Kaukauna Times
September 1908

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, Sept. 4, 1908

Trinity Ev. Luth. school opened Tuesday with Carl BRENNER as principal.

Earl HAWKINS of Oshkosh was a Kaukauna visitor Saturday and Sunday.

Miss Kittie McLAUGHLIN has returned from a week's visit with friends at Sagole.

Miss Della FALK of Brillion was a guest in the family of Max LEMKE Wednesday.

Mrs. A. AMMUNDSON returned Monday from a week's visit with friends at Menasha.

Miss Mary GARVEY of Freedom visited in the family of P. McLAUGHLIN last week.

Mrs. Richard LUNT of Appleton was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. C. D. BOYD,

Will LIBERT of Lewiston, a former Kaukauna boy, returned home Sunday after a week's visit here.

Frank PHILLIPS of Brothertown called on H. D. WING last evening while on his way to Green Bay.

William McLAUGHLIN returned Monday after spending a week with friends at Duluth and Ashland.

Mrs. E. F. RAETZMAN and son Carl of Chicago were Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Steve CANHARN.

Miss Rose KROMER and Miss Ella STEFFEN leave for Milwaukee tomorrow to spend a two weeks' vacation.

Miss Elsie GRIMMER of Two Rivers, who spent two weeks at Kaukauna, her former home, returned Monday.

Mrs. and Mrs. David CHALLMAN of Batavia, Ill., were guests of Mr. and Mr. Ben McGARRY this past week.

Mrs. Fred PRATT of Menominee, Mich, who was the guest of Mrs. John COPPES for a week returned home Saturday.

Mrs. Maud BENNICK of Sheboygan is the guest of Mrs. John FRAHS.

Eugene GARRETT spent Sunday with his parents at Beaver Dam.

Miss Nellie EGGLEDSON of Marquette is visiting her sister, Mrs. R. BORCHERDT.

Miss May COVEY of Oshkosh was a guest of Miss Tillie SCHREINER this week.

Mr. and Mrs. William J. TESCH have been visiting Door county friends for a week past.

Miss Julia ABB of Houghton, Mich., is visiting her uncle, M. ABB, and cousin, Mrs. Jos. JIRIKOWIC.

Miss Gladys CANHAM spent Thursday with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F STEFFEN at Wrightstown.

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Miss Madge MAYBERRY of Milwaukee, a former Kaukauna girl, was in the city last week visiting friends.

Miss Mary MAYER and Joe BUTZIN have returned to Chicago after a two weeks' visit with Kaukauna relatives.

J. A. BAUER, who was home to visit his mother, Mrs. M. ABB, and sister, Mrs. Joseph JIRIKOWIC, for two weeks, has returned to Chicago.

The Rev. B. GLADOSCH of Woodville Ev. Luth. church was at Black Creek Sunday to attend the mission feast at the Rev. Gerhard HINNENTHAL's church.

Miss Edna ROWE of Milwaukee spent her vacation with Miss Marie WYENBERG of this city and with her sister, Mrs. Dan JANSEN at Combined Locks.

The Woman's Foreign missionary society will meet at the home of Mrs. James BLACK next Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. There will be annual election of officers.

Two Rivers Chronicle: Miss Carrie and Martha SIEBERLICH of Kaukauna and Miss Blanch LEVENHAGEN of Manitowoc came here and spent Saturday with Nellie GRAEF. They also called on Miss Anna HARRIS at the Hamilton office.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank ROBINSON, Jr., of Chicago, stopped at Hotel LaSalle Saturday, while on their way home from an automobile trip to the copper country. They went up through Michigan, took a steamer to Escanaba and are returning by way of Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. Will BEILKE and John CANAVAN of Appleton visited friends in Kaukauna Friday.

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Mrs. Steve CANHAM was called to Wrightstown Tuesday by the illness of her father, Frederick STEFFEN.

Mrs. Andrew BROWER was at Appleton Friday and Saturday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Matt WEYENBERG.

Mrs. E. KREBSER was called to Oshkosh Tuesday by the death of her brother-in-law, Martin VERHOEVEN.

May Kennedy, owned by Luther LINDAUER, won at the Oconto fair Wednesday, taking three straight heats.

