923 (by Geo. Wing)
* Pioneer Story by George Wing
* Wisconsin's Belgian Community
* Early History of Kewaunee County by Geo. Wing
* Commemorative Biographical Record
* History of Northern Wisconsin
* Land of the Great Gray Wolf by Liz Howell
* Kewaunee County Directories 1907-1908, 1916
* 1912 Atlas of Kewaunee County
* 1876 Map of Kewaunee County
* Census: 1820 to 1920, 1890 census has list of Civil War Veterans  

Kewaunee Public Library
822 Juneau Street
Kewaunee, WI  54216
(920) 388-5015

*Articles Possible by George Wing
* Biography of John KAREL, Founder of State Bank of Kewaunee
* Biography of L. Albert KAREL
* A Bohemian/Czech cultural landscape of Kewaunee and Manitowoc Counties, WI by Carol Oshefsky
* Caroline Meintz LUEDTKE:  A woman in her time by Sherry Ewaskowitz (Dec. 1990)
* Census (handwritten) of 1865 for Kewaunee County--divided by township
   PEABODYS of Potton--joined in WI by the SCHULTZES and WHITAKERS) compiled by Brother Bede Stadler,
* Czecky Dedictve
* Dubay: Son-in-law of Oshkosh by Merton E. Krug, 1946
* Early Duck Creek History by Jeane & Les Rentmeester, 1989
* The father of WI 4-H-- The Ransom Asa MOORE story by Marjorie L Gleason & WIlliam E. Gleason
* Commemorative Biographical record of the counties of Brown, Kewaunee, & Door, WI.  Containing
   biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families, 1895
* History of Luxemburg Township and Village 1855-1983
* The Flemish in WI by Jeane & Les Rentmeester, 1985
* Our merchant Relatives by Jeanne & Les Rentmeester, 1995
* From tape to type-- an oral history manual and workbook, 1975
* SEYK name synonymous with growth of Kewaunee
* STAHL Family history
* STANGEL Family tree book (descendents of Joseph Stangel 1836-1924 and Mary HOLUB 1837-1905), 1992
* STOLLER family tree
* The story of a friendly man, Judge John Colonel KAREL
* The story of my life by Paul L.G. REINKE
* Plansky, 1982
* GILSON family tree (Nov. 1989)
* GRITZMACHER family (May 1989)
* Tomah, A chief of the Menominee nation by Jeanne & Les Rentmeester, 1997
* The WI Creoles by Jeanne & Les Rentmeester, 1991
* The WI fur- trade people by Jeanne & Les Rentmeester
* Guide to archives and manuscripts in the UW-Green Bay area research center, revised 9/97
* A guide to historic presercation resources in WI (sept. 1991)
* Histories of Foscoro (Stoney Creek) and Silver Creek by Oscar Berg
* History of the WI society-- Children of the American Revolution (1895-1995)
* How to locate anyone who is or has been in the military by Lt. Col. RIchard S. Johnson
* Joseph & Anna (POHAN) KOSS
* The Kewaunee book of laboratory-- vocational and home economics furniture, 1929
* The locator-- bringing people together again! Sept. 1993
* Marriage announcements from the Kewaunee Enterprise, some from the Record Herald, and Luxemburg News
* Marriage listing-  (chronological list of husband, wife, and date from 1864 to about 1907)
* Obituary Announcements from the Kewaunee Enterprise, some from the Record Herald and Luxemburg News
* Kewaunee cemetery lists (2 vol.)
* Kewaunee Enterprise on microfilm, 1868-1996
* Kewaunee History 1892-1917
* County Banner 1906-1925
* Kewaunee Star 1976-1996
* Plat books 1912, 1937, 1947, 1978, 1980, 1986, 1991, 1994 of Kewaunee County

Kewaunee County Historical Museum
Kewaunee Court House
613 Dodge Street
Kewaunee, WI  54216
(920) 388-7176
Open Memorial Day through Labor Day 10:30 to 4:30 or by appointment by calling (920) 388-3858

* Kewaunee City History- Narrative and pictorial history of the city of Kewaunee circa 1674-1975
* Scrapbook of Kewaunee Co. History- Newspaper articles with photos pertaining to Kewaunee Co.
* Kewaunee County Pictorial History- captioned 8X10 B/W photos of industries, businesses, events etc.
* History of Kewaunee Co. city, towns and villages- The whys & where of county life emphasizing on people
   structures & events within a cities boundaries.
* Kewaunee Co. Historical Society Scrapbook- details events leading to the creation of the society & articles
   pertaining to the effort of securing the present museum building.
* History of Scarboro Valley- lists early settlers, businesses, schools, churches, etc. 8 pages
* History of Krok and Vicinity- Indian history, pioneer families, dance halls and more 9 pages
* Ta Polska, Odt Ta Zima- Polish History- describes the plight of our Polish ancestors in the homeland, why they
   came to America and their early experiences in Kewaunee County. 11 pages
* Kewaunee County maps; 1876, 1895, 1903
* Christopher Ebert - Ebert Family History by Fredrick Ebert
* Heinrich and Johanna Heidmann Family History
* The Staral-Karmen Family History
* The Felix Massart Family History
* Lois & Norman Volk Family History
* An Autobiography of Almira Volk
* The Simonart Family Descendants
* The Lumaye Family History
* The Stoller Family Tree
* The 6th Karmen Family Reunion
* Blahnik Family History
* Family History of Joseph & Margaratha Kelnhoffer
* Research material taken from Kewaunee Enterprise microfilm- Thomas Schuller- researcher
* Kewaunee Co. School District History- describes the area where the pioneer families settled, some family
   histories, teachers names, original farm owners and business.
* Kewaunee Harbor Histories and Ship Histories- Includes boyhood stories of harbor happenings, serving on
   board an old sailing ship and histories of ships with localities.
* Stories by Ed Trudell:  Masquerade Balls (circa 1881), These Old Fashioned Winters (circa 1881), Jim, the Roan
   and Bay Bess- what horses remember!
* Cyril Kay Stories Memories of Kewaunee County: When Kids were Kids, Kewaunee's Ice Age, Tramps or
   Hobo's. The Chautauqua, The Old Medicine Man, Kewaunee's Fishing History

Kewaunee County Register of Deeds
Kewaunee Court House
613 Dodge Street
Kewaunee, WI  54216
(920) 388-4410

* Birth records, 1861 to present, marriage 1860 to present, death 1860 to present
* All county land and probate records
* Certified copies of birth, death, marriage records are available at a cost. 

Brown County Local History and Genealogy Department
Brown County Library
515 Pine Street
Green Bay, WI  54301
(920) 448-4394

* Kewaunee County cemetery lists
* Early Kewaunee County marriages 1868 to 1907
* Lists of early businesses
* Book by John Mertens on Belgian Civil War Veterans
* Family genealogies
* Books on immigrants and ships
* Microfiche for LDS research 

Area Research Library
University Wisconsin- Green Bay
2410 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311-7001
attn.: Debra Anderson

* Extensive Belgian collection
* Kewaunee County Naturalization papers
* School records for Ahnapee, Algoma, Towns of Casco, Franklin, Lincoln, Pierce, and Red River.
* Town of Red River records, also Village of Luxemburg and City of Algoma 


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