A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 



Angelica Township - Part II
Enumerated on April 1930  by Richard H. Wunsch, Enumerator

Note: You just have to love this enumerator!  Instead of GERMANY, he writes the actual area, i.e. Pommern, East Prussia, West Prussia, Stettin, Brandenberg, etc.  Mr. Wunsch and his family lived in this township and from the details and the handwriting on the original record, it seems like he took extra care to get this township done right!  Thanks, Mr. Wunsch!


Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
William Hanstedt circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Ella Hanstedt circa 1893 Wisconsin   Wife
Lavern Hanstedt circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Verna Hanstedt circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Milo Hanstedt circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Tank circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Ella Tank circa 1896 Wisconsin   Sister
Albert Tank circa 1883 Wisconsin   Brother
Ernest Tank circa 1872 Wisconsin   Uncle
Albert Marquardt circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Martin Novicki circa 1865 Posen / Poznan Head
Micklina Novicki circa 1871 Posen / Poznan Wife
Alvin Novicki circa 1894 Wisconsin   Son
Loretta Novicki circa 1911 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bernadine Novicki circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Anton Banaszynski circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Amanda Banaszynski circa 1902 Illinois Wife
Marian Banaszynski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alice Banaszynski circa 1930  Wisconsin   Daughter
Vincent Kryger circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Hattie Kryger circa 1892 Wisconsin   Wife
Clarence Kryger circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Kuspowski circa 1907 Wisconsin Servant
John Banaszynski circa 1867 Poland Head
Mary Banaszynski circa 1877 Poland  Wife
Roman Banaszynski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Clara Banaszynski circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Erwin Banaszynski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Dorothy Banaszynski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leo Spakowiecz circa 1873 Lithuania Head
Catherine Spakowiecz circa 1886 Poland  Wife
Dominic Spakowiecz circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Theresa Wege circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
Evelyn Steinke circa 1908 Wisconsin Boarder
Casimer Malinski circa 1888 Pennsylvania Head
Rose Malinski circa 1889 Wisconsin   Wife
Erwin Malinski circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Norbert Malinski circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Mary Robaidek circa 1877 Posen / Poznan Head
Juluis Robaidek circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Anton Robaidek circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Angeline Robaidek circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Irene Robaidek circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Robaidek circa 1901 Wisconsin   Head
Susanna Robaidek circa 1909 Wisconsin   Wife
Frank Kuspowski circa 1884 Illinois Head
Katherine Kuspowski circa 1888 Missouri  Wife
Mildred Kuspowski circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Aloys Kuspowski circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Stanley Sarama circa 1863 Poland Head
Maggie Sarama circa 1864 Poland  Wife
Frank Sarama circa 1906 Wisconsin    Son
Edmund Brefczynski circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Helen Brefczynski circa 1908 Wisconsin    Wife
Wilbur Stronach circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Frances Stronach circa 1892 Wisconsin    Wife
Isabelle Stronach circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
James Stronach circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Wilbur Jr. Stronach circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Felix Wleczyk circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Annie Wleczyk circa 1897 Wisconsin    Wife
Alvin Wleczyk circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Eleanor Wleczyk circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Chester Wleczyk circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Lillian Wleczyk circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Edmund Wleczyk circa 1924 Wisconsin    Son
Irene Wleczyk circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Thomas Nowaczyk circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Celia Nowaczyk circa 1889 Wisconsin    Wife
Chester Nowaczyk circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Agnes Nowaczyk circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
John F Johnson circa 1864 Norway Head
Jennie B Johnson circa 1864 Wisconsin   Wife
Lavern Johnson circa 1899 Wisconsin   Son
Edna C Johnson circa 1897 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Donald E Johnson circa 1922 Wisconsin   Grandson
Vivian D Johnson circa 1926 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Winifred B Johnson circa 1930 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Albert Bonnin circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Ida Bonnin circa 1877 Wisconsin   Wife
Edmere Bonnin circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Myrtle Bonnin circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
William Kuspowski circa 1873 Posen / Poznan Head
Hattie Kuspowski circa 1878 Posen / Poznan  Wife
Steve Kuspowski circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Agnes Kuspowski circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Kuspowski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Kuspowski circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Nettie Kuspowski circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mary Kuspowski circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frank Blasczyk circa 1878 Poland Head
Clara Blasczyk circa 1883 Indiana  Wife
