Ho-Chunk or Winnebago (as they are commonly called) are a tribe of Native Americans  native to what are now Wisconsin & Illinois. The term "Winnebago" originally came from a name given to them by neighbouring Algonquian tribes. The more correct, but less common English name for the tribe is "Ho-Chunk"  from their original native name  meaning "big fish people". The big fish in this case is probably sturgeon, once abundant in Lake Winnebago. The tribe located primarily in Wisconsin changed its official name in 1994 to the Ho-Chunk Sovereign Nation (meaning People of the Big Voice).

Census of the Winnebago Indians of the Wittenberg Agency taken on June 30  1910 by E. J. Bost  Superintendent

NOTE: Listed in this census index are the "English Names" about 1250+ -- if you locate someone that you would like the Native American/Indian name for, just email me and I'll try to locate it in the census.  Approximately 90% of the names also have Indian Names.

The following information was given in the original census: Indian name, English name, Relationship to Head of Household, Age, Sex.  I tried to group these in families per the census but in some cases, the relationships seem not to match the household -- I'm not sure if this is because the census taker wasn't clear on the unit or if Native American culture and family structure is not what we typically see in censuses.

English Name Spouse/Parent Relationship Birth
Mary Littlebear    Widow circa 1855
Thomas Littlebear  Mary Son circa 1894
Daniel Littlebear  Single circa 1891
Amos Littlebear  Flora Husband circa 1888
Flora Littlebear  Amos Wife circa 1889
Moses Littlebear  Amos Son circa 1907
Adam Littlebear  Elen B Husband circa 1885
Elen B Littlebear  Adam Wife circa 1877
Harvey Blackcoon  Adam Step Son circa 1904
Lena Littlebear  Adam Daughter circa 1907
Lucy Littlebear  Adam Daughter circa 1909
Fred Littlegeorge  Alice Husband circa 1850
Alice Littlegeorge  Fred Wife circa 1854
Alma Littlegeorge  Fred Daughter circa 1900
George Littlegeorge  Lucy Husband circa 1885
Lucy Littlegeorge  George Wife circa 1886
Florence Littlegeorge  George Daughter circa 1905
Jane Littlegeorge  George Daughter circa 1907
Dora Littlegeorge George Daughter circa 1909
Sam Littlegeorge  Dora M Husband circa 1875
Dora M Littlegeorge  Sam Wife circa 1863
Annie Mike  Sam Step Daughter circa 1895
John Littlejohn  Widower circa 1825
Edward Littlejohn  Single circa 1886
Albert Littlejohn  Single circa 1882
Matt Littlejohn  Jane Husband circa 1860
Jane Littlejohn  Matt Wife circa 1861
Lizzie Littlejohn  Matt Daughter circa 1893
Ella Littlejohn  Matt Daughter circa 1891
Green Littlejohn  Single circa 1886
Mary Littleman  Widow circa 1833
Mrs. E Nook MA He Win
Kah Littlethunder 
Mary Wife circa 1860
Frank Littlesnake  Single circa 1883
Bettie Littlesoldier  Widow circa 1845
John Littlewolf  Widower circa 1868
Tracy Littlewolf  John Daughter circa 1900
Alex Lonetree  Husband circa 1866
George Lonetree  Single circa 1889
Hugh Lonetree  Lucy T Husband circa 1890
Lucy T Lonetree  Hugh Wife circa 1893
Clay Longmarsh  Bessie H Single circa 1888
Bessie H Longtail  Clay Wife circa 1891
John H Longtail  Orphan circa 1893
Frank Longthunder  Single circa 1880