The Misses Adeline and Margaret COOKE were at Neenah Friday and Saturday to visit their grandmother.

Mr. and Mrs. James CONWAY left Monday for Toledo, Ohio to attend the National Encampment of the G.A.R.

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Jos. McCARTY has just completed a concrete base for a new silo which Peter LEWIS is about to erect on his Little Chute farm.

Miss Rose CORCORAN of Marinette who spent a two weeks' vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barney CORCORAN, returned Saturday.

Electrical Inspector W. D. KURZ was called to Appleton last week to start the new electrical power plant of the Appleton Coated Paper Co.

The town of Kaukauna Stars defeated the Darboy Badgers at Darboy by a score of 11 to 1. The feature of the game was the batting of KOCH of this city who played with the Stars. In the first inning with the bases full, KOCH drove the ball to the fence for a home run.

Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, Sept 11, 1908

Mrs. Eliza GREVES is visiting Milwaukee friends.

Miss Ethel TOWSLEY was a guest of Fond du Lac friends Saturday.

Miss Marie VanHECKE of Chicago spent several days with Kaukauna friends.

Robert HAMILTON left for Sparta Friday, where he will teach in the high school the coming year.

Miss Anna EITING of Wauwatosa visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William EITING, last week.

Mrs. Kate NELSON of Fond du Lac and Miss Eva HEIL of Marshfield are guests of Mrs. E. GREVES.

Leslie BERTRAND entertained a number of his boy and girl friends at a birthday party Saturday afternoon.

Mrs. Thomas ERLES of Bellingham, Washington, has been a guest of old Kaukauna friends this week.

Miss Mayme McCARTY and Miss Margaret CORCORAN attended the Labor day celebration at Glenmore.

Mrs. H. A. BALDWIN and daughter Mabel have returned home to Antigo after a several days' visit with Kaukauna friends.

Judge John GOODLAND granted Evelyn M. LOPAS of Kaukauna a divorce Saturday from her husband, William J. LOPAS on the ground of cruel and inhuman treatment.

Mrs. and Mrs. Nick BUDINGER and son of Chicago arrived Friday evening for a several days' visit with Mr. and Mrs. M. A. RAUGHT.

For sale: Or will trade for northern timber land. Modern ten room house in city of Kaukauna, well situated and but recently built. Address Exchange, care of the Times.

Mr. and Mrs. James CONWAY attended the national Grand Army encampment at Toledo, Ohio. From there they went to Mr. CONWAY's native town, Erie, Penn., where he enlisted in the navy during the civil war.

Miss Gertie SMITH spent Labor day with friends at Marshfield.

Fireman John WITTE expects to move to Green Bay next week.

Miss Martha HILDEBRANDT is spending the week at Milwaukee.

Allen FORDES of Hartford was killed by being kicked with a horse.

Mrs. John NEWHOUSE of Fond du Lac is in the city visiting relatives.

Mrs. MURPHY of Lake Mills was a guest Monday of Mrs. Charles RISTAU.

Mrs. Julius HILDEBEANDT left Tuesday to attend the state fair at Milwaukee.

Henry MADER of Oshkosh is a guest this week at the home of George EBERHART.

Carl GREIM and Will. VanDYKE are spending the week at Milwaukee and Chicago.

Robert McGARY of Milwaukee has been spending the week with Kaukauna friends.

Mrs. CHENEY of the Wisconsin veterans' home is visiting her daughter, Mrs. George RICE.

John NELSON returned to Lafayette, Ind., Monday to resume his studies at Purdue university.

Mrs. Peter HURTENBACH and daughter Tillie took their departure Monday for Huron, South Dakota.

The Misses Tillie KONRAD and Esther THON of Oshkosh were guests of Kaukauna friends over Sunday.

Mike KLINE and Barney VERFUERTH called on Fred BEHLING of the town of Buchanan this week, who is critically ill.

Mrs. Merritt WHITE and Miss Lola WHITE of Winneconne who were guests of Mrs. J. M. DeVINNEY returned Tuesday.

The Misses Ella and Kittie McLAUGHLIN returned Sunday from a visit with friends at New London and Welcome.