Eddie Blasczyk circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Blasczyk circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Pauline Blasczyk circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Victoria Blasczyk circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Walter Jatczak circa 1883 Poland Head
Mary Jatczak circa 1882 Poland  Wife
Angeline Jatczak circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leo Jatczak circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Mary Jatczak circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Jatczak circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Albert Perzan? circa 1892 Poland Head
Adeline Perzan? circa 1915 Illinois  Daughter
Edward Perzan? circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Josephine Perzan? circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frank Perzan? circa 1918 Illinois  Son
Annie Perzan? circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Przybylinski circa 1883 Poland Head
Emily Przybylinski circa 1901 Illinois  Wife
Adam Przybylinski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Frances Przybylinski circa 1897 Illinois  Sister
Emil Berndt circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Matie Berndt circa 1902 Wisconsin   Wife
Carl Berndt circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Marie Berndt circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Jake Kuczek circa 1886 Illinois Head
Minnie Kuczek circa 1897 Illinois  Wife
Frances Kuczek circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Irene Kuczek circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Angeline Kuczek circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Kuczek circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Otto Krause circa 1866 Wisconsin Head
Annie Krause circa 1872 Wisconsin   Wife
Adolph Krause circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Krause circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Carl Kolbach circa 1922 Wisconsin Grandson
Rudolph Rudie circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Rudie circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Leonhard Rudie circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
James Magee circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Annie Magee circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Michael Matuczak circa 1889 New York Head
Katherine Matuczak circa 1913 North Dakota  Daughter
Genevieve Matuczak circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mark Anderson circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
August E Fank circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Henry Rentfleisch circa 1894 Poland Head
Lydia Rentfleisch circa 1902 Wisconsin   Wife
Theodore Wleczyk circa 1880 Wisconsin Lodger
Edgar H Erb circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Diana Erb circa 1876 Wisconsin   Wife
Lester Erb circa 1901 Wisconsin   Son
Roy Erb circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son
Warren Erb circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Eugene Erb circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Eddie Erb circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Carl Johnson circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Alvena Johnson circa 1880 Wisconsin   Wife
Charley Treptow circa 1874 Wisconsin Lodger
Paul Bernetzke circa 1876 Schleswig Head
Ida Bernetzke circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
Paul Bernetzke circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Hazel Bernetzke circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Rueben Bernetzke circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Albert Manke circa 1924 Wisconsin Nephew
William E Dotter circa 1908 Wisconsin Boarder
Johanna Radtke circa 1877 Germany Head
Ralph Radtke circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son
John Lepak circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Frances Lepak circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Edward Lepak circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Conrad Lepak circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Anton Lepak circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Mary Lepak circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Virginia Lepak circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florian Lepak circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Norbert Lepak circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Mitchell Lepak circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Barbara Nowak circa 1863 Poland Head
John Nowak circa 1896 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Nowak circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Vincent Przybylski circa 1861 Poland Head
Katherine Przybylski circa 1868 Poland  Wife
Paul Przybylski circa 1897 Wisconsin   Son
Michael Przybylski circa 1903 Wisconsin   Son
George Przybylski circa 1901 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Przybylski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Steve Socha circa 1887 Pennsylvania Head
Sophia Socha circa 1894 Illinois  Wife
Agnes Socha circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gertrude Socha circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Robert Socha circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Edmund Socha circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph P Socha circa 1857 Poland  Father
Stanley Kowalkowski circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Anna Kowalkowski circa 1907 Wisconsin   Wife
Helen Kowalkowski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
George Kowalkowski circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Eleanor Kowalkowski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Anton Marczelski circa 1856 Poland Head
Mary Marczelski circa 1863 Poland  Wife
Julius Marczelski circa 1888 Illinois  Son
Michael Czarniak circa 1891 Illinois Head
Mary Czarniak circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Rose Zawitaj circa 1912 Wisconsin Adopted
Agnes Zawitaj circa 1917 Wisconsin   Stepdaughter
