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Rhinelander Directory 1914-1915

Miscellaneous Information

CITY OFFICERS Mayor - Fred Anderle.
Clerk - Gust Swedberg.
Treasurer - A D Sutton (A D Sutton crossed off, and H Ashton handwritten in)
Comptroller - George C Jewell.
Attorney - H L Reevs.
Street Commissioner - Sam Moberg.
Health Commissioner - Dr J T Elliot.
Chief of Fire Department - J D Cole.
Chief of Police - Maurice Straub.
Sealer of Weights and Measurers - H J Danfield.

COUNCIL Regular meeting held on the first Tuesday of each month at the City Hall.
President - John Swedberg.

ALDERMEN First Ward - Robert Peterson, John Strangstad.
Second Ward - Chas Bigelow, N Pecor Jr.
Third Ward - John Swedberg, Frank Pecor.
Fourth Ward - Chas F Barnes, Prescott Calkins.
Fifth Ward - Wm Gilligan Jr, Lynn Vaughn.
Sixth Ward - Michael McDermott, C H Roepcke.

COMMITTEES (The first named on each committee serves as chairman).
City Affairs - Frank Pecor, Robert Peterson, Michael McDermott.
City Building - Strangstad, Vaughn, Frank Pecor.
Fire Department - Roepcke, Barnes, Calkins.
License - Swedberg, Calkins, Barnes.
Ordinance - McDermott, Gilligan, N Pecor.
Printing - Vaughn, Swedberg, Bigelow.
Purchasing - Fire Department, Roepcke; Water Works, Barnes; all others, Frank Pecor.

BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS Public Works - Geo C Jewell, Harry Reevs, Prescott Calkins.
Fire and Police Commission - W T Stevens, A D Sutton, O A Kolden, Morris McRae, E O Brown.
Library Board - H F Steels, president; Mrs Fred Moore, Mrs L A Leadbetter, C P Crosby, Chas F Barnes, S B Gary.

Cemetery Commission - Richard Reed, A D Sutton, O A Kolden, Gust Swedberg, Peter Phillip.
Park Commission - H P Morrill, D F Recker, Peter Phillip, W R Markham, A Wilson.

Chief - Maurice Straub.
Assistants - W O O'Brien, Claude Shepard.

Chief - J D Colev
Hose House No. 1
(Office of the Chief).
Driver - Ed Hackett.
Pipemen - Willard Aker, Art Dufrain.
Hose House No. 2
Captain - Olaf Larson
Driver - Dave O'Donnel.
Pipeman - A Schulstrom, Andrew Larsos.

LOCATION OF FIRE ALARM BOXES (Keys will be found on the boxes).
6 - Engine House No. 1.
7 - Engine House No. 2.
8 - Water Works.
13 - Paper Mill ofc.
14 - Junction of Thayer and Alban.
15 - Stevens Lumber Co.
23 - Pierce Lumber Yard.
24 - Brown Bros. Mill ofc.
25 - Robbins Lumber Co ofc
. 32 - Robbins No. 2 Mill Yard.
34 - Cor N Brown and High.
35 - Cor Thayer and Phillip.
41 - Cor Brown and W Davenport.
42 - Veneer Factory.
43 - Catholic Church.
45 - Refrigerator Factory.
46 - Cor Keenan and Kemp.

12 blows struck for 12 o'clock noon
. 2-2-2 Fire out 2 to be answered by key O K.
3 to repeat.
5 less pressure.

Board of Education.
Regular meetings of the Board are help on the first Monday of each month.
First Ward - Geo W Porter.
Second Ward - J O W Danielson.
Third Ward - A D Sutton.
Fourth Ward - Chas H Ball.
Fifth Ward - Carl Krueger.
Sixth Ward - A W Byrns.
At Large - E O Brown, A S Pierce, M H Raymond.

Officers President - A D Sutton.
Vice-President - E O Brown.
Secretary - Gust Swedberg.

Committees (The first named members act as chairmen.)
Finance and Claims - Porter, Brown, Raymond.
Buildings and Grounds - Danielson, Brown, Porter.
Inspection of Schools - Pierce, Byrns, Danielson.
Library and Text Books - Byrns, Danielson, Krueger.
Organization and Grading of Schools - Krueger, Pierce, Porter.
Purchasing Committee - Raymond, Ball, Krueger.
Teacher and Janitors - Brown, Raymond, Ball.

TEACHERS High School.
Principal - W. Colburn.

