Kaukauna Times
June 1909

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, June 11, 1909

E. M. GARROW is in Kaukauna on business today.

Bert JACKSON, of Milwaukee, is visiting here today.

John BRILL, of Buchanan, was in the city this morning.

Joseph STARK left last night for Wausau for a visit with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. James NAGREEN are visiting for a week in Shiocton.

Vicar General P. J. LOCHMAN of Kaukauna, was in Appleton today.

Mrs. Charles BALDWIN, who has been critically ill, is slowly recovering.

Capt. Charles A. GREEN returned from Peoria, Ill., yesterday afternoon.

Fred SEXSMITH, of Wausau, of the class of '08 is here for commencement.

W. S. TAYLOR has returned from a business trip in the northern part of the state.

August KICKBUSH of Wausau will be here in his automobile for commencement.

Mrs. H. A. KEMP has gone to Chicago to visit with her daughter, Miss Ella KEMP.

The Misses Gertrude and Helen DeBRUIN, of Little Chute, visited here yesterday.

Mrs. Joseph ORNSTEIN and children left for a short visit with relatives at Chicago and St. Louis.

Edward FUCHSGRUBER has gone to DePere where he will work in an undertaking

Miss Mamie HEIN and Miss Bertha HEIN have returned from Seymour, where they visited with their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Austin HAWES returned yesterday from a trip of two months in Virginia, Kentucky and Colorado.

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, June 28, 1909


Though dead, a former Appleton man, named GARROW< mixed up with Wenzel KABAT in a law suit shortly before the latter killed Michael McCARTHY, has helped the police of Manitowoc and Sterling, Colo., to clear up the mystery of Edward HUEBNER, of Manitowoc, who was given up for lost or dead because no letters had been received from him for a long time.

GARROW's body was found in Sterling several weeks ago, lifeless by his own hand or through murder. On the body were found several letters addressed to HUEBNER, and it is the theory of the police that the former Appletonian had intercepted the letters sent from Manitowoc to HUEBNER in the west.

It is possible that a photograph of the dead man will be sent to the penitentiary, so the KABAT can say whether or not it is that of GARROW.


Because he was bitten by the same dog that bit James L. BOODRY, the man who died of rabies Saturday morning, little Ralph McGOWAN, aged 6 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGOWAN, was taken to Chicago yesterday afternoon for the Pasteur treatment.

This is done as a preventive measure. The boy is not sick and has shown absolutely no symptoms of hydrophobia; but upon the recommendation of a physician the lad was taken to Chicago. The Pasteur treatment will make it sure that no harmful result will come from the bite.

The boy was bitten by the bull-terrier some time before the animal got sick. He was playing ball with a number of other boys and when the ball rolled near the dog's kennel he went after it. He had his blouse sleeves rolled up and the dog bit him in the forearm, not drawing blood, but bruising the skin.

It is said that a local physician has given the opinion that a dog bite that does not draw blood is dangerous. Many people think that unless blood is drawn there is no danger.


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