Helen Czarniak circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frances Czarniak circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florence Czarniak circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Michael Czarniak circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Czarniak circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Przybylski circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Stella Przybylski circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Frank Przybylski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Lottie Przybylski circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph Przybylski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Nettie Przybylski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Wieland Przybylski circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Stanley Przybylski circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Bruno Przybylski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Lilla circa 1860 Poland Head
Stella Lilla circa 1882 Poland  Wife
Stanley Lilla circa 1904 Wisconsin   Son
Alec Lilla circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Walter Lilla circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Socha circa 1895 Pennsylvania Head
Stella Socha circa 1897 Poland  Wife
Erwin Socha circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Lucile Socha circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eugene Socha circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Raymond Socha circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Celia Socha circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Chester Socha circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Clara Socha circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Henry Socha circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Socha circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph J Socha circa 1885 Pennsylvania Head
Pelagia Socha circa 1887 New York  Wife
Peter Socha circa 1909 Illinois Son
Casimer Socha circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Josephine Socha circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Felix Socha circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Socha circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Sophia Socha circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harry Socha circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Socha circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Hattie Socha circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Arthur Dickson circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Violetta G Dickson circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Rosetta Dickson circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marian J Dickson circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Howard E Dickson circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
John Beyersdorf circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Rose Beyersdorf circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Robert Beyersdorf circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
May Beyersdorf circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fred Tank circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Thomas Murdzek circa 1864 Poland Head
Mary Murdzek circa 1864 Poland  Wife
Joseph Murdzek circa 1904 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Murdzek circa 1911 Wisconsin   Grandson
Emilia Kroening circa 1874 Germany Head
Albert Kroening circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Hilbert Kroening circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Oscar Kvaley circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Hilda Kvaley circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Harvey Kvaley circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Sylvan Kvaley circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Charles Kirchenwitz circa 1888 Pommern Head
Mildred Kirchenwitz circa 1908 Wisconsin   Wife
Roger Kirchenwitz circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Calvin Kirchenwitz circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Johanna Kirchenwitz circa 1857 Pommern  Mother
Paul Lehman circa 1894 Illinois Head
Marie Lehman circa 1894 Michigan  Wife
Walter Lehman circa 1912 Illinois   Adopted Son
Leonhard Lehman circa 1917 Illinois   Son
Florence Lehman circa 1923 Illinois   Daughter
Shirley Lehman circa 1927 Illinois   Daughter
Paul Lehman circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
William Splittgerber circa 1870 Germany Father-in-law
Louise Splittgerber circa 1873 Wisconsin Mother-in-law
Emil Bonnin circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Linda Bonnin circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Leonhard Bonnin circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Lavern Bonnin circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Hazel Bonnin circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Reinke circa 1867 Germany Head
Anna Reinke circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
John Reinke circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Louis Reinke circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Bertha Popp circa 1880 Wisconsin Lodger
Emil Kirchenwitz circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Grace Kirchenwitz circa 1902 Wisconsin   Wife
Sheldon Kirchenwitz circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Virginia Kirchenwitz circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eugene Kirchenwitz circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Herman Reinke circa 1861 Germany Uncle
Anton Polczinski circa 1857 Poland Head
Julia Polczinski circa 1863 Poland  Wife
Vincent Polczinski circa 1904 Wisconsin   Son
Eddie Polczinski circa 1907 Wisconsin   Son
Mary Polczinski circa 1907 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Adolph Polczinski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Grandson
Mary Polczinski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Peter Zablocki circa 1883 Poland Head
Victoria Zablocki circa 1892 Wisconsin   Wife