William AIRD made a trip to Oshkosh Tuesday.

Sam DARROW was a business visitor at Greenleaf last week.

Mrs. Nellie SAUNDERS is dangerously ill at her home on the south side.

Mrs. Christ ANDERSON of Appleton was the guest of Kaukauna friends Wednesday.

Miss Martha WURSTER departed Monday on a business trip to Milwaukee and Chicago.

Otto AUFRIETOR of Cudahy was in the city Sunday visiting friends. He returned Monday.

Miss Jessie ANDERSON of Appleton visited Mrs. S. M. ENGHOLDT Wednesday and Thursday.

Warren MILLER of West Depere was the guest of his uncle, G. F. HOWK, for a few days the past week.

Rudolph KILGAS of North Fond du Lac was the guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William KILGAS, Sunday.

Miss Dora HOWK has returned from a week's visit at West Depere, where she was a guest of Mrs. John MILLER.

Miss Emma KRUTZ and Miss Jessie KILGAS of Neenah are spending a few days in the family of William KILGAS.

Mrs. T. J. O'CONNOR and daughter, Miss Ella O'CONNOR of Appleton, were guests
Sunday of Mrs. Margaret LAMBIE.

Walter GRAY of Chicago is home spending a two weeks' vacation with his parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Thos. GRAY.

C. P. CORNELIUS of Green Bay, the Oneida Indian lawyer, was in the city Monday on his way to Appleton on legal business.

Mrs. James MORRIS and Mrs. Peter BIESE of North Fond du Lac, who were here visiting Mrs. George GERRITTS, returned Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. GRISWO:D departed Tuesday for Milwaukee, where they are spending the week with Mrs. GRISWOLD's sister.

Harry RALPH was a Milwaukee visitor this week.

A daughter was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Henry KILLAIN.

Mr. and Mrs. F. GRITZKA called on friends at Depere Sunday.

Miss Mae MATENSER left Thursday to visit friends at Milwaukee.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Julius BOGT Tuesday, Sept 1, a daughter.

L. B. JOHNSON departed Monday for Milwaukee to attend the state fair.

Alexander CHANDLER of Amherst was a business visitor in Kaukauna Tuesday.

Mrs. Ellen DRUMMOND of Appleton was a guest Sunday of Mrs. Frank GRITZKA.

Mrs. Felix ELWORTH visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Nic. GRITZKA at Big Suamico.

The county insane asylum has 142 patients, all that it can comfortably accommodate.

Sam HAMMER had his shoulder severely injured by the door of a freight car falling upon it.

Miss Kittie MANNING returned Saturday from a two weeks' visit with friends at Depere.

Mr. and Mrs. Nic LEISCH of Freedom left Monday to attend the state fair at Milwaukee.

Miss Mabel ADAMS of the Postal Telegraph office spent Monday with friends at Oshkosh.

Miss Bessie MANNING has resumed her work as operator at the Wisconsin Telephone exchange.

Miss Mayme KELLY left for Milwaukee Saturday to spend state fair week with the Misses WELCH.

Arthur KROMER departed Saturday for a two weeks' visit with friends and relatives at Milwaukee.

Miss Lena FISH of Janesville returned to her home Friday after visiting friends in Kaukauna.

Mr. and Mrs. L. M. EDMONDS of Wausau celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank GRITZKA were at Big Suamico Saturday to visit Mr. GRITZKA's brother, Nic GRITZKA.

Mrs. Joseph McCARTY returned Saturday from a two weeks' vacation at Milwaukee and Madison.

The Misses Delia and Alice WELCH of Milwaukee, guests of Miss Mayme KELLY, returned home Saturday.

Mrs. May McNAMARA of Janesville who has been spending the past month with friends here returned Friday.

Rev. Ellsworth COLLIER spent Thursday in Fond du Lac.

Miss Millie COUGHLIN of Antigo is visiting Miss Ella GRAY.

Miss Ethel BROWN is a New London the guest of friends.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. HALLOCK attended the State Fair Thursday.

Mrs. George KROMER, Jr., spent part of the week in Milwaukee.

