Appleton Evening Cresent

Selected excerpts from the Appleton Cresent, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, March 1, 1906


Mrs. Sarah A. JONES, known as Madam JONES, today observed her eighty-ninth birthday anniversary in a quiet way. She received the calls and congratulations of many friends and spent the day with Mrs. J. W. SCHREITER, of Fond du Lac, who came to this city especially for the occasion. Despite her years, Mrs. JONES is in good health and all her faculties are unimpaired. She can read without the aid of glasses, attends to her own wants, does her own cooking and keeps her rooms in order. She is a remarkable woman in many ways, and it si interesting to hear her tell of the many experiences in her long life.Mrs. JONES was born at Pitchfield, Vermont, near the Green Mountains, on March 1, 1817, and has lived in Appleton forty-one years, coming here in 1865 from Plover, this state, where she had married Harmon JONES the same year. For eighteen years Mrs. JONES lived on a farm two miles north of the city, ever since which time has resided in Appleton. Mrs. JONES' husband and two children a son and a daughter, are dead. A sister lives in Vermont and a brother, William PACKARD lives in Appleton. Mrs. JONES confidently expects to see her ninetieth birthday anniversary next year, and she and her friends are already planning a big celebration on that day.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, March 4, 1906


The body of James MCGRAW, Jr., the principal in a horrible tragedy at Spooner, Tuesday, will arrive in this city tomorrow morning and will be taken to the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. James MCGRAW, Sr., on Spencer Stret, from which the funeral will be held. MCGRAW killed Edward CAMERON, a Saloonkeeper, attempted to kill his divorced wife, and then going to a house outside the city of Spooner, he secured a butcher knife and slashed his throat, dying instantly. MCGRAW's victim, Cameron, was a brother of Mrs. MCGRAW's former husband and roomed at the home of his sister, who kept a restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. MCGRAW had not lived together for some time, but MCGRAW had not forgotten his domestic troubles and it is said that his wife's attention to another man filled him with rage and caused the awful tragedy. MCGRAW appeared at the home of his former wife and without warning pulled a six-shooter from his pocket and fired at CAMERON, who fell dead. Leaving CAMERON's room, he entered Mrs. MCGRAW's room and fired at her, but the bullet struck a steel in her corset and glanced off, leaving her unharmed. Believing that he killed both the man and woman, MCGRAW escaped from the house and nothing was heard from him until he was found dead in a bed in the home of Winson PLAINE. It is supposed that the murderer intended to flee from Spooner, for the PLAINE home is outside the city limits. He asked for admittance, saying he was cold. He was taken in and while the family was absent from the room, he secured a large knife and went stealthily upstairs, lay on a bed and slashed his throat. MCGRAW worked as machine-tender at Eau Claire, more than sixty miles from Spooner, and it si thought that his deed was premeditated and that he went to Spooner with the intention of killing CAMERON, his wife and ending his own existence. MCGRAW was a papermaker by trade. He worked in several mills in Appleton and left here ten years ago, since which time he was employed in paper mills in several cities in the state.A daughter of MCGRAW's by his first marriage has arrived in Appleton from Menominee, where she lived for some time.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, March 5, 1906

W. O. HOTZ of Oshkosh was here Saturday.

Miss M. GEENEN has returned from Chicago.

H. B. KADKEY, of Oshkosh visited here Sunday.

Anton THOMPSON visited at Kaukauna yesterday.

Edward WETTENGEL visited at Menasha yesterday.

S. F. SHATTUCK of Neenah spent Sunday in Appleton.

J. H. KELLY and wife of Waupun are Appleton visitors.

J. V. WEBER of Manitowoc is visiting Appleton friends.

Henry SCHUETTER is a Milwaukee business visitor today.

W. J. MORROW, of Oshkosh, visited in Appleton yesterday.

Alexander BAYNE of Grand Rapids is visiting in Appleton.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Anton HENKEL, Spring Street, a son.

Attorney Thomas H. RYAN is in Waupaca today on business.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. William KELLER, State Street, a son.