Eddie Zablocki circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Pauline Zablocki circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph Zablocki circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Angeline Zablocki circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Loretta Zablocki circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Irene Zablocki circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lawrence Zablocki circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Norbert Zablocki circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
John Johnson circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Myrtle Johnson circa 1902 Wisconsin   Wife
Robert Johnson circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Marjorie Johnson circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leo Schroeder circa 1879 Poland Head
Josephine Schroeder circa 1893 Michigan  Wife
Alvin Schroeder circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Anton Schroeder circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Harry Schroeder circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Florian Schroeder circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Schroeder circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Loraine Schroeder circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alice Schroeder circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Holewinski circa 1873 Poland Head
Mary Holewinski circa 1880 Poland  Wife
Walter Holewinski circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son
Frances Holewinski circa 1903 Wisconsin   Daughter
Josephine Holewinski circa 1909 Wisconsin   Daughter
Celia Holewinski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Thomas Konieczka circa 1850 Poland Head
Josephine Konieczka circa 1840 Poland  Wife
Louise Hafemann circa 1860 Westpreußen Head
Carl Hafemann circa 1897 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Hafemann circa 1907 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Dorothy Hafemann circa 1924 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Emil Bohm circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Ella Bohm circa 1889 Wisconsin   Wife
Walter Bohm circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Esther Bohm circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Herbert Bohm circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Harold Bohm circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Alice Bohm circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Helmuth Kroening circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Ella Kroening circa 1907 Wisconsin   Wife
Bernice Kroening circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Emma Dobratz circa 1902 Wisconsin Sister
William Dobratz circa 1909 Wisconsin   Nephew
Joseph Przybycz circa 1883 Poland Head
Josephine Przybycz circa 1889 Wisconsin   Wife
Paul Herms circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Albert Kallies circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Anna Kallies circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Stanley Grych circa 1886 Massachusetts Head
Bessie Grych circa 1891 Poland  Wife
Edward Grych circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Josephine Grych circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stella Grych circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Grych circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Albert Lees circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Paul Lees circa 1908 Wisconsin   Wife
Leonhard Lees circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Richard Lees circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Rodney O Dein circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Amelia Dein circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Rodney Dein circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Ardell Dein circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Grych circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Frances Grych circa 1895 Poland  Wife
Joseph Grych circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Grych circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Paluch circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Frances Paluch circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Dorothy Paluch circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florence Paluch circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Irene Paluch circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Clara Paluch circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Anna Murawski circa 1869 Thuringer Head
Joseph Murawski circa 1891 Illinois  Son
Walter M Parczak circa 1891 Poland Head
Pauline Parczak circa 1894 Illinois  Wife
Adelaide Parczak circa 1915 Washington Daughter
Arnold Parczak circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Casimer Jurgilames circa 1893 Pennsylvania Head
Stella Jurgilames circa 1904 Pennsylvania  Wife
Theodore Jurgilames circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Hilda Jurgilames circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alice Jurgilames circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Anton Kolczinski circa 1870 Poland Head
Lottie Kolczinski circa 1874 Poland Wife
Josephine Kolczinski circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Helen Kolczinski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Genevieve Kolczinski circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Anna Multykin circa 1849 Poland Mother-in-law
George Bajorek circa 1884 Poland Head
Anna Bajorek circa 1887 Poland  Wife
Frank Bajorek circa 1913 Wisconsin Son
Josephine Bajorek circa 1915 Illinois Daughter
Helen Bajorek circa 1917 Illinois  Daughter
August Bajorek circa 1920 Illinois  Son
Alvina Bajorek circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Bajorek circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Bruno Bajorek circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Phyllis Bajorek circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bernice Bajorek circa 1930 Wisconsin   Daughter
Felix Ziolkowski circa 1881 Poland Head
