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Herbert F. Johnson, Jr., Wingspread, residence in Racine, Wisconsin. House reflected in pool. Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc., photographer.
1939 Oct. 2.

Welcome to Racine County

On the April 20, 1836, the act of Congress was passed establishing the Territorial Government of Wisconsin. On Dec. 7th, 1836, The County of Racine was created by the passage of an act of the Territorial Legislature and the Town of Racine was designated as the county seat of justice. By act of Territorial Legislature that passed on January 2, 1838, six towns were created: Racine, Mount Pleasant, Rochester, Salem, Southport, and Pleasant Prairie. (In 1850, Salem, Southport, and Pleasant Prairie were established as Kenosha County, breaking off from Racine County) The name of this place as "Racine" is said to have derived from French Jesuits and dates back as far as 1699. In French, "Racine" means root. The Native Americans called the Root River, that runs through the county, "Chippecotton" which means "Root". A Frenchman by the name of Jaques Jambeau established a trading post at "Skunk Grove" sometime after 1832 and before the first settlers to Racine arrived in 1836. Messr. Jambeau traded his goods with the Native Americans living in the area, who provided furs.

Vandergrind & Dolister Dry Goods Store, 410 Main Street (c. 1910)

Botsford & Wooser, books & sporting goods, 532 Monument Square (c. 1900)


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