Cemeteries of 

Sawyer Co. WI


The following is a partial listing of the cemeteries of Sawyer County and where they are located.  Over time, we hope to compile the burials of all these cemeteries and put the information online. 


Cemetery Name Location
Bellile Cemetery (photo) Exeland
Draper Cemetery Draper
Evergreen Cemetery Couderay
Evergreen Cemetery Stone Lake
Exeland Cemetery Exeland
Greenwood Cemetery Hayward
Indian Cemetery Bass Lake
Indian Cemetery Hayward
Indian Cemetery Round Lake
Loretta Cemetery Loretta
Mennonite (aka Amish) Cemetery (photo) Weirgor Township
New Post Cemetery New Post
Radisson Cemetery
,,,Radisson Cemetery Veteran's Memorial
Riverside Cemetery Seeley
Round Lake Cemetery Chief Lake
Spider Lake Cemetery Spider Lake
St. Francis Cemetery Reserve
St. Peters Cemetery Winter
Trinity Cemetery Hayward
Windfall Cemetery Exeland
Winter Cemetery Winter


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