Sophia Ziolkowski circa 1882 Poland  Wife
Joseph Ziolkowski circa 1914 Michigan  Son
Frank Ziolkowski circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Falintine Wojciehowski circa 1862 Poland Head
Rose Wojciehowski circa 1867 Poland  Wife
Anton Mroczkowski circa 1873 Poland Head
Mary Mroczkowski circa 1884 Illinois  Wife
Frank Mroczkowski circa 1902 Illinois  Son
Stanley Mroczkowski circa 1904 Illinois  Son
Casmer Mroczkowski circa 1906 Wisconsin   Son
Leo Mroczkowski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Mary Mroczkowski circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Annie Mroczkowski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eva Kaminski circa 1857 Poland Mother-in-law
Michael Staszak circa 1892 Pennsylvania Head
Helen Staszak circa 1903 Wisconsin   Wife
Roman Staszak circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Marvin Staszak circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Stanley Pakoczy circa 1866 Poland Head
Felix Pawelczyk circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Anna Pawelczyk circa 1901 Wisconsin   Wife
Robert Pawelczyk circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Walter Staszak circa 1897 Pennsylvania Head
Anna Staszak circa 1902 Indiana Wife
Edward Staszak circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Staszak circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Regina Staszak circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Reta Staszak circa 1930 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Wrobel circa 1851 Poland Father-in-law
Anton Brzezinski circa 1897 Indiana Head
Helen Brzezinski circa 1900 Wisconsin Wife
Jerome Brzezinski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Donald Brzezinski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
John Wisniewski circa 1849 Poland Head
John Wisniewski circa 1900 Wisconsin   Son
Thomas Staszak circa 1854 Poland Head
Katherine Staszak circa 1864 Poland  Wife
Victoria Grych circa 1856 Poland Head
George Smolucha circa 1893 Illinois Son-in-law
Adeline Smolucha circa 1919 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Albert Trybek circa 1877 Poland Head
Anna Trybek circa 1882 Poland  Wife
John Trybek circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Trybek circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Lewandowski circa 1921 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Frank Pawelczyk circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Cecelia Pawelczyk circa 1905 Wisconsin   Wife
Alvin Pawelczyk circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Audrey Pawelczyk circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Blasczyk circa 1910 Wisconsin Lodger
Genevieve Blasczyk circa 1911 Wisconsin Lodger
John Haczynski circa 1884 Ohio Head
Isabella Haczynski circa 1884 Wisconsin   Wife
Harry Haczynski circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Leon Haczynski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Wencel C Brzezinski circa 1892 Indiana Head
Elizabeth Brzezinski circa 1901 Wisconsin   Wife
Gerald Brzezinski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Romola Brzezinski circa 1930 Wisconsin   Son
Geneva Milewski circa 1912 Wisconsin Lodger
Julius J Brzezinski circa 1887 Indiana Head
Genevieve Brzezinski circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Helen Brzezinski circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leonhard Brzezinski circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Raymond Brzezinski circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Edward Brzezinski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Alice Milewski circa 1914 Wisconsin Lodger
Anton Konczal circa 1853 Poland Lodger
Teofil Wisniewski circa 1897 Wisconsin Lodger
Agnes Brzezinski circa 1894 Illinois Head
Emily Brzezinski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Nettie Brzezinski circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Evelyn Brzezinski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Edwin Brzezinski circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Bernadine Brzezinski circa 1930  Wisconsin   Daughter
Augusta Labuda circa 1860 Poland Head
John Kurowski circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Helen Kurowski circa 1902 Illinois  Wife
Ralph Kurowski circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Edward Kurowski circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Dorothy Kurowski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Norma Kurowski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Florence Kurowski circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marcella Kurowski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanislaus Adamiak circa 1898 Poland Head
Joseph Babiacz circa 1895 Poland Brother
John Kozolowski circa 1890 Poland Head
Angeline Kozolowski circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Eleanor Kozolowski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Regina Kozolowski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Robert Kozolowski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Adolph Kozolowski circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
John Usiak circa 1860 Poland Head
Antonina Usiak circa 1862 Poland Wife
Andrew Dolata circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Clara Dolata circa 1901 Wisconsin   Wife
Mildred Dolata circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Clarence Dolata circa 1926 Illinois  Son
John Grych circa 1885 Nebraska Head
Frances Grych circa 1886 Poland  Wife
Clara Grych circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Roman Grych circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Grych circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Louis Grych circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Grych circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
August Wlazik circa 1862 Poland Head
Rosalie Wlazik circa 1877 Poland  Wife
Annette Wlazik circa 1909 Illinois  Daughter
Casmer Maciewski circa 1876 Poland Head
Mary Maciewski circa 1878 Poland  Wife
