A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 


Enumerated on April 2, 1930  by Ada M. Lipke, Enumerator

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Max Hoffman circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Louise Hoffman circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Arthur Hoffman circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Leona Hoffman circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Marie Hoffman circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Viola Hoffman circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fred C Gilder circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
June Gilder circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Agnes Engel circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Fern Engel circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Vera Piehl circa 1907 Wisconsin Daughter
Frederick Piehl circa 1904 Wisconsin  Son-in-law
Frederick C Piehl circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Ernest Grabbert circa 1878 Germany Head
Mary Grabbert circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Adam Rettig circa 1870 Germany Head
Heneritta Rettig circa 1871 Germany  Wife
William Rettig circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Hilda Rettig circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Rettig circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Gladys Rettig circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Bonnie Ann Rettig circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Andrew J Anderson circa 1874 Norway Head
Mary Anderson circa 1885 Wisconsin  Wife
Michael Hulehan circa 1846 Ireland Father-in-law
Frank Bett circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Helen Bett circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Marion M Bett circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Oscar Erickson circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Mildred Erickson circa 1894 Michigan  Wife
Evelyn Erickson circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Clarence Erickson circa 1915 Michigan  Son
John Keith Erickson circa 1916 Michigan  Son
Eugene Erickson circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Vivian Erickson circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Albert L Way circa 1875 English Canada Head
Elizabeth C Way circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Clarence Graves circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Mathilda Graves circa 1886 Russia  Wife
Norma Graves circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fred J Liscombe circa 1869 England Head
Anna Liscombe circa 1878 Denmark  Wife
Robert Liscombe circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Betty I Liscombe circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Peter Rutter circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Helen Rutter circa 1878 Wisconsin  Wife
Blaze Kohasky circa 1861 Wisconsin Head
Katie Kohasky circa 1864 Wisconsin  Wife
Dorothea Thert circa 1901 Wisconsin Boarder
Helen Becker circa 1892 Wisconsin Boarder
Ernest C Poock circa 1884 Iowa Head
Gertrude Poock circa 1887 Iowa  Wife
Harold Poock circa 1912 North Dakota Son
Elda Poock circa 1916 Iowa  Daughter
Leona Poock circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Alvin Poock circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Arthur J Bigford circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Sylvia Bigford circa 1890 Wisconsin  Wife
Bert Bigford circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Harry Waffle circa 1901 Wisconsin Roomer
William C Pickering circa 1861 Pennsylvania Head
Elizabeth Ann Pickering circa 1862 Wisconsin  Wife
Albert James circa 1877 Pennsylvania Head
Grace James circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Robert Babcock circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Cora Babcock circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
Claire Babcock circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
August Warning circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Martha Warning circa 1892 Germany  Wife
Arnold Warning circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Warning circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond Warning circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Gordon La Jest circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Beatrice La Jest circa 1887 England  Wife
James Baird circa 1926 Missouri Grandson
Arthur C Perry circa 1859 New York Head
Helen Perry circa 1861 Wisconsin  Wife
Ivan Byrnes circa 1907 Wisconsin Grandson
Rose Byrnes circa 1914 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
John Byrnes circa 1921 Wisconsin  Grandson
Perry Byrnes circa 1916 Wisconsin  Grandson
Jean Byrnes circa 1921 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
John Meyer circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Meyer circa 1881 Wisconsin  Wife
Marion E Palinski circa 1905 Wisconsin Boarder
James Hoffman circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Marie Hoffman circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Charlotte Hoffman circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Myrtle Hoffman circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
James D Hoffman circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Maxine Hoffman circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Doane Hoffman circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Herman W Stelter circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Julia Stelter circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
Roland Stelter circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Margaret Stelter circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Homer Stelter circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Doris Stelter circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charles Stats circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Sophia Stats circa 1883 Wisconsin  Wife
Charles Westphal circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Elda Westphal circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Roland Westphal circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Irvin Westphal circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Dorothy Westphal circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Aletha Westphal circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
William P Burke circa 1885 Ireland Head
Marie Burke circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
William Burke circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Burke circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Otto Schellin circa 1890 Germany Head
Minnie Schellin circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Betty Schellin circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Schellin circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Minnie Viertel circa 1868 Wisconsin Mother-in-law
William Frank circa 1887 Germany Head
Hannah Frank circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Lorraine Frank circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lois Frank circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ruth Frank circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
William F Frank circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Lucille Frank circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Shirley Frank circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
George Smith circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Ellen Smith circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Charles Smith circa 1928 Oregon Son
Harry Piehl circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Anna Piehl circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
Dorothy Piehl circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harry Piehl circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Evelyn Piehl circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Minnie Piehl circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Norman Piehl circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Paul Buss circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Esther Buss circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Raymond Buss circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Joann Buss circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Donna Marie Buss circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mike Peiffer circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Anna Peiffer circa 1878 Wisconsin  Wife
William Roth circa 1890 Connecticut Head
Clara Roth circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Emil Roth circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Mary Roth circa 1862 Germany  Mother
Rinhold Boettcher circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Edna Boettcher circa 1888 Wisconsin  Wife
Charles Vogel circa 1853 Maryland Father-in-law
John Hones circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Maryetta Hones circa 1882 Wisconsin  Wife
Sophia Wolfinger circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Felix Szutkowski circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Martha Szutkowski circa 1904 Wisconsin  Wife
Elroy Szutkowski circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Elmer Szutkowski circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Sylvia Szutkowski circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Susan Szutkowski circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Sylvester Szutkowski circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