Louis Lookingglass  Mary T Single circa 1873
Mary T Lowe  Louis Wife circa 1864
Sam Lowe  Louis Son circa 1892
Lucy Lowe  Louis Daughter circa 1894
Annie Lowe  Louis Daughter circa 1896
Dora Lowe  Louis Daughter circa 1900
Minnie Lowe  Louis Daughter circa 1901
Theodore Lowe  Louis Son circa 1904
Gilbert Lowe  Single circa 1890
Albert T Lowe  Single circa 1888
Charlie R Lowe  Single circa 1872
Hester Lowery  Widow circa 1830
Emma Lowery  Widow circa 1848
Mattie Lowery  Adopted Daughter circa 1900
Mary Lyons  Widow circa 1840
George Lyons  Widower circa 1868
Martin Lyons  George Son circa 1894
Bessie Lyons  George Daughter circa 1895
Lydia Lyons  George Daughter circa 1897
Daniel Lyons  George Son circa 1899
Mary Man  John Widow circa 1851
John Man  Mary Husband circa 1881
James Manly Senior  Nancy Husband circa 1862
Nancy Manly  James Wife circa 1844
Ella Manly  James Daughter circa 1893
James Manly Junior  Lucy Husband circa 1882
Lucy Manly  James Wife circa 1885
Mary Manly  James Daughter circa 1900
Dora Manly  James Daughter circa 1905
Daniel Manly  James Son circa 1909
Pat Manly  Grace W Husband circa 1889
Grace W Manly  Pat Wife circa 1890
Chester Manly  Pat Son circa 1906
Randall Manly  Pat Son circa 1908
Ruth Manly Pat Daughter circa 1910
Newton Manly  Mary S Husband circa 1885
Mary S Manly  Newton Wife circa 1872
George Snowball  Newton Step Son circa 1899
Mary L Marsey  William Widow circa 1870
William Marsey  Mary L Husband circa 1868
Dora Hopinkah  Niece circa 1904
Minnie Hopinkah  Niece circa 1901
Betsy Johnson  Niece circa 1896
Annie Marsey  Kate Single circa 1889
Kate Marsey  Annie Wife circa 1887
Henry Mike  Lucy Husband circa 1866
Lucy Mike  Henry Wife circa 1865
Clara Mike  Henry Step Daughter circa 1899
William Mike  Henry Son circa 1905
Howard Mike  Henry Son circa 1906
Agnes Mike  Henry Daughter circa 1896
John Mike Jr. Kate Husband circa 1863
Kate Mike  John Wife circa 1862
Ada Mike  John Daughter circa 1894
Dewey Mike  John Son circa 1899
George Mike  John Son circa 1901
Peter Mike  John Son circa 1903
Allen Mike  John Son circa 1904
Thomas Mike  John Son circa 1906
Lizzie Mike  Single circa 1891
Paul J Mike  Husband circa 1884
Belle Mike  Single circa 1888
Fred Miner  Carrie Husband circa 1864
Carrie Miner  Fred Wife circa 1864
Flora Miner  Fred Daughter circa 1892
George Miner  Fred Son circa 1894
William Miner  Fred Son circa 1896
Melvin Miner  Fred Son circa 1900
Minnie Miner  Fred Wife circa 1861
Mary Miner  Fred Daughter circa 1892
Grace Miner  Fred Daughter circa 1895
Winfield Miner  Fred Son circa 1897
Victor Miner  Fred Son circa 1903
Scott Mokey  Gertie Husband circa 1873
Gertie Mokey  Scott Wife circa 1867
Florence Mokey  Scott, Daughter circa 1900
Helen Blowsnake  Adopted Daughter circa 1905
Thomas Monegar  Single circa 1891
Susan Money  Widow circa 1820
Abner Nash  Lucy Husband circa 1830
Lucy Nash  Abner Wife circa 1846
Annie Nash  Charles Single circa 1887
Charles Opinkah  Annie Husband circa 1889
George Otter  Widower circa 1843
George Otter Junior  Ida Husband circa 1879
Ida Otter  George Wife circa 1885
Sarah Otter  George, Daughter circa 1908
Lena Pettibone  Single circa 1888
Grover Pettibone  Single circa 1890