Celia Maciewski circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Veronica Shultz circa 1853 Poland Head
Rose Shultz circa 1897 Illinois  Daughter
Edmund Kosnik circa 1904 Illinois Head
Emily Kosnik circa 1910 Wisconsin   Wife
Edmund Kosnik circa 1929 Illinois  Son
Walter Lasota circa 1878 Poland Head
Mary Lasota circa 1884 Poland  Wife
Agnes Lasota circa 1914 Illinois  Daughter
Walter Turko circa 1894 Poland Head
Genevieve Turko circa 1897 Minnesota  Wife
Edward Rajkoski circa 1922 Minnesota Adopted Son
Theofil Sobanck circa 1884 Poland Head
Anna Sobanck circa 1887 Germany  Wife
August Sobanck circa 1911 Germany  Son
Louis Sobanck circa 1914 Illinois  Son
Andrew Kobylarcz circa 1886 Poland Head
Alexandria Kobylarcz circa 1891 Poland  Wife
Edward Kobylarcz circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
William Kroening circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Ella Kroening circa 1895 Wisconsin   Wife
Leonhard Kroening circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Eleanora Kroening circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florence Kroening circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Emil Kroening circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Harley Kroening circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Elda Kroening circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Dorothy Kroening circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Raymond Kroening circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Dave Dickson circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Louise Dickson circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Joyce Dickson circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ardella Dickson circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Warren Dickson circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Marilyn Dickson circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
William Hafemann circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Elsie Hafemann circa 1900 Iowa  Wife
Stanley Wengrzyn circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Bernice Matuszak circa 1914 North Dakota Lodger
Joseph Sobczyk circa 1868 Poland Head
Stella Sobczyk circa 1883 Poland  Wife
Eugene Nowak circa 1913 Wisconsin Adopted Son
John L Johnson circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Kate Johnson circa 1880 Wisconsin   Wife
Allan Johnson circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Marian Johnson circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Archie Johnson circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Clyde Johnson circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Janet Johnson circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Oliver Johnson circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Robt Leder circa 1880 Pommern Head
Ella Leder circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Herbert Leder circa 1906 Wisconsin   Son
Martha Leder circa 1909 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Maribel Leder circa 1926 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Lloyd Leder circa 1928 Wisconsin   Grandson
Dorla Leder circa 1929 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
August Leder circa 1853 Pommern  Father
Fred Johnson circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Esther Johnson circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Douglas Johnson circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Johnson circa 1860 Sweden  Mother
Frank Wacieliewski circa 1885 Pennsylvania Head
Alice Wacieliewski circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Joseph Wacieliewski circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Stanley Wacieliewski circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Sophia Wacieliewski circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mary Wacieliewski circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Andrew Wacieliewski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Louise Wacieliewski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harry Wacieliewski circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Norbert Wacieliewski circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
John Czarniak circa 1867 Poland Head
Anna Czarniak circa 1876 Poland  Wife
Joseph Czarniak circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son
Roman Czarniak circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
John Czarniak circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Eddie Czarniak circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Florence Makolandra circa 1926 Illinois Granddaughter
Frank Banaszynski circa 1863 Poland Head
Stella Banaszynski circa 1866 Poland  Wife
John A Banaszynski circa 1902 Wisconsin   Son
Sophia Banaszynski circa 1903 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Edwin Banaszynski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Grandson
Alvin Banaszynski circa 1930 Wisconsin   Grandson
Harry Banaszynski circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Dan Hodkiewicz circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Anna Hodkiewicz circa 1892 Wisconsin   Wife
Norbert Hodkiewicz circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Genevieve Hodkiewicz circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marcella Hodkiewicz circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Adeline Hodkiewicz circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Norman Hodkiewicz circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Leonhard Hodkiewicz circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Bernard Hodkiewicz circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Dan Hodkiewicz circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Zacharias circa 1856 Poland Head
Mary Zacharias circa 1858 Poland  Wife
Eddie Niec circa 1912 Wisconsin Lodger
Raymond Zaharias circa 1913 Wisconsin Lodger
George Kielar circa 1886 Poland Head
Agnes Kielar circa 1892 Poland  Wife
Mary Kielar circa 1913 Illinois  Daughter
Eleanor Kielar circa 1917 Illinois    Daughter
Stephanie Kielar circa 1918 Illinois    Daughter
