Notable People of 
Sawyer County WI 


Sawyer County has had a colorful history and is the home of many notable people.  This page will be our place to get to know those notables.  Here you will find links that will lead you to more information about those people.  Among our "notables" are:

John Deitz - the Defender of the Cameron Dam 
Ira Isham - First Sheriff of Chippewa County
Philetus Sawyer - the Man For Whom Sawyer Co. Was Named
Anthony Judson Hayward - Namesake of Hayward, WI
The Death of A. J. "Jud" Hayward
Jean Baptiste "JB" Corbine - His Life and Times
Mary Fabiola (Lola) La Rush later known as Sister M. Sirilla, OSF
Charles Belille - First white settler in Sawyer Co.
Jeffrey N. Williams - NASA Astronaut 
Charles W. Jungberg - Sawyer County Surveyor