Kaukauna Times
January 1908

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, Jan 10, 1908

Mrs. J. A. STRATHEARN delivered an address at the installation of the officers of the Grand Army post at Appleton Friday night.

Edward SCHURER of Theinsville, who spent New Years with his old friend, Albert MANTEL, returned Wednesday after a week's sojourn.

Peter VanROY of Appleton and Paul ANDERSON of LaClede, Idaho, were in the city Tuesday to call on friends and look over the city.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. STRATHEARN were at Appleton Friday evening to attend the open installation of the George D. EGGLESTON Post of G.A.R.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan CROWE are at Milwaukee for several weeks looking after their grand children while their daughter, Mrs. THOMSEN is east on a visit.

Mrs. J. H. CHAMBERLAIN returned Saturday from Bessemer, Mich, where she had been the past two weeks visiting her brother. Dr. G. L. LOOPS, and family.

Mrs. E. M. WRIGHT of Iron River, Mich., who was in the city to spend New Years with her sister Mrs. Harriet BIDWELL, returned to her home Monday.

Edward HINNENTHAL, who was here from Springfield, Ill to spend the holidays with his parents. The Rev. and Mrs. William HINNENTHAL, returned to his studies Tuesday.

William CAIN of Green Bay is in the city preparing to cut ice for Peter RENN, the iceman, and states that operations will commence as soon as the ice is of sufficient thickness.

Miss Frances RUNTE departed Tuesday for Milwaukee to be absent two months. She will visit her sisters, Mrs. Andrew ESLEIN and Mrs. William O'BOYLE, for a few weeks and then attend the spring millinery openings.


Mrs. Richard McCARTY had her hand painfully injured in an explosion at Appleton last night in which seven people narrowly escaped losing their lives. The explosion was caused by Michael DEMERATH and Christian JENSEN looking with a lighted candle for escaping gas in the basement of DEMERATH's saloon on Appleton street opposite the Ritger hotel. The building was wrecked and adjoining property suffered. Mrs. McCARTY was calling on friends on the second floor at the time and was struck by a piece of broken glass. She was taken to the hospital. The injured consists of Michael DEMERATH, Christian JENSEN, Mrs. Richard McCARTY, Frank SANTO, Hugo HEYSE, Teressa [sic] HONAN and Clemens NOWARAPZKY.

Miss Mary LANG of West Bend arrived Tuesday and is the guest of her brother, Jacob LANG, for a week.

The Rev. J. E. MANNING lectures Tuesday at the Door County Sunday School convention at Sturgeon Bay.

Joseph WEILER, an employee of the railway shops, had a deep gash cut in his head while replacing a tire on an engine.

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard SEGGELINK and daughter Ella were at Depere Sunday to attend the funeral of Henry WEYENBERG.

Miss Rose FIRNSTAHL, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. W. C. WENDT, for several weeks, returned home to Colby Wednesday.

Mrs. W. C. WENDT entertained a company of ten friends at cards Tuesday evening in honor of her sister, Miss Rose FIRNSTAHL.

Miss Edna SMITH and Miss Mary RICHARDS of Carroll college, Waukesha, spent their holidays with Miss Adda ROBB returning Saturday.

Florian and Theodore KRAMER, who spent the holidays with their mother, Mrs. H. KRAMER, returned to St. Norbert's college, Depere, Monday.

Superintendent John e. McLAUGHLIN of the Ashland Fibre company spent the holidays with his father, Patrick McLAUGHLIN, returning Saturday.

J. Stilwell VILAS has completed the packing of his household goods, which completely filled two cars, and will take his final departure Sunday evening for his ranch at Medford, Oregon.

Robert STRATHEARN, a student of the Kaukauna High school, was seventeen years old Monday and his classmates surprised him with a social visit at his home on the southside that evening.

Invitations have been sent out this week for the second annual ball of the B. P. O. Elks to be given at Heindel's hall next Friday evening. This will be one of the social successes of the year.

Ed. RINGLUND departed Monday for Boston, Mass., after a three weeks visit with his brother Chas. RINGLUND and sister Mrs. Chas THOR. He will leave shortly for Stockholm, Sweden, to visit relatives.