George KRAHN made a business trip to Manitowoc Wednesday.

Mrs. Robert SCHOLL of Appleton is the guest of Kaukauna relatives.

Mrs. James SHEEHAN called on friends at Wrightstown Saturday.

Miss Elizabeth OSBORN is at Oshkosh spending two weeks with friends.

Robert SCHUETTER of Appleton called on Kaukauna friends Wednesday.

Miss Eva HELLER of Menasha spent Sunday with Miss Adeline KRAMER.

Miss Martha JACOBSON returned Saturday from a visit with friends at Neenah.

John FRANK and son John, Jr., left Saturday to visit Jos. DEDRICH at Fond du Lac.

Miss Agnes O'GRADY of Chicago spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. P. J. HAYES.

Mrs. Clyde THOMPSON returned Thursday from a week's visit at Milwaukee.

James J. NELSON of Amherst was in Kaukauna a short time Tuesday on business.

Mrs. M. E. MAIN and Mrs. F. E. DONALDSON attended the state fair Thursday.

Edward KREBSER attended the funeral of Martin VERHOVEN at Oshkosh Saturday.

Mrs. Frank SULLIVAN of Escanaba was a guest last week of Mrs. Phil. GAUDETTE.

John MUELLER went to Milwaukee Wednesday to spend two days at the state fair.

Mrs. Phil. GAUDETTE spent Saturday Sunday and Monday with friends at Milwaukee.

Louis BRILL has gone to Prairie du Chien to resume his studies at the Jesuit college.

Miss Matilda JUDAE is in Chicago spending a two weeks' vacation with her brother.

Robert FECHTER returned form a several days visit at Milwaukee Wednesday night.

Miss Mollie FINNERT of Oconomowoc, who was visiting Mrs. James SHEEHAN, returned Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. STREIT of Winona, Minn., are spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Tony SADLIER.

Mrs. Henry EBERT of Waupun, who was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank KOBS, returned Saturday.

Miss Anna DIETZLER is visiting in Green Bay.

Miss Mary GARVEY was a recent guest of Green Bay friends.

John BUKOWSKY is at Milwaukee this week attending the fair.

Mrs. HUSTING of Mayville is visiting her sons, Leo and G. B. HUSTING.

Mrs. E. S. GLASS departed Wednesday for her home at Fort Wayne, Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph WITTMAN spent Labor day with friends at Green Bay.

Mrs. HOFFMAN of Fond du Lac was a guest this week of Mrs. F. E. DONALDSON.

Miss Kate McCARTY will attend the dressmakers' convention at Chicago next

Miss Kate McCARTY will open her dressmaking parlors on Wisconsin avenue, Oct. 1.

A bouncing baby boy has made his arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James JENSEN.

Mrs. Anna BANCROFT of Clinton, Iowa, was a guest this week of Mrs. Joseph WITTMAN.

Miss Lillian McMAHON left a week ago for Greenville where she will teach the coming year.

Michael WITTMAN spent two days this week at Oconto Falls visiting his brother, Fred WITTMAN.

The Rev. A. J. BUXTON of Racine was in the city for a few hours today while on his way to Wittenberg.

The Kaukauna Foresters baseball team will play the Little Chute Foresters at Little Chute next Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. SMITH entertained a company of friends at their cottage at the lake Monday afternoon.

John MALONEY of Holland was given a surprise Tuesday evening by a number of friends who enjoyed a pleasant time.

Mrs. J. H. FRAHS and Mrs. E. S. GLASS visited Mrs. FRAH's sister, Mrs. George HOLETON, at Madison Wednesday.

The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will hold their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. BERTRAND, Friday, Sept. 18.

Mrs. Gertrude HAUPT of Appleton visited her son, John HAUPT, this week. She is 89 years old and is enjoying the best of health.

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley LEE of Oconto and Miss Lulu LEE of Winneconne visited this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will LEE.

"Romeo and Juliet" is moving pictures at Nugent Bros. Five Cent Theater Friday and Saturday with Saturday afternoon matinee.

Henry WEYENBERG of the town of Buchanan is building a new residence on the property which he recently purchased of John BRILL.


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