Civil War Soldiers
Long residents of Racine, but enlisted elsewhere

As published in the Racine County Militant, pages 385-386

The following is a list of names of soldiers of the Civil War who were long resident in Racine county, Wis., but who enlisted from, or where credited to, other counties or states. Unless otherwise specified they should be credited to Wisconsin. The date given is that of enlistment.

BELL, Robert Co. A, 12th N. Y. Inf. April 30, 1861
BEYER, John G. Co. F, 138th Ill. Inf. April 15, 1864
BILLHORN, Charles Co. C, 43rd. Ill. Inf. Feb. 14, 1865
BLACK, James D. Co. H, 34th Ill. Inf. Aug. 10, 1861
BOYD, Robert M. Co. E, 24th Inf. Aug. 14, 1862
BROOKER, John C. Co. G., 27th Inf. Aug. 20, 1862
BROWN, William A. 3rd Wis. Vol. Inf. Aug. 1863
BUCKLEY, Thomas J. U. S. Ship Kearsarge June 19, 1862
CLAUSEN, Carsten Co. K, 41st Mo. Inf. 1864
DAVIS, Logan Co. C, 29th U. S. Vol. Col. Inf. Jan. 5, 1864
DENNISTON, George C. Co. A, 14th Inf. Oct. 23, 1861
DESCHLER, Casper Co. D, 39th N. J. Inf. Sept. 27, 1864
EADUS, Newman G. Co. A, 73rd Ind. Inf. July 1, 1862
EAGER, Samuel W. Co. A, 7th Mo. Mil. May, 1861
EGGERT, Charles Co. H, 1st H. Art. Sept. 22, 1864
EGLI, Casper Co. G, 1st Ill. Lt. Art. Feb. 11, 1865
ENOS, Emilius Co. K, 2nd. Cav. Nov. 28, 1861
FISHER, Elias W. Co. K, 2nd Cav. Nov. 26, 1863
FITZGERALD, Morris U. S. Navy June 18, 1862
FRANK, John W. Co. B, 132nd Ill. Inf. Jan. 1, 1864
FREDERICKSON, Fred U. S. Navy March, 1863
GARLOCK, Franklin R. Co. B, 108th N. Y. Inf. July 28, 1862
GRANGER, Josiah 9th Batt. Lt. Art. Jan. 27, 1862
GRAY, Henry U. S. Ship Gen'l, Lyon Aug. 27, 1864
GUTHRIE, Sylvester W. Co. H, 1st Pa. Inf. April 19, 1861
HALL, James B. Co. K, 137th N. Y. Aug. 21, 1862
HALL, Jason W. Co. B, 13th Inf. Sept. 9, 1861
HANSCHE, John W. Co. K, 3rd Inf. Sept. 2, 1864
HECK, Henry Co. F, 19th Inf. Feb. 11, 1862
HOSMER, George Co. K, 157th N. Y. Inf. Aug. 20, 1862
JOHNSON, Thomas U. S. Navy Feb. 24, 1862
KELLEY, Michael J. U. S. Navy April 15, 1861
KIDDLE, James G. Co. K, 31st Ill. Oct. 11, 1864
LANDON, Charles Co. G, 36th Ill. Inf. July 30, 1861
LANG, Robert B. Co. A, 164th N. Y. Inf. Sept. 4, 1862
LAWLER, John M. Co. F, 56th N. Y. July 12, 1864
LEDWICK, James Co. C, 73rd Ind. Inf. July 26, 1862
LE GRANT, William E. Co. H, 4th Cav. May 21, 1861
LEIGHTON, Alexander Co. C, 6th Minn. Inf. August 12, 1862
MARTIN, John Co. C, 43rd Inf. Sept. 2, 1864
MENGE, Ch. Carl Co. E, 52nd Inf. March 27, 1865
ORAM, David M. Co. E, 24th Inf. Aug. 15, 1862
PANZER, William Co. D, 43rd. Ill. Inf. Feb. 4, 1965
POLAND, Charles A. Co. K, 25th Mass. Inf. Sept. 12, 1861
PORTER, Lemuel C. Co. G, 4th Mass. Inf. Sept. 22, 1862
QUIGLEY, Michael Co. H, 89th N. Y. Inf. Oct. 10, 1861
RICKEMAN, George A. Co. I. 3rd Inf. April 18, 1861
SCOTT, William Co. G, 20th Inf. Aug. 11, 1862
SMITH, Charles W. Co. H, 33rd Inf. Jan. 8, 1864
SMITH, George E. Co. E, 2nd. Inf. April 21, 1861
STORMS, Charles L. Co. I, 28th Inf. Aug. 21, 1862
THOMAS, Peter D. Co. H, 18th U. S. Col. Inf. Aug. 5, 1864
TRAVIS, Jacob H. Co. E, 156th Ill. Inf. Feb. 28, 1865
TREMPER, John M. Co. I, 13th Inf. Oct. 7, 1861
VAN ORNUM, R. W. Co. E, 21st Mass. Inf. July, 1861
VAN VECHTEN, Henry C. Tr. M, 1st N. Y. Cav. July 28, 1862
WELCH, David H. Co. E, 20th N. Y. Inf. April 23, 1861
WHITE, George A. Co. F, 46th Ill. Inf. Oct. 4, 1861
WILKE, William Co. C, 41st N. Y. Inf. no date listed
WITHERELL, Henry A. Co. B, 32nd Mass. Inf. Nov. 1, 1861
WOLF, Joseph T. Co. C, 74th N. Y. Inf. June, 1863