W. O. CLURE has returned from a business trip to Chicago.

Charles MCCARTHY of Kaukauna was an Appleton visitor today. [if you recognize this name, please contact me]

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar SMITH, Durkee Street, a daughter.

Marshal Richard CONLON of Kaukauna attended court this morning.

Henry RENN and Michael VANROY, of Darboy, visited here Sunday.

John HERZOG of Manitowoc, was in this city on business Saturday.

Attorney Earl P. FINCH of Oshkosh was an Appleton visitor yesterday.

Miss Luella CHILSON, who is studying music in Chicago, is visiting her father, Dr. W. H. CHILSON.

Mrs. Charles WIRTH, Mrs. Albert LEVI and Miss Gertrude HAMMEL are spending the day at Neenah.

Mrs. D. T. H. MACKINNON and Miss Louise MACKINNON of Menasha were Appleton visitors yesterday.

Mrs. and Mrs. Charles STRASSBERGER, of Seymour, visited yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. GRNEINER (?) [print is blurred}

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton WI, March 6, 1906


Mrs. W. HAIGHT is spending a few days with friends in Chicago.

Messrs. C. QUADE and R. WILBERTON spent Sunday with friends in Appleton.

Miss Nellie DONOHUE of Menasha was the guest of Mrs. KASTELL yesterday.

Messrs. Jack HEID and Ray WILBUR, of Clintonville, spent the Sabbath here.

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. SMITH visited with Mrs. Henry MEIDAM at Appleton Sunday.

Miss Annie FELS who has been visiting Mrs. HEINZ at Menasha, returned Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. P.A. NAGAN went to Appleton, Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. LEHRER.

George MADER of Winneconne spent the Sabbath here, the guest of Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MCCARTHY returned from a six weeks visit with relatives in Florida.

Miss Iva TOWNSEND of Neenah, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. WITT returned Sunday.

Miss Katherine VUSSARD left yesterday for Antigo, to visit at the home of her brother, E. VUSSARD.

Mrs. M. BRAHAM and her sister, Miss Annie DEITZLER spent a few hours with Appleton friends yesterday.

Felix WARSHASKY, of the Saving Center, left yesterday for a week in Chicago, where he will select stock of spring goods.

Miss Grace GORDON of Gladstone Mich. who has been spending a week with her cousin Miss Blanch ST. ANDREWS, has returned.

Miss Mildred COUGHLIN of Oconto, has been engaged to fill the place of assistant principal at Nicholet school made vacant by the resignation of Miss CURTIN, and arrived Saturday, beginning her new duties Monday.

A pleasant surprise party took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles CUTTLER yesterday afternoon, the occasion being the birthday anniversary of Mr. CUTTLER, a goodly number of friends were present and an enjoyable afternoon and evening spent by all.


Mrs. Simon STREIGEL is very sick.

Mr. and Mrs. J. DANIELS, of Cicero, baby boy Sunday.

F. BROWN of Leeman transacted business here Monday.

Father BASTIAN of Seymour, visited Father RIPP Monday.

Fred VOIGHT was in Neenah on business part of last week.

Clayton SHAUGER, who has been very sick, is slightly better.

Mrs. Charles MORY, of Cicero, made some calls here Saturday.

A baby girl arrived at the home of William STUTZMAN last Monday.

Martin BERNUR has purchased a house of Albert LITTLE. Consideration $1,000.

Mrs. Mary KOHLS and children were the guests of Cicero relatives Sunday.

William MCKEE who has been working near HILES, returned home Saturday.

Fred HAUERT were Appleton visitor Monday.

Mrs. Kate SCHNEIDER and brother, of Appleton, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. John SCHNEIDER.

Charles BLAKE and William BLAKE have purchased Mrs. KREUGER's farm in Cicero.
Consideration $12,500.

Mrs. R. L. WILSON, who has been spending the past two months at Escanaba, Mich., returned home Tuesday.

Mrs. Rudolph STINEMANN returned Thursday from a three weeks' visit with friends in Green Bay, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.