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, Jan. 17, 1908

Inasmuch as Almighty God in His infinite wisdom has seen fit to remove form our midst our esteemed citizen Joseph j McCARTY, a former mayor of the city, it is hereby ordered that out of respect to his memory and as a last token of esteem flags be raised at half mast over the city buildings and other business places Monday until after the funeral, that the city officers, both elective and appointive, including the fire department, turn out so far as possible and attend the last sad rites, and that all municipal offices be closed until afternoon.--C. E. RAUGHT, Mayor.


ASHAUER & RENN, the new ice firm, lost a valuable team Friday by drowning while cutting ice opposite the ice house. The team was attached to a plow and was driven by a boy named KELLER, who narrowly escaped being precipitated [sic] into the water.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. G. DRIESSEN this morning, a son.

L. N. NELSON was a Chicago visitor the first of the week.

L. F. NELSON, who has been in Chicago for the past week on business connected with the Order of Railway Telegraphers has arrived home and returned to work at the Ashland division depot this morning.

The following officers were elected at the annual meeting of the BUTLER-DIETZLER Hardware company: President, Joseph JANSEN; vice president, Joseph DIETZLER; secretary and treasurer, George F. BUTLER.

William KLUMB made a trip to Jackson Sunday to attend the funeral of his brother, Oscar KLUMB, who departed this life as a result of lung trouble at the age of 28 years. The funeral was held Monday at the Reformed church, Rev. ZENK, pastor.

Mrs. Michael KEELAN and family desire to express their heartfelt thanks to many friends and neighbors for the expressions of sympathy and kindly assistance rendered during the late illness and death of their beloved husband and father. The sympathetic acts will ever be remembered.

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, Jan 24, 1908

Albert VOGEL who was recently injured at Grignon's crossing by being struck by the flange of an interurban car, had his hand badly lacerated Tuesday while adjusting a belt at the plant of the Combined Locks Paper company. He had only been at work two hours when the accident happened.

Henceforth the roller rink will be close on Sundays. This action on the part of Manager John LAWE was brought about by patrons themselves. One of the largest crowds of the season was at the rink Sunday afternoon. They became hilarious and paid no attention to the request of the manager to preserve order. As a last resort he rang up 'Skates Off" and closed the building in the middle of the afternoon. It also remained closed in the evening. Mr. LAWE was not in favor of opening the rink on Sundays in the first place but yielded to the request of a number of his patrons who claimed it was the only day they could attend. During the remainder of the season the rink will be open Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.

Carleton BABCOCK of Everett, Wash., was in the city Thursday visiting his relatives, Frank LOOPE and family and Mrs. J. H. CHAMBERLAIN, whom he had not seen for twelve years. Since leaving them as a boy he enlisted at the age of 17 years, served three years in the Philippines and has since been working his way up in the street and interurban railway business, first as a conductor, then motorman, then foreman and now he is on his way to Allentown, Pa. to accept the position of inspector for the Lehigh Valley and Allentown Transit line from Allentown south fifty miles to Philadelphia. Mr. BABCOCK expects to remain east only a few years or until he gains the experience needed to superintend a line for which high position he is aiming. he will then return to the west which he says if just commencing to develop in the interurban railway business.

William FREUND of Appleton, a brakeman in the employ of the North-Western Railway company, receive injuries at Kimberly Wednesday from which he died a few minutes after arriving at St. Elizabeth's hospital. The switching crew sent a car in on a sidetrack. The car did not go far enough and when the engine came back towards the car it is said that FREUND took a popular beam and held it between the car and the engine, hoping that the car in this way would be sent onto the sidetrack. The beam broke when the engine bumped it and FREUND was crushed between the locomotive and the box car. He was 34 years of age.

Office Ed FOX of the Appleton police force "chaperoned" a party of about fifteen skaters who visited Kaukauna Saturday night, where they enjoyed two or three hours on the rink opposite the ice house. The burly policeman is an expert skater and it is only last week that he skated from Appleton to Kaukauna.


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