Latin and German, Leona Lampert; Manual Training, Harold Schubert (crossed out); Music and Drawing, Sarah E Buck; Commercial, Elizabeth Bremmer; English and Dramatics, Alice B Smith; Mathematics and Athletics, Catherine Morrissey (crossed out); English, Anna I Oakey; Science, Della M White; Mathematics and Science, Lillie Seilstad; Domestic Science, Belle Pepper.

Kindrgarten, Nell Warden, Katherine Seibel, Helen Forbee (crossed out); First Grade, Ida Koltes (crossed out); First and Second Grades, Jennie K Dean, Nellie Duffy, Lillian Foster; Second Grade, Grace Lilly; Lillian Olson; Third Grade, Hazel Bauter, Mae Kolander; Third and Fourth Grades, Jennie L. Morter; Fourth Grade, Meta Steffeck, Della Soderstrom; Fifth and Sixth Grades, Olive Beattle; Fifth Grade, Ella McGinnis; Sixth Grade, Elvina Emerson; Seventh and Eighth Grades Tena McCallin (crossed out); Anastasia Hemlock (crossed out); Martha Kell.

St. Mary's Parochial School
Franciscan Sisters.

Circuit Judge - A H Reid, Wausau.
Circuit Court Reporter - Walter A Evers.
County Judge - Henry F. Steele.
Municipal Judge - C F Smith Jr.
Second Municipal Judge - H T Ames - Minocqua.
Sheriff - Chas Asmundsen.
Undersheriff - Chas Crofoot.
Clerk - Wm W Carr.
Deputy County Clerk - M P Carr.
Treasurer - P J Cain.
Register of Deeds - Chas Davis
. Clerk of the Circuit Court - E C Sturdevant.
District Attorney - A J O'Melia.
Surveyor - D H Vaughn.
Coroner - Chas Decanter.
Superintendent of Schools - F A Lowell.
Agricultural Representative - Wesley Juday.
Road Commissioner -F E Parker.
Assessor of Incomes - Ira Parker, Tomahawk.

City of Rhinelander.
First Ward - Andrew Olson.
Second Ward - J C Barlow.
Third Ward - Russell L Abbey.
Fourth Ward - A W Brown.
Fifth Ward - J M Baker.
Sixth Ward - J G Dunn.

Cassian - Ira E Smith.
Crescent - Chas Gross.
Enterprise - Otto Schoemeck.
Hazelhurst - J G Schwartz.
Little Rice - J B Mentink.
Minocqua - T M Bolger.
Monico - John Meyer.
Newbold - Henry Wubker, Sr.
Pelican - B N Moran.
Piehl - R C Luedke.
Pine Lake - F C Ulrich.
Schoepke - Wm P Rice.
Sugar Camp - G C Chase.
Three Lakes - Emil Kloes.
Tomahawk Lake - Roman Woodzicka.
Woodboro - Geo Marshall.
Woodruff - C H Olson.
Lynn - J F Cavanaugh.

President - F T Coon.
Vice-President - B N Moran
Secretary - A Taylor.
Treasurer - Walter Liebenstein.

President - E W Knapp.
Secretary - F A Lowell.
A W Brown.


First National Bank - S Stevens cor Davenport; Capital $50,000. President, J O Moen; vice-president, A D Daniels; cashier, W E Ashton; assistant cashier, R J La Selle.

Merchants State Bank - S Brown cor Davenport; Capital $50,000. President, E O Brown; vice-president, B R Lewis; cashier, M H Raymond; assistant cashier, L A Leadbetter.

The New North - (Rep weekly). Issued Thursday.
Rhinelander News - (Rep weekly). Issued Thursday.


Company L, Second Regiment, W N G - Captain, Forest Himes; first lieutenant, Clarence Westley.

Postmaster - Matt Stapleton
Chief Clerk - Chas Calkins.
Money Order Clerk - Lucille Vaughan.
General Delivery Clerk - Frank Calkins.
Night Clerk - John Schlesinger.
Mail Carriers - No 1, John Gilligan; No 2, Howard Reed; No 3, Ray Marks; No 4, Chas Reid.

St Mary's Hospital - 1050 Prospect Ave.

