Appleton Evening Cresent

Selected excerpts from the Appleton Cresent, Appleton, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin, originally posted to the WIOUTAGA-L mailing list by Joyce.

Appleton Evening Crescent, Appleton, WI, November 1, 1905

While playing at the St. Joseph's school yesterday afternoon, Oswald, the 
12-year-ild son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter ROLFS, Sherman Place, fell in such a 
manner that his wrist was broken and his elbow was thrown out of joint.
Young ROLFS was playing with several companions during the recess. One of the 
boys with whom ROLFS was playing grabbed his cap and threw it upon the roof 
of a loq buioding near the school grounds. The owner of the cap climbed to 
the roof of the building and secured his head wear.
In endeavoring in getting down from the roof, the lad fell to the ground in 
such a manner that he sustained a borked wrist and a dislocated elbow. 
medical assistance was summoned and ROLFS was taken to his home on the Serman 

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