Mrs. A. B. CARTER who has been in the hospital at Green Bay was brought here Wednesday. She is slowly convalescing and will stay with relatives here until she is able to go to her home in Carter.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, March 17, 1906

"Phillie" OTTO is on the sick list.

Earl KENYON, of Chicago, is visiting in Appleton.

Earl WHITTIER, of Kaukauna, was in the city last night.

Harry EMORY, of Kaukauna, visited in Appleton yesterday.

Ernst GREVERUS of Berlin was in the city yesterday on business.

Miss Josephine MAYER of Green Bay is visiting Miss Lulu O'KEEFE.

Mrs. John ENGEL has returned from a visit with friends at Shiocton.

Attorney J. EATON of Milwaukee was in the city yesterday on business.

Fred STEINKE left for Milwaukee today after visiting his parents for the week.

Miss Louise BRECKLIN of Antigo was the guest of Miss Clarice STEINKE yesterday.

Emil MILLER has gone to Neenah where he will have charge of a restaurant.

Charles MCCARTHY of Kaukauna and son, Dennis, of Chicago, were Appleton visitors today. [anyone connected to Charles or Dennis - please contact me]

Clarence ZELIE will leave Monday evening for Washington with a view of locating in that state.

Otto HAUF and John HAUF, visited at Black Creek Thursday. the latter will leave shortly for Wyoming.

Mrs. e. a. SIELER, of Ellington, has returned to her home after visiting in Appleton for several weeks.

Ernest SCHROEDER, of Antigo has returned to his home. He was called to Appleton by the death of a relative.

Mrs. W.S. HALLADAY and daughter, Helen, left yesterday for Fond du Lac to spend a few days visiting relatives.

Mrs. L. A. WRIGHT of the Pettibone-Peabody Company will leave Sunday at noon for Chicago where she will attend a dressmakers and corsetiers' convention.

Miss Eugenia KNUPPEL returned from Milwaukee this morning where she attended the oratorical contest between the Oshkosh and Milwaukee Normal schools last evening which was won by the former.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, March 24, 1906


Miss Olive NAGAN is confined to her home by illness.

Miss Kate MCCARTHY is spending a couple of weeks in Milwaukee.

Miss Christina NELSON has gone to Fond du Lac for an indefinite visit.

The five and ten cent store of which Frank BERENS is proprietor, opened today.

Miss Prudence COTTRELL of Oshkosh, was a visitor here during the last of the week.

Miss Lillian TAGGART, who has been visiting in thie vicinity, has returned to Appleton.

Mrs. Charles BARUM is a visitor here from Minoequa the guests [sic] of her sister, Mrs. O. MILLER.

Miss Anne WEISS of Dundas was an Appleton visitor yesterday, the guest of Mrs. GOERL for a few hours.

Miss Hannah VANDEYACHT, of Dundas visited at the home of her uncle Edward DRIESEN for a few hours Friday.

John BRILL who has been a farmer resident of this section for forty-two years, is advertising his farm for sale.

Miss Blanch TANNER went to Milwaukee today to spend the day with some of her former classmates at Downer college.

Myron BRIGHAM of Appleton is filling the position of night clerk at the club house in place of W. T. HORSEFALL who has resigned.

George BERETH has broken ground for an addition to his residence on Crook's avenue, a part of the material for which is already on the ground.

Nomination papers have been filed with the city clerk, L. C. WOLF, as follows: Mayor. C. E. RAUGHT; clerk, L. C. WOLF; treasurer, William SULLIVAN. C.H.L. HAMER, H. Q. WITTMAN, William F. KLAMMER and John COPPES; assessor. Nic FAUST; alderman in the first ward. Thomas MALONE; alderman in second ward. C.G.F. BRENNER; Thomas CLANCY; supervisor in second ward, M. A. LEMKE; supervisor in third ward, Peter PHILIPPS; alderman in third ward. W. C. DITTER; alderman in fourth ward, Julius J. MARTENS; alderman in fifth ward, Frank N. BERENS

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