Appleton Evening Cresent

Selected excerpts from the Appleton Cresent, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, December 1, 1905

The George D. EGGLESTON Post, Grand Army of the Republic will meet this
evening for the election of officers.

M. M. GILLET and family, of Fond du Lac, spent Thanksgiving with Mr. GILLET's
mother in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. W. O. THIEDE returned today from Columbus, where they spent
Thanksgiving with relatives.

B. F. BALDWIN has accepted the position of local representative of the
International Corresponding Schools.

Miss Eliza GALLET, a Lawrence student is spending Thanksgiving with Mrs.
GALLET at Chilton.

Misses Maude GALLET and Gretchen VANVORST left today for a visit with friends
at Chilton and Sheboygan.

Miss Abbie GOODLAND is attending the funeral of an aunt at Sharon today.

At the Elks tournament Thursday night the prizes were won in skat by Messrs.
BRADFORD, MORIARTY, REYNOLDS and REESE. The prize at seven-up was won by Dr. W. F. GARY.

Appleton Evening Crescent, December 6, 1905

Proceedings in Probate Court:
The will of Mrs. Catherine RANDERSON was admitted to probate yesterday
morning in county court. Mrs. RANDERSON left personal property to the amount
of $12,000. Her last will and testament which provided for the distribution
of the money between her several children was admitted to probate.

Other proceedings in probate yesterday were as follows:
Estate of Anna BRIIL. Hearing on claims. None filed.
Estate of Mary FILLMORE. Hearing on claims. None files.
Estate of Charles UECKE. Hearing on claims. Continued until Jan. 16, 1906.
Estate of M. M. MCCARTHY. Hearing on probate of will. Hearing continued.
Estate of A. L. SMITH. Hearing on conveyance of property under land contract.
Judgment conveying real estate to John ROSS filed.
Estate of Mary GRIGNON. hearing on citation. Continued until December 19."

Appleton Evening Crescent, December 11, 1905

Absolutely nothing has been heard of Alfred HORN, the Milwaukee man who
disappeared from the Park Hotel last Wednesday night. Neither Joseph
CHENEVERT, proprietor of the Park Hotel nor John WHISTLE, his friend, have
heard of him and are altogether unable to explain his disappearance.
The foreman at the Carnegie library has notified HORN's relatives in
Milwaukee, and is expecting a reply. WHISTLE had expected to receive a letter
from him yesterday, but was disappointed. The missing man's clothes are still
at the Park hotel and his tools at the Carnegie library.
As HORN is a married man of good habits, in good health and not in an
unpleasant mood, his friends think it is very unlikely that he committed
suicide, but his continues absence is a deep mystery and his friends are
greatly concerned.


GETCHOW brothers of this city, and George M. GETCHOW, of Chicago, have
closed a contract with the D. KIDNEY & Son Company, of DePere, for a gasoline
cruising boat, to be ready April 15. The dimensions of the launch will be
beam, nine feet, six inches; length, forty-two feet, and it will be equipped
with a twenty horse-power engine. The cabin will be finished in quarter-sawed
oak and beveled plate mirrors, and the launch will be contstructed so that it
can be used on the Great Lakes.
It will be christened the "Lorraine", in honor of George M. GETCHOW's little

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, December 15, 1905

Carl CORDES, formerly of the North-western House of this city, was buried at
the Wisconsin Veterans' Home cemetery at Waupaca last week. Mr. CORDES
purchased an acre of ground from the MCCOROSSEN farm adjoining the soldiers'
home grounds and built him a comfortable house and set out the land to fruit
before he died. He was stricken with paralysis, suffering three strokes which
followed each other closely, causing his death. Carl CORDES served in the
Union army during the civil war, being a corporal in Co. I Thirty-Second
Wisconsin Infantry. His second wife, formerly Mrs. SAGER, survives, also
several children. The funeral was attended from here by his step sons, Edward
and Albert SAGER and their wives, who returned Monday.


The family of Thomas PRUNTY who moved into town last week from the town of
Liberty, had a rather exciting experience the night and morning following
their their arrival in the city. The kerosene can was sent to a southside
store where the order in some way was misunderstood and gasoline was put up
instead of kerosene.
The part of the story that almost passes belief is that four ordinary
kerosene lamps were filled with gasoline and burned the entire evening and
the mistake was not discovered until the next morning when some of the same
oil was pured out to light a fire in the stove--New London Republican.


Edward GLASHEEN confessed judgment in Justice HEINEMANN's court yesterday
afternon to a fine of $25 and costs amounting to about $40 in the civil suit
brought by the state growing out of the alleged selling of watered milk.
The case has been dragging along since April 13, 1904, when GLASHEEN is
alleged to have sold a quantity of milk to a creamery. The milk when tested
showed only 2.5 percent butter fat while three per cent is required by law.
GLASHEEN was arrested under the old law but the case was dismissed recently
after having been adjourned a number of times and the civil suit started to
collect the fine.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, December 18, 1905

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William BUCHMANN, of Hortonville, died
yesterday morning at 9 o'clock fromt he effects of burns which she received
last Friday afternoon. The mother of the child is at the point of death as
the result of her efforts to save her child from burning to death.
The little girl was playing with matches near her home when her dress caught
fire. The child was a deaf mute and could not call for help, but Mrs. H. L.
BIGFORD, who was passing by, saw her and ran for her mother. A rug was
wrapped around the child in an endeavor to smother the flames and in trying
to pull the flaming clothing from the child, Mrs. BUCHMANN sustained injuries
which are liable to prove fatal.
The funeral of the little girl, who was four years old will be held Wednesday
morning at 9 o'clock from the Catholic church at Hortonville.
William BUCHMANN, the father of the little girl, is a brother of Otto
BUCHMANN of this city. He is a deaf mute, as are also his wife and his
remaing three children, who are at St. John's Deaf Mute Institute at St.
Francis, near Milwaukee.


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