Asher Pettibone  Single circa 1889
Mary Pettibone  Widow circa 1840
Jake Pettibone  Mary Husband circa 1865
Mary Pettibone  Jake Wife circa 1858
Ellen Pettibone  Jake Daughter circa 1892
Joseph Pettibone  Jake Son circa 1894
Sam Pettibone  Jake Son circa 1896
Lulu Rockman  Jake Granddaughter circa 1900
Arne Thundercloud  Adopted Son circa 1901
Mary Y Pidgeon  Widow circa 1843
Fred Yellowthunder  Mary Y Son circa 1892
John Pidgeon  Annie W Husband circa 1875
Annie W Pidgeon  John Wife circa 1877
Marie Pidgeon  John Daughter circa 1903
Ella Pidgeon  John Daughter circa 1905
James Pidgeon  John Son circa 1908
Tom Pine  Widower circa 1844
Bettie Playhouse  Thomas Widow circa 1840
Thomas Prescott  Bettie Husband circa 1874
Margaret B Prescott  circa 1870
Amos Prescott  circa 1905
Suise Hopinkah  Amos Daughter circa 1897
Theresa J Prescott Widow circa 1826
Mrs. Pretty Hair  Widow circa 1822
Jerry Prettyman  Single circa 1880
Jacob Prettyman  Minnie J Single circa 1890
Minnie J Priest  Jacob Wife circa 1874
Ada Priest  Jacob Daughter circa 1904
Lucy Priest  Jacob Daughter circa 1907
Puss Rainwalker  Annie D Single circa 1889
Annie D Rave  Puss Wife circa 1883
Asher Rave  Puss Son circa 1901
Neala Rave  Puss Daughter circa 1904
James Rave Puss Son circa 1906
Samuel Rave Puss Son circa 1908
Annie S Rave  Puss Wife circa 1883
Helen Rave Puss Daughter circa 1904
Theodore Rave  Puss Son circa 1906
Jennie Rave  Puss Daughter circa 1909
Frank Redbird  Husband circa 1881
Peter Redbird Frank Son circa 1906
Louisa Redbird  Wife circa 1879
Alice Redbird  Frank Daughter circa 1905
Sarah Redbird  Single circa 1889
Spot Redbird  Brother circa 1895
Stella Redbird  Sister circa 1899
John Redcloud  Francis Husband circa 1855
Francis Redcloud  John Wife circa 1875
Frank Redcloud  John Son circa 1894
Mike Redcloud  John Son circa 1896
Mrs. Archangle Reed Widow circa 1833
Charley Redeagle  Sadie Husband circa 1872
Sadie Redeagle  Charley Wife circa 1876
Winnie Redeagle  Charley Daughter circa 1903
Maud Redeagle  Charley Daughter circa 1906
Jennie Redeagle  Charley Daughter circa 1908
George Redeagle  Single circa 1874
Sue Redhorn  Widow circa 1834
Mary Redhorn  Widow circa 1860
George Redhorn  Mary Son circa 1899
Sam Redhorn  Single circa 1889
Peter Rockman  Single circa 1873
Ora L Rockman  Emily L Single circa 1873
Emily L Rousseau Ora L Wife circa 1882
Little Sam  Margaret Husband circa 1869
Margaret Sam  Little Wife circa 1867
Lee Sam  Little Son circa 1893
Bessie Sine  Adopted Daughter circa 1895
Alice L Saunders  Wife circa 1878
Lottie Humphrey  Alice L Daughter circa 1904
Ella Humphrey  Alice L Daughter circa 1905
James Lincoln Jr Alice L Son circa 1910
George Seymour  Ella B Husband circa 1884
Ella B Seymour  George Wife circa 1886
Mrs. See NE He Mon E Win Kah Sherman  Widow circa 1832
John Sherman  Carrie Husband circa 1857
Carrie Sherman  John Wife circa 1866
Minnie Sherman  Single circa 1888
Bill Shorthorn  Mary B Husband circa 1857
Mary B Shorthorn  Bill Wife circa 1863
James Sine  Ellen Husband circa 1851
Ellen Sine  James Wife circa 1856
James Sine Jr  James Son circa 1894
Henry Sine  Husband circa 1890
Annie Sine  Henry Daughter circa 1909
Charlie Sine Jr  Husband circa 1888