June Szutkowski circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Werner W Wolfinger circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Laura Wolfinger circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Alice Wolfinger circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Dorothy Wolfinger circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Philip Szutkowski circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Leona Szutkowski circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Deloris Szutkowski circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jeronne Szutkowski circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Jeronne F Franklin circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Elise L Franklin circa 1887 Germany  Wife
Alta Belle Franklin circa 1915 Washington  Daughter
Jeronne F Franklin circa 1857 Wisconsin  Father
Orville Rutter circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Lena Rutter circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Gordon Rutter circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Louis Lorren circa 1892 Norway Head
Jessie Lorren circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Leslie Lorren circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Delores Lorren circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Robert Lorren circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Ollie Lorren circa 1900 Wisconsin  Brother
George Brunner circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Mary Brunner circa 1880 Czechoslovakia  Wife
George Brunner circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
Mabel Brunner circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Szutkowski circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Mary Szutkowski circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Leona Szutkowski circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ruth Szutkowski circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Cecelia Szutkowski circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Dorothy Szutkowski circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Orbin Hatton circa 1904 Kentucky Head
Mary Hatton circa 1911 Wisconsin  Wife
Jean Hatton circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Floyd Bricco circa 1902 Minnesota Head
Anna Bricco circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Marion Bricco circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gerald Bricco circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Delmer Bricco circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Charles Meyer circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Bernice Meyer circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Milton Meyer circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Lyle T Cannon circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Josephine Cannon circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Lyle T Cannon circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Arthur Strong circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Emma J Strong circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Evelyn Strong circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Melvin Strong circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Charles G Fuchs circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Lilian Fuchs circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Gretchen Fuchs circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Betty Jane Fuchs circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Robert Schugt circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Emma M Schugt circa 1882 Germany  Wife
Andrew B Schweger circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Alma Schweger circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Gretchen Schweger circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Earl Schweger circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
John J Leary circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Ethel V Leary circa 1885 Wisconsin  Wife
Vernetta Leary circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charles B Brown circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Alvina Brown circa 1883 Wisconsin  Wife
Alta L Brown circa 1908 Wisconsin  Daughter
Stanley W Brown circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Jay C Brown circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
John A Brown circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Lorraine G Brown circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Betty M Brown circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Glenn C Brown circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
May Belle Brown circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charles Warning circa 1856 Germany Head
Thelitha Warning circa 1847 Germany  Wife
George Stillman circa 1861 Wisconsin Head
Mary Stillman circa 1872 Wisconsin  Wife
Orie Stillman circa 1904 Wisconsin  Son
Lorraine Stillman circa 1922 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Julius Sternberg circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Norma Sternberg circa 1894 Wisconsin  Wife
Armand Sternberg circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Ledgend Sternberg circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Mildred Wendt circa 1912 Wisconsin Maid
Henry J Wolfinger circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Thelita Wolfinger circa 1894 Wisconsin  Wife
Earl Wolfinger circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Verna Wolfinger circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Henry J Wolfinger circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond Wolfinger circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Helen Fietz circa 1910 Wisconsin Maid
Anna Netzel circa 1885 Wisconsin Maid
Albert Jonas circa 1876 Wisconsin Boarder
Rueben Stillman circa 1901 Wisconsin Helper servant
Henry Reinke circa 1889 Wisconsin Helper servant
Clifford Schroeder circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
John Ostrowski circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Mattie Ostrowski circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Loyd Ostrowski circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Amelia Ostrowski circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frank Ostrowski circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Clara Ostrowski circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Benedict Ostrowski circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Lambert Ostrowski circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Helen Ostrowski circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Angeline Ostrowski circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mathew Fox circa 1870 Germany Head
Alma Fox circa 1880 Norway  Wife
Benedict J Bell circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Bernadette Bell circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Otto Meyer circa 1874 Germany Head
Helen Meyer circa 1878 Germany  Wife
John Meyer circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Fred Meyer circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Viola Meyer circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
James A Murphy circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Adice Murphy circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
Henry Schwelbach circa 1871 Wisconsin Head
Mary Schwelbach circa 1873 Wisconsin  Wife
Lawrence Schwelbach circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Rudolph Beck circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Clara Beck circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Virginia Riese circa 1918 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Marie Riese circa 1920 Wisconsin  Stepdaughter
Cecil Nelson circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Nelson circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Robert Nelson circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Charles Pribbernow circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Annie Pribbernow circa 1876 Germany Wife
Hervy Pribbernow circa 1904 Wisconsin  Son
William Meyer circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Anna Meyer circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Arthur Bohlmann circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Ruth Bohlmann circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Paul Bohlmann circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Rosalie Bohlmann circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Bohlmann circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Emil Schellin circa 1864 Germany Father-in-law
Edward Zuch circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Hilda Zuch circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Gertrude Zuch circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Roland Zuch circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Chester Krueger circa 1917 Wisconsin Boarder
Willard D Brown circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Louise Brown circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Willard D Brown circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
John Kusnifski circa 1898 Germany Head
Louise Kusnifski circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Anita Kusnifski circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Antone Kusnifiski circa 1870 Germany Head
Katherine Kusnifiski circa 1864 Germany  Wife
Gertrude Kusnifiski circa 1904 Germany  Daughter
William Lackerman circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Emma Lackerman circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Earl Lackerman circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Evelyn Lackerman circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Carolyn Lackerman circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Geraldine Lackerman circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
William J Lackerman circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Louis Joerns circa 1867 Wisconsin Head
Annie Joerns circa 1871 Wisconsin  Wife
Laura Way circa 1895 Wisconsin Boarder