Baptist Church - Rev Paul M Kinney, pastor, 123 N Brown.
Baptist (Swedish) Church - 662 Mason.
Catholic (St Mary's) Church - Rev S A Leinfelder, pastor. 129 E King
Catholic (St Joseph's) Church - Rev W Kolandyk, pastor. 19 N Stevens.
Congregational Church - Rev G V Clark pastor. 1 S Stevens.
Episcopal (St Augustine's) Church - Rev Campbell Gray, pastor. 135 S Pelham.
Lutheran (German) Church - Rev J Dejung Jr, pastor. 27 N Stevens.
Lutheran (Norwegian) Church - Rev J A Snartemo pastor. 3 Pearl.
Lutheran (Swedish) Church - 627 Mason.
Methodist Church - Rev B G Clemans, pastor. 2 S Stevens.


A. O. H.
Division I, Oneida Court - Meets second Tuesday of each month at Odd Fellows Hall. President, Wm Writt; financial secretary, Jas Coffey.

Ladies' Auxiliary A. O. H. of America.
Division I - Meets second and fourth Fridays of each month at St Mary's Hall. President, Mrs. Elizabeth Bertram; secretary, Bridget Doyle.

Pelican Rapids Colony, No 440 - M W, Wm Willett; secretary, Walter Liebenstein.

B. P. O. E.
Rhinelander Lodge No 598 - Meets first and third Thursdays of each month at Elks' Club Room. E R, C F Smith; secretary, Warren V Reel.

Catholic Knights of Wisconsin
Meets third Wednesday of each month at St Mary's School. President, Peter Didier; secretary, James Gleason.

Catholic Order of Foresters
St Nicholas Court, No 463 - Meets second and fourth Thursdays of each month at St Mary's Hall. President, J J Nick Jr; recording secretary, I Guilday.

Knights of Columbus
Council No. 1001 - Meets second Tuesday evenings of each month at St Mary's Hall. President, H E Sievwright; secretary, Geo Mahoney.

Women's Catholic Order of Foresters
St Elizabeth Court, No 267 - Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month at St Mary's Hall. Chief ranger, Mrs John Didier; secretary, Miss Frances Lloyd.

Daughters of Rebekah
N G, Mrs Wm foster; secretary, Mrs A Schauder.

Eastern Star
Meets first and third Tuesdays at Masonic Hall. Worthy patron, Alex McRae; worthy matron, Mrs. Willard Stevens; secretary, Mrs W C Scott.

Equitable Fraternal Union
Assembly No 134 - Meets Tuesdays at Odd Fellows' Hall. President, A Schauder; secretary, Geo Dusel.

F. R. A.
Meets second Thursday at Woodmen Hall. President, Robert Gorbutt; secretary, Fred Smith.

F .O. E.
Rhinelander Aeria, No 359 - Meets first and third Wednesdays at Eagle Hall. President, Jerome Teal; secretary, Carl Krueger.

I. O. F.
Court No 1975 - C R, George Rummery; F S, Mrs W C Leibenstein.

I. O. O. F.
Oneida Camp, No 48 - Meets Mondays at Odd Fellows' Hall. N G, Al Ray; R S, Chas Neue.

Knights of the Maccabees
Laraway Tent, No 17 - Meets third Friday at Odd Fellows Hall. S K, Chas Smith; R K, George Dusel.

L. O. T. M.
Pelican Hive, No 5 - Meets first Tuesday each month at Odd Fellows Hall. Lady commander, Mrs Cora B Peterson; secretary, Mrs W R Hamilton.

Ancient, Free and accepted Masons
Rhinelander Lodge, No 242 - Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month at Masonic Temple. W M, George Knister; secretary, Fred Moore.

Royal Arch Masons
Signet Chapter, No 74 - Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month at Masonic Temple. H P, B R Lewis; secretary, Arthur Taylor.

M. W. A.
Lake Camp, No 1749 - Meets every Wednesday at Woodmen Hall. V C, Thos Dunn; clerk, A W Byrnes.

R. N. A.
Oneida Camp, No 1728 - Meets every other Tuesday at Woodmen Hall. Oracle, Mrs Frank Heinz; secretary, Mrs Thos Shelp.Sons of Norway
Meets first and third Wednesdays of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall. President, Ed Linness; secretary, Thos Alme.

S. H. & E. F. of A.
Camp No 29 - Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month at Scandinavian Hall. President, Ed Carlson; R S, Andrew Olson.

Daughters of Norway
Lodge No 30 - Meets second and fourth Wednesdays at Odd Fellows' Hall. President, Mrs Chas Perry; secretary, Miss Lina Berg.

Independent Scandinavian Workman's Association
North Star Lodge, No 122 - Meets second and fourth Thursdays at Scandinavian hall. President, Ed Carlson; secretary, Axel Lindgren.

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