George Sine  Single circa 1878
Charles Sine Sr  Single circa 1872
Frank Sine  Widower circa 1861
Lucy Sine  Frank Daughter circa 1899
Leonora Smalley  Wife circa 1886
Clara N Smalley  Leonora Daughter circa 1901
Robert V Smalley Leonora Son circa 1904
Agnes N Smalley Leonora Daughter circa 1906
Lucy M Smalley Leonora Daughter circa 1909
Frank Smith  Jane S Husband circa 1866
Jane S Smith  Frank Wife circa 1858
Fred Sam Smith  Frank Son circa 1899
James Sam Smith  Frank Son circa 1900
Annie Smith  Single circa 1889
Edward Smith  Widower circa 1867
Emma Smith  Widow circa 1872
Joe Smith  Emma Son circa 1896
Esther Smith  Emma Daughter circa 1899
Mary Smith  Emma Daughter circa 1901
John Smith  Widower circa 1871
Thomas Smith  John Son circa 1898
Jim Smith  Mary Husband circa 1869
Mary Smith  Jim Wife circa 1858
Annie Smith  Jim Wife circa 1873
Robinson Smith  Jim Son circa 1901
Mary Smith  Jim Daughter circa 1903
Henry Smith  Jane Husband circa 1850
Jane Smith  Henry Wife circa 1849
Jessie Smith  Henry Wife circa 1889
Frank R Smith  Widower circa 1873
Paul Spear Smith  Frank R Son circa 1897
Big Smoke  Widower circa 1835
Charley E Smoke  Lou Husband circa 1863
Lou Smoke  Charley E Wife circa 1867
James Smoke  Charley E Son circa 1898
Lela Smoke  Charley E Daughter circa 1904
Henry Smoke  Charley E Son circa 1907
Anna Smoke  Single circa 1886
John Smoke  Mary D Husband circa 1875
Mary D Smoke  John Wife circa 1875
Hilda Smoke  John Daughter circa 1903
Dewey Smoke  John Son circa 1905
Fred Snake  Widower circa 1836
Henry Snake  Annie Y Husband circa 1881
Annie Y Snake  Henry Wife circa 1882
Mary Snowball  Wife circa 1855
Bright F Snowball  Jane Husband circa 1832
Jane Snowball  Bright F Wife circa 1855
Frank Snowball  Husband circa 1859
George D Snowball  Single circa 1880
Clay D Snowball  Husband circa 1886
John Soldier  Jane T Husband circa 1848
Jane T Soldier  John Wife circa 1851
Moses Soldier  John Son circa 1892
Sue Southwind  Widow circa 1831
John Spear  Widower circa 1845
John Stacy  Martha Husband circa 1867
Martha Stacy  John Wife circa 1870
Joseph Stacy  John Son circa 1893
John Stacy  John Son circa 1899
Alvin Stacy  John Son circa 1904
Helen Stacy John Daughter circa 1907
Emma Stacy John Daughter circa 1909
Henry Stacy  Single circa 1886
Jesse Stacy  Henry Son circa 1895
Maud Lookingglass  Henry Daughter circa 1899
Charles Stacy  Fannie Husband circa 1843
Fannie Stacy  Charles Wife circa 1843
Badsoldier Stacy  Stella B Husband circa 1882
Stella B Stacy  Badsoldier Wife circa 1883
Phillip Stacy Badsoldier Son circa 1907
Theodore Stacy Badsoldier Son circa 1909
Ora L Stacy  Badsoldier Wife circa 1885
Hilda Stacy  Badsoldier Daughter circa 1905
Jim Standingwater  Ellen D Husband circa 1858
Ellen D Standingwater  Jim Wife circa 1875
Mike Standingwater  Jim Son circa 1897
George Standingwater  Mary Husband circa 1868
Mary Standingwater  George Wife circa 1857
May Snowball Adopted Daughter circa 1903
Frank Standingwater  Single circa 1877
Otto Standstraight  Martha Husband circa 1854
Martha Standstraight  Otto Wife circa 1861
Alice Standstraight  Otto Wife circa 1883
Leonard H Standstraight  Otto Son circa 1903
Lydia Blowsnake  Otto Daughter circa 1906