John Kielar circa 1920 Illinois    Son
Pelagia Kielar circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph Kielar circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Kielar circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Dombrowski circa 1886 Illinois Head
Mary Dombrowski circa 1891 Poland  Wife
Bruno Dombrowski circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Max Dombrowski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Clara Dombrowski circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Julius Dombrowski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Stephen Dombrowski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Clarence Dombrowski circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
James Dombrowski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Edwin Dombrowski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Pionek circa 1886 Illinois Head
John Pionek circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Celia Pionek circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Louis Stanke circa 1905 Wisconsin Head
Helen Stanke circa 1910 Wisconsin   Wife
Paul Stanke circa 1861 Poland  Father
Michelina Stanke circa 1865 Poland Mother
Leo Brefczynski circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Helen Brefczynski circa 1912 Wisconsin   Wife
Adeline Brefczynski circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Louis Klopotic circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Frances Klopotic circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Martha Klopotic circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Richard Klopotic circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Ernest Kallies circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Martha Kallies circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Edwin Kallies circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Mildred Kallies circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Elta Kallies circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Velda Kallies circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Edward Kallies circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Kallies circa 1865 Wisconsin   Mother
William Specht circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Cora Specht circa 1888 Wisconsin   Wife
Grace Specht circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fritz Specht circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Merrill Specht circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
John Przybylski   Wisconsin Head
Helen Przybylski circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Virginia Przybylski circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Daniel Przybylski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Anton Kozolowski circa 1896 Pennsylvania Head
Frances Kozolowski circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Alvin Kozolowski circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Chester Kozolowski circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Norbert Kozolowski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Pytel circa 1866 Poland Head
Mary Pytel circa 1867 Poland  Wife
Joseph Pytel circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son
Katherine Pytel circa 1890 Illinois Daughter
John Skarzinski circa 1861 Poland Head
Mary Skarzinski circa 1878 Wisconsin   Wife
Julia Skarzinski circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florian Skarzinski circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Agnes Skarzinski circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Francis Skarzinski circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Charles Polaski circa 1864 Poland Head
Louisa Polaski circa 1890 Poland Wife
Lucy Polaski circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Roman Polaski circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Anita Polaski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Severin Polaski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Adele Polaski circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Niec circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Martha Niec circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Alvin Niec circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Alice Niec circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph Niec circa 1914 Wisconsin   Brother
George Parczak circa 1872 Poland Head
Frances Parczak circa 1873 Poland  Wife
John Krgjewski circa 1860 Poland Head
Anna Krgjewski circa 1859 Poland  Wife
Stephen Krgjewski circa 1903 Illinois Son
Genevieve Krgjewski circa 1913 Illinois Daughter-in-law
Eleanor Krgjewski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Walter Kowalkowski circa 1890 Pennsylvania Head
Mary Kowalkowski circa 1896 Poland  Wife
Henrietta Kowalkowski circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Sigmund Kowalkowski circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Kowalkowski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Delores Kowalkowski circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Stanley Matczak circa 1877 Poland Head
Hattie Matczak circa 1880 Poland  Wife
Milton Matczak circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Cecelia Matczak circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Helen Matczak circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Vanda Matczak circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Roman Matczak circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Martin Czech circa 1877 Poland Head
Victoria Czech circa 1890 Illinois  Wife
Albert Czech circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Edward Czech circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Celia Czech circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Sophia Czech circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alexander Czech circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Blaise Swiontek circa 1881 Poland Head
Cunigund Swiontek circa 1884 Poland  Wife
Andrew Swiontek circa 1906 Illinois  Son
