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Selected excerpts from the Appleton Cresent, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, February 12, 1906

"George MACMILLAN Dead at La Crosse"

George MACMILLAN of LaCrosse, formerly of this city, died this morning. The
Rev. John MCCOY received a telegram this morning announcing the sad event.
Mr. MACMILLAN suffered from urinic poisoning for some time. Rev. MCCOY
visited him recently, at which time he seemed improved. He was in good
spirits and asked for a cigar. Later the disease developed into meningitis
which caused death. The funeral arrangements have not been announced.
Mr. MACMILLAN was 60 years old and leaves a wife and two sons. He was a
resident of this city for about sic years. He purchased the old gas plant and
remodeled ti. he was president of the Appleton Gas Light & Fuel Company until
its amalgamation with the electric Light Company into the Fox River Valley
Gas & Electric Company.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, February 19, 1906

"Was it and Accident, Suicide or Murder"

Did Mrs. Sylvester LANDWEHR, the young married woman whose body was found in
a well at her home near Seymour Friday night, commit suicide?
Did she go out to the well to see how much water there was in it and becoming
dizzy looking at the water fall in, or did the boards break while she was
walking over them?
The general impression of her friend and neighbors is that she met her death
by accident, while there are some people who think she committed suicide
while seized with an attack of temporary insanity.
There are even some people who believe that [the] woman was murdered,
suggesting that she may have been attacked by a tramp, and when he found she
was alone and to cover up his crime he may have carried her to the well and
thrown the body into the water.
Acting on the instruction of District Attorney A. H. KRUGMEIER, Justice F. R.
DITTMER impaneled a coroner's jury Saturday, composed of Fred BISHOP, Joseph
STADLER, D. A. RICHARDS, Jacob FREUND and two others whose names could not be
After viewing the remains the jury adjourned until Wednesday when District
Attorney KRUGMEIER will go to Seymour and personally conduct the inquest. The
jury found no marks of any kind on the body when it was examined Saturday but
it will be held until Wednesday when it will again be examined at the inquest.
Before her marriage, Mrs. LANDWEHR was Miss Lucy ROSKAMS, daughter of John
ROSKAMS of Duck Creek and after the inquest the body will be taken o her old
home where the funeral will doubtless be held Thursday."

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, February 26, 1906

Al RULE was a Green Bay visitor Saturday.

E. L. SLYFIELD of Sheboygan was her Saturday.

Roscoe CLARK made a trip to Milwaukee Sunday.

George A. REED of Oshkosh was here Saturday.

Edward MASSONETT visited at Kaukauna yesterday.

A. E. JONES of Philadelphia was in the city last evening.

Miss Nona DEVINE visited friends in Milwaukee yesterday.

Michael VAN ROY of Darboy, spent yesterday in this city.

P. H. O'BRIEN transacted business in Fond du Lac Satruday.

Evan EDWARDS of Chicago spent Sunday with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. VAN ORM of Green Bay visited here yesterday.

D. I. SEXTON of Oshkosh called on friends in Appleton yesterday.

Martin VAN ROY and Will TIMMERS were Oshkosh visitors Sunday.

Miss Lottie MCCARTHY of Kaukauna, visited at Milwaukee yesterday.

Earl KENYON of Milwaukee spent Sunday with his parents in this city.

Andrew MEIKJOHN of New London was a visitor in Appleton Saturday.

Paul STUMPF and daughter, Miss Meta (?) visited at Menasha yesterday.

Miss Verna DENT of Oshkosh visited Miss Janet HATFIELD yesterday.

John LEYENDECKER of Kimberly, visited friends in Appleton yesterday.

The Misses Emilie HANSON and Kate MADLER spent Sunday at Sherwood.

John CONWAY left this morning for Chicago on a few days' business trip.

Mr. and Mrs. A. KLEINSMITH, of Green Bay, visited friends in Appleton Sunday.

Miss Maggie MCCARTHY of Kaukauna, visited friends and relatives in this city

Mrs. BIGFORD of Hortonville was a guest for the last week at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. RINDER.

Mrs. and Mrs. Martin SKELLY who have been visiting relative for the last
three weeks in Fond du Lac and vicinity, have returned.

A. C. BRUEMMER, United States Express agent at Stevens Point, spent Sunday
with J. J. VANCE, United States express agent in this city.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert BERGER were pleasantly surprised at their home on North
Division Street Sunday afternoon, the party being given in honor of Mrs.
BREGER's birthday. Games were played and refreshments served."



Cornelius MURPHY was this morning appointed general guardian for his minor
son, Walter MURPHY, by Judge Henry KREISS of the county court.
On December 4, 1905, young MURPHY while employed at the Milwaukee Boiler
works in Milwaukee was so badly injured in an accident that it is claimed he
will be crippled for life, and his father is appointed guardian that he may
settle with the company or in case an agreement cannot be reached to file
suit against the company for damages.
It will be remembered that MURPHY was injured while eating his dinner in the
shop. A heavy electric crane was being moved at the time and as it reached
the spot where MUPRHY was sitting, it fell with a crash to the floor. The
crane weighed 1,400 pounds and when it struck the young man on the had he was
rendered unconscious.
The heavy crane also struck a keg of nails and turned over and scraped the
young man on the back, tearing seven ribs loose from the backbone. It was
considered little short of a miracle that they young man was not killed
His condition, however has improved until he is now able to sit up most of
the time and at times is able to walk around for a while with the aid of
crutches. It is said a compromise will doubtless be effected without taking
the matter into court.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, February 28, 1906


A large number of Appleton people went to Menasha this morning to attend the
funeral of Mrs. Rebekah JOURDAIN, who died Sunday at Champion, near Green
Bay. Mrs. JOURDAIN was well known to a great many of the older residents of
Appleton. The funeral was held at 9 o'clock this morning from the St.
Patrick's Church, Menasha.


Neenah--Fred WALTER, son of Chris WALTER, had his hand so badly cut with
glass by putting it through a door of a Wisconsin Central passenger coach in
trying to prevent it from slamming that probable [sic] it will have to be


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