Will Stohegah  Rosie M Husband circa 1873
Rosie M Stohegah  Will Wife circa 1869
Lizzie Stohegah  Will Daughter circa 1899
Lucy Stohegah  Will Daughter circa 1905
Elmer Stohegah Will Son circa 1909
John Stohegah  Mary Husband circa 1840
Mary Stohegah  John Wife circa 1853
George Stohegah  John Son circa 1892
Lucy Stohegah  Single circa 1881
George Storm  Jesse Husband circa 1873
Jesse Storm  George Wife circa 1885
Mary Storm  George Daughter circa 1905
Frank Storm  George Son circa 1907
Jack Swallow  Widower circa 1835
John Swallow  Cutie D Husband circa 1874
Cutie D Swallow  John Wife circa 1872
Annie Y Swallow  Widow circa 1876
Nancy Swallow  Widow circa 1840
James Swallow  Mary Husband circa 1848
Mary Swallow  James Wife circa 1854
Henry Swallow  Orphan circa 1901
Young Swan  Mary Husband circa 1854
Mary Swan  Young Wife circa 1855
George Swan  Young Son circa 1892
James Swan  Young Son circa 1894
Dora Swan  Single circa 1886
Mrs. King Swan  Widow circa 1849
Fred K Swan  Alice T Husband circa 1885
Alice T Swan  Fred K Wife circa 1886
Violet Swan  Fred K Daughter circa 1905
Thomas Swan  Fred K Son circa 1907
Susie Swan  Widow circa 1875
Mary Swan  Susie Daughter circa 1905
Maud Swan  Susie Daughter circa 1909
NE Re He Kah
WA Nek Che Win Kah
Frank J Swan  Mary Husband circa 1863
Mary Swan  Frank J Wife circa 1873
John Thompson  Nora R Husband circa 1882
Nora R Thompson  John Wife circa 1892
Harry Thompson  Grace G Husband circa 1886
Grace G Thompson  Harry Wife circa 1890
Ole Thompson  Harry Son circa 1907
Jesse Thompson  Single circa 1889
Bessy Thunder  Widow circa 1827
Lucy Thunder  Widow circa 1848
Thomas Thunder  Addie L Husband circa 1868
Addie L Thunder  Thomas Wife circa 1875
Gustave Thunder  Thomas Son circa 1902
Mary Thunder  Thomas Daughter circa 1908
Amelia Lewis  Thomas Daughter circa 1897
Bryan Lewis  Thomas Son circa 1900
Pinkah Lewis  Thomas Daughter circa 1903
Ben Lewis  Thomas Son circa 1905
Frank Thunder  Kate W Single circa 1875
Kate W Thunder  Frank Wife circa 1880
Joseph Thunder  Josie G Husband circa 1879
Josie G Thunder  Joseph Wife circa 1889
Will Thunder  Single circa 1881
Johnie Thunder  Husband circa 1884
Levi Thunder Johnie Son circa 1909
William Thunder  Mollie Husband circa 1862
Mollie Thunder  William Wife circa 1862
Olena Thunder  William Daughter circa 1903
Tom B Thunder  Adopted Son circa 1898
Kate Thunder  Single circa 1890
Henry Thunder  Maggie Husband circa 1867
Maggie Thunder  Henry Wife circa 1871
Frank Thunder  Henry Son circa 1896
Nina Thunder  Henry Daughter circa 1908
May Thundercloud  Henry Daughter circa 1896
Jane Thunder  Widow circa 1872
Peter Thunder  Single circa 1889
Albert Thunder  Ella Husband circa 1881
Ella Thunder  Albert Wife circa 1881
Lloyd Thunder  Albert Son circa 1906
Marie Thunder Albert Daughter circa 1907
Mrs. WA Munk Ska Win Kah Thunderchief  Widow circa 1853
Harry Thunderchief  Son circa 1892
Sam Thunderchief  Single circa 1887
Tom Thunderchief  Mary S Husband circa 1876
Mary S Thunderchief  Tom Wife circa 1859
Duke S Thunderchief  Tom Son circa 1895
MA Zhee Wee Kah Thundercloud  Annie Husband circa 1850
Annie Thundercloud  Wife circa 1866
Flora Thundercloud  Annie Daughter circa 1894