Anna Swiontek circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Jerome Gonsior circa 1890 Poland Head
Vernie Gonsior circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Rose Gonsior circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frances Gonsior circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Nick Lepak circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Stella Lepak circa 1882 Wisconsin   Wife
Frank Lepak circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Alec Lepak circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Lepak circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Walter Rossow circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Elsie Rossow circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Violet Rossow circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ruth Rossow circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Hazel Rossow circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret Rossow circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Kenneth Rossow circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Ida Christian circa 1871 Germany Mother
Norman Dickson circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Genevieve Dickson circa 1908 Kentucky  Wife
Thelma M Dickson circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Pauline Templeman circa 1915 Ohio Sister-in-law
Charles L Horn circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Ella Horn circa 1892 Michigan  Wife
Melvin Horn circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Herbert Horn circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Frederick Horn circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Harold Horn circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Delores Horn circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Maurice Clayton circa 1905 Wisconsin Head
Melva Clayton circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Vernon Colson circa 1909 Wisconsin Nephew
Joseph Spak circa 1883 Poland Head
Joseph Kozolowski circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Sophia Kozolowski circa 1908 Wisconsin   Wife
Harry Kozolowski circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Paul Lees circa 1892 Illinois Head
Rose Lees circa 1886 Poland Wife
Michael Lepak circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Anna Lepak circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Stanley Gwidt circa 1887 Illinois Boarder
Joseph Klopotic circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Helen Klopotic circa 1905 Wisconsin   Wife
Max Klopotic circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Leonhard Klopotic circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Klopotic circa 1861 Poland  Mother
Frank Jaroch circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Pauline Jaroch circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Edward Jaroch circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Emil Jaroch circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Alvina Jaroch circa 1916 Wisconsin   Wife
Joseph Czarniak circa 1864 Poland Head
Bernice Czarniak circa 1892 Pennsylvania  Wife
Harry Czarniak circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Frances Czarniak circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Edmund Czarniak circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Henry Czarniak circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Elmer Czarniak circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Phyllis Czarniak circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Steve Grzeseckowiak circa 1865 Poland Head
Hattie Grzeseckowiak circa 1874 Poland  Wife
Anton Grzeseckowiak circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Grzeseckowiak circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
William Grzeseckowiak circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Frances Grzeseckowiak circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Grzeseckowiak circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Grzeseckowiak circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Michael Grzeseckowiak circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Walter Muck circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Esther Muck circa 1893 Wisconsin   Wife
Melvin Muck circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Floyd Muck circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Robert Muck circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Elva Muck circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Orville Muck circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Bernard Muck circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
James Durand  circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Lilija Durand circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Opal Durand circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Phyllis A Durand circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Loraine Durand circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marvel Durand circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
James Durand circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
James Dickson circa 1881 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Albert Armitage circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Mary Armitage circa 1863 Wisconsin   Wife
Ervin Armitage circa 1902 Wisconsin   Son
Ethel Armitage circa 1901 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Claude E Armitage circa 1926 Wisconsin   Grandson
James A Armitage circa 1927 Wisconsin   Grandson
Frances C Armitage circa 1928 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Frank Kolb circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Sarah Kolb circa 1902 Wisconsin   Wife
Virginia Kolb circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Richard Kolb circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Sylvia Kolb circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gerain Kolb circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frank Kolb circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son