Appleton Evening Caresent
May 31, 1905

Selected excerpts from the Appleton Cresent, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce


George COON was a recent Ripon visitor.

H.L. DALTON of Milwauke is in the city.

Arthur MEYER was at Brillion yesterday.

Miss M. SCOTT spent yesterday at Oshkosh.

D.A. JONES visited at Fond du Lac Tuesday.

William F. ALLEN is a Sheboygan business visitor.

Goerge F. ALLEN is a Sheboygan business visitor.

George Pl HEWITT was at Fond du Lac yesterday

Mrs. Sarah EVANS of Nenah visited here yesterday.

Francis J. ROONEY, of Seymour was in Appleton today.

Theodore W. BRIGGS is at Sheboygan on business.

W.S. PATTERSON went to Crandon today on business.

George KLEIN of Kaukauna, visited in Aooleton yesterday.

Mrs. Joseph MCCARTHY of Kaukauna, visited here yesterday.

Lake SMITH visited the White City at Oshkosh yesterday.

Louis JENSEN attended a dance at Ridge Point last night."


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