Ray Thundercloud  Annie Son circa 1897
Henry Thundercloud  Annie Son circa 1899
Daniel Thundercloud  Single circa 1891
Dot Thundercloud  Single circa 1890
Dora Thundercloud  Single circa 1888
Adam Thundercloud  Sarah B Husband circa 1886
Sarah B Thundercloud  Adam Wife circa 1889
Harry B Thundercloud  Adam Son circa 1904
Rosa Thundercloud  Adam Daughter circa 1907
Green Thundercloud  Susie Single circa 1890
Susie Thundercloud  Green Wife circa 1875
Sam Thundercloud  Green Son circa 1896
Henry Thundercloud  Green Son circa 1899
Emma Henry Green Daughter circa 1903
John Henry Green Son circa 1905
Maggie Henry Green Daughter circa 1907
Joe Thunderking  Annie Husband circa 1862
Annie Thunderking  Joe Wife circa 1858
Mary Trout  Widow circa 1853
Billy Trout  Mary Son circa 1893
Mandy Trout  Single circa 1885
Bow Trout  Emma T Husband circa 1877
Emma T Trout  Bow Wife circa 1886
Robert Trout  Bow Son circa 1903
Ada Trout  Bow Daughter circa 1905
James Two Crow  Sue Husband circa 1846
Sue Two Crow  James Wife circa 1857
Louise H Two Crow    Granddaughter circa 1897
Maud Two Crow  Single circa 1889
Frank Two Crow  Single circa 1887
Tip Two Crow  Single circa 1891
John Two Crow  Widower circa 1857
Nancy Walker  Widow circa 1855
Frances Walker  Nancy Daughter circa 1895
Tom Walker  Frances Husband circa 1879
Frances Walker  Tom Wife circa 1876
Ralph Walker  Tom Son circa 1904
Howard Walker  Tom Son circa 1906
Jim Walker  Husband circa 1859
Mrs. Mon No Nump Pin E Win Kah Walker  Jim Wife circa 1862
George Walkingsmoke  Minnie W Husband circa 1854
Minnie W Walkingsmoke  George Wife circa 1859
William Walkingsmoke  George Son circa 1896
Flora Whitewing  George Daughter circa 1898
Axel Whitewing  George Son circa 1899
Belle Y Wallace  Widow circa 1884
Tom Johnson  Belle Y Son circa 1902
Sam Wallace  Single circa 1882
Fannie Wallace  Orphan circa 1895
War Club  Sarah Husband circa 1850
Sarah War Club  War Club Wife circa 1854
John Long Marsh  War Club Son circa 1893
Susie Long Marsh  War Club Daughter circa 1897
Sue Waters  Widow circa 1838
Charlie Waukon  Lou Husband circa 1863
Lou Waukon  Charlie Wife circa 1864
Gladis Waukon  Charlie Daughter circa 1903
Stephen Waukon  Single circa 1891
John Waukon  Husband circa 1872
William Waukon  Ruth W Husband circa 1876
Ruth W Waukon  William Wife circa 1882
Annie Waukon  William Daughter circa 1901
Mrs. Whirling Cloud  Widow circa 1828
Alice Twocrow  Whirling Cloud Gr Granddaughter circa 1901
Jane White  Widow circa 1820
Mrs. John White  Widow circa 1839
Mrs. Dr. Che No Kee Cha Win Kah White    Widow circa 1825
Dora White  Granddaughter circa 1892
Long B White  Lizzie Widower circa 1857
Chauncey White  Long B Son circa 1892
James White  Long B Son circa 1896
Frank White  Long B Son circa 1898
Roy White  Long B Son circa 1900
Lizzie White  Long B Wife circa 1860
Susie White  Long B Daughter circa 1893
Owen White  Long B Son circa 1895
Mary White  Long B Daughter circa 1897
Edith White  Long B Daughter circa 1902
Ida White  Single circa 1891
Mr. WA Ho Pin Nee Kah White  Anna Husband circa 1853
Anna White  Wife circa 1859
Ray White  Anna Son circa 1893
Puss White  Anna Daughter circa 1895
Knute White  Anna Son circa 1902
Frank White  Single circa 1882
