Here's a listing of the KNOWN burial places in Menominee County.  If we missed any -- please email me with the name & location.

Each cemetery will have a page link you can click to go the actual cemetery page.  On the cemetery pages, we'll have listings of burials & headstones.  This is where I need your help!  If you live close to one of the cemeteries and can spend a couple hours a week to walk it & copy down the names & info from the headstones, I can add the data online.  If you know who has the sexton records and can get copies, that WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!  Or, if you have a digital camera and can walk the cemetery & snap pictures of the headstones, just send the pictures via email and we'll transcribe the data.  The pictures are a real asset online as the headstones will deterorate eventually but the photographs of these headstones will last indefinitely.  I get photos of headstones from time to time that had the picture been taken 20 years ago, the dates would have been legible.  Let's not be able to say this about some of the Menominee headstones in 20 years.

We have plenty of space online so let's make good use of it!


St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery
Latitude: 44.887N - Longitude: -88.614W
Rest Haven
Latitude: 44.904N - Longitude: -88.6W
Neopit Public Cemetery
St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery
Latitude: 44.980N - Longitude: -88.853W
Our Lady of the Woods
Latitude: 44.958N - Longitude: -88.671W
Indian Burial Grounds


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