Jim White  Kate Husband circa 1864
Kate White  Jim Wife circa 1868
Ella White  Jim Daughter circa 1893
Daisy White  Jim Daughter circa 1895
Viola White  Jim Daughter circa 1898
Mark White  Jim Son circa 1900
Lucy White  Jim Daughter circa 1903
Henry White  Jim Son circa 1907
Ulysses White  Mary Cloud Husband circa 1878
Mary Cloud White  Ulysses Wife circa 1876
Esther White  Ulysses Daughter circa 1905
Dora p Decorah  Ulysses Daughter circa 1905
Eunice White  Ulysses Daughter circa 1909
Kate B White  Ulysses Wife circa 1855
John A White  Single circa 1891
Lee White  John Single circa 1888
Rachel Whitedeer  Wife circa 1883
Austin Whitedeer  Lee Son circa 1904
Emma Whitedeer  Lee Daughter circa 1906
John Whitedeer Lee Son circa 1910
Johanna Whitedeer Lee Daughter circa 1910
John Whitedog  Husband circa 1884
Fannie C Whitedog  Lee Wife circa 1880
Bernice Whitedog  Lee Daughter circa 1903
Edward Whitedog  Lee Son circa 1906
Julius Whitedog  Single circa 1889
Charles White Eagle  Susie Husband circa 1858
Susie White Eagle  Charles Wife circa 1857
Alex White Eagle  Charles Son circa 1893
Winslow White Eagle  Charles Son circa 1897
Paul White Eagle  Charles Son circa 1900
Fred White Eagle  Single circa 1891
Bill White Eagle  Single circa 1889
Sanborn White Eagle  Single circa 1887
Mike White Eagle  Single circa 1885
George White Eagle  Minnie H Single circa 1881
Minnie H Whiteeagle  George Wife circa 1886
Fred Whiteeagle  George Son circa 1903
Jesse Whiteeagle  George Son circa 1906
Mary Whiteeagle  Widow circa 1858
Bessie Whiteeagle  Mary Daughter circa 1893
Walter Whiteeagle  Annie Single circa 1886
Annie Whiteeagle  Walter Wife circa 1878
Floyd Whiteeagle  Walter Son circa 1896
Ada Whitefish  Wife circa 1888
Lowell Whitefish  Ada Son circa 1907
Mary Whitefish  Orphan circa 1893
Eliza Whitehawk  Widow circa 1875
Reed Whitehawk  Eliza Son circa 1897
David Whitehawk  Eliza Son circa 1904
Jefferson Whitehawk  Eliza Son circa 1910
Walter Whitehawk  Eliza Son circa 1909
Mary Whitehawk  Single circa 1891
Jim Whitepine  Pet Husband circa 1854
Pet Whitepine  Jim Wife circa 1856
James Whitepine  Single circa 1882
Longtail Whiterabbit  Kate Husband circa 1845
Kate Whiterabbit  Longtail Wife circa 1851
Billy Whiterabbit  Mary Husband circa 1881
Mary Whiterabbit  Billy Wife circa 1887
Gilbert Whiterabbit  Billy Son circa 1908
Jake Whiterabbit  Alice Husband circa 1864
Alice Whiterabbit  Jake Wife circa 1863
Rosa Whiterabbit  Jake Daughter circa 1900
Lute Whiterabbit  Single circa 1888
George Whitesnake  Single circa 1889
Martha Whitespirit  Ida Single circa 1886
Ida Whitespirit  Martha Wife circa 1890
Dorcas Logan Martha Daughter circa 1910
Dora Whitespot  Martha Wife circa 1857
WA Con Cha Ska Kah Whitethunder  Widower circa 1848
Henry Whitethunder  Fannie W Husband circa 1870
Fannie W Whitethunder  Henry Wife circa 1879
Belle Whitethunder  Widow circa 1864
Howard Whitethunder  Belle Son circa 1896
Hauk Cha Na Gin Kah Whitewing    Husband circa 1857
Elijah Whitewing  Hannah W Husband circa 1890
Hannah W Whitewing  Elijah Wife circa 1890
Levina M Whitewing  Elijah Daughter circa 1909
George Whitewing Jr    Single circa 1880
Tom Whitewater  May Husband circa 1861
May Whitewater  Tom Wife circa 1891
Fred Whitewater  Tom Son circa 1905
Mary Whitewater  Tom Daughter circa 1906
Frank Whitewater  Husband circa 1870
Little William  Susie Husband circa 1859
Susie William  Little Wife circa 1858
Nellie Williams  Orphan circa 1892
Frances Williams  Sister circa 1894
Edward Williams  Brother circa 1897
Charles Wilson  Ellen Husband circa 1860
Ellen Wilson  Charles Wife circa 1864
Rebecca Wilson  Charles Daughter circa 1892
Cynthia Wilson  Charles Daughter circa 1896
Laura Wilson  Charles Daughter circa 1898
Lena Wilson  Charles Daughter circa 1903
Fannie Wilson  Charles Daughter circa 1904
Olive Thunder Wilson    Adopted Daughter circa 1897
William Wilson  Single circa 1890
Edward Wilson  Single circa 1888
Lucy Wilson  Louisa Grignon Single circa 1887
Louisa Grignon Wilson Lucy Wife circa 1865
Sam Windblow  Annie Husband circa 1849
Annie Windblow  Sam Wife circa 1857
Mollie Windblow  Sam Daughter circa 1893
Fannie Windblow  Sam Daughter circa 1896
Walter Windblow  Libbie W Husband circa 1884
Libbie W Windblow  Walter Wife circa 1890
Howard Windblow  Walter Son circa 1907
Jesse Windblow  circa 1909
John Winneshiek  Lucy H Husband circa 1840
Lucy H Winneshiek  John Wife circa 1853
Bill Winneshiek  John Son circa 1893
Lilly Winneshiek  John Daughter circa 1895
Frank Winneshiek  Ida Husband circa 1879
Ida Winneshiek  Frank Wife circa 1890
Chris Winneshiek  Frank Son circa 1903
Sadie Winneshiek  Frank Daughter circa 1905
Frank G Winneshiek  Frank Son circa 1907
Maude Winneshiek Frank Daughter circa 1910
Edward Winneshiek  Grace D Husband circa 1875
Grace D Winneshiek  Edward Wife circa 1877
Little Winneshiek  Liddy Husband circa 1850
Liddy Winneshiek  Little Wife circa 1862
Henry Winneshiek  Single circa 1877
Rachel Winneshiek  Widow circa 1855
Clay Winneshiek  Rachel Son circa 1892
Ellen Winneshiek  Rachel Daughter circa 1896
Fannie Winneshiek  Rachel Daughter circa 1899
Reuben Waukon  Grandson circa 1902
Alliston Winneshiek  Single circa 1890
Luther Winneshiek  Dora Husband circa 1883
Dora Winneshiek  Luther Wife circa 1889
Norman Winneshiek Luther Son circa 1910
Will Winneshiek  Ruth Husband circa 1876
Ruth Winneshiek  Will Wife circa 1881
John Winneshiek  Will Son circa 1906
Charley Winneshiek  Esther Husband circa 1870
Esther Winneshiek  Charley Wife circa 1870
Lucy L Winneshiek  Charley Wife circa 1868
Grace Winneshiek  Orphan circa 1898
David Wolf  Nellie Single circa 1886
Nellie Wolf  David Wife circa 1887
Lewis Yellowthunder  Nancy Husband circa 1845
Nancy Yellowthunder  Lewis Wife circa 1850
Frank Yellowthunder  Single circa 1879
William Yellowthunder  Single circa 1870
Joseph Yellowthunder    Single circa 1888
Yau Con Cha Nee Ge Nee Kah Youngthunder  Mary Husband circa 1848
Mary Youngthunder  Wife circa 1856
Pet Jennie Youngthunder    Single circa 1890
Charlie Youngthunder  Single circa 1888
William Youngthunder  Mary Widower circa 1870
Mary Youngthunder  William Wife circa 1870
Honey Youngthunder  William Daughter circa 1893
Edward Youngthunder  William Son circa 1897
Lucy Decorah  William Daughter circa 1902
Rosalie Beaver  William Daughter circa 1904
Lester Youngthunder  Single circa 1891
Katie Youngthunder  Single circa 1891