A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 



Hutchins Township
Enumerated on April 24, 1930  by Ralph Pomeroy, Enumerator

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Arnold H Ebben circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Anne Ebben circa 1895 Wisconsin     Wife
Louis Ebben circa 1911 Wisconsin     Son
Ralph Ebben circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
June M Ebben circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Minnie H Ebben circa 1921 Wisconsin     Daughter
Arnold Ebben circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Frances Ebben circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
Emil J Artz circa 1898 Michigan Head
Vida J Artz circa 1897 Wisconsin     Wife
Dorothy T Artz circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Donald J Artz circa 1927 Wisconsin     Son
Leonard G Artz circa 1929 Wisconsin     Son
Luella J Carpenter circa 1913 Wisconsin Servant
Joseph Kamps circa 1914 Wisconsin Lodger; Hired Man
Caroline Kolpack circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
John F Kopp circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Lucy Kopp circa 1888 Wisconsin     Wife
Antone Milbauer circa 1886 Germany Head
Francis Milbauer circa 1872 Germany  Wife
Joseph F Milbauer circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Charles J Milbauer circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Frank Androsko circa 1860 Germany Head
Francis Androsko circa 1862 Germany  Wife
Edwin P Mackay circa 1860 Wisconsin Head
Alfred H Hecker circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Ledia Hecker circa 1889 Wisconsin     Wife
Merit Hecker circa 1913 Wisconsin     Son
Rusfell Hecker circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Deloris Hecker circa 1917 Wisconsin     Daughter
Fern Hecker circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Kennith Hecker circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Vernon Hecker circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Murial Hecker circa 1929 Wisconsin     Daughter
Sylvester Hegbers circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Delia Hegbers circa 1866 Holland  Mother
William H Falk circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Sylvia M Falk circa 1894 Wisconsin     Wife
Glen W Falk circa 1917 Wisconsin     Son
Violet S Falk circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Arthur Falk circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Joseph Artz circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Agnes C Artz circa 1904 Wisconsin     Wife
Jean M Artz circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
John H Aarstad circa 1871 Norway Head
Theresa Aarstad circa 1876 Germany  Wife
Thelma Aarstad circa 1926 Wisconsin     Granddaughter
William E Edmunds circa 1870 Michigan Head
Devillo E Robbins circa 1866 Wisconsin Head
Alice M Robbins circa 1868 Wisconsin     Wife
Edward Ball circa 1882 Wisconsin Lodger; Hired Man
Arvin H Weeks circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Elenore R Weeks circa 1889 Wisconsin     Wife
Charles A Weeks circa 1909 Wisconsin     Son
George F Weeks circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Margaret M Weeks circa 1914 Wisconsin     Daughter
Dorathy H Weeks circa 1916 Wisconsin     Daughter
Luella F Weeks circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Clarence W Weeks circa 1919 Wisconsin     Son
Raymond E Weeks circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Robert R Weeks circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Ruth D Weeks circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Elenore R Weeks circa 1925 Wisconsin     Daughter
Irene E Weeks circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
Arnie F Stone circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Alvina M Stone circa 1896 Wisconsin     Wife
Evan A Stone circa 1914 Wisconsin     Son
Marie A Stone circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Ethel A Stone circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Ray L Stone circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Harvey L Stone circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Dora Boettcher circa 1857 Germany Mother-in-law
Otto C Schmidt circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Bessie Schmidt circa 1893 Wisconsin     Wife
Ernest W Ruhbusch circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Alvina M Ruhbusch circa 1898 Wisconsin     Wife
Lois E Ruhbusch circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Philip L Ruhbusch circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Frederick E Alphart circa 1853 Germany Head
Johanna A Alphart circa 1862 Germany  Wife
Engelbert Walkner circa 1880 Austria Head
Emelia Walkner circa 1886 Austria  Wife
William Walkner circa 1908 Wisconsin     Son
Emil Walkner circa 1915 Wisconsin     Son
Helen D Walkner circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Frank J Beck circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Mary Beck circa 1892 Wisconsin     Wife
Joseph H Beck circa 1911 Wisconsin     Son
Leopold Schmatzer circa 1870 Germany Head
Paulina Schmatzer circa 1867 Czechoslovakia  Wife
John R Fischer circa 1905 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Paulina E Fischer circa 1909 Wisconsin     Daughter
Dennis T Fischer circa 1929 Wisconsin     Grandson
Frank Pfenning circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Lewis Peasley circa 1883 Germany Head
Edith Peasley circa 1890 Wisconsin     Wife
Joseph L Peasley circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Charles Lessnew? circa 1926 Wisconsin Foster Son
James Lessnew? circa 1926 Wisconsin     Foster Son
August E Schultz circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Adelia Schultz circa 1900 Wisconsin     Wife
Edna A Schultz circa 1922 Wisconsin     Daughter
Irene L Schultz circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Marie L Schultz circa 1925 Wisconsin     Daughter
Harry D Jersey circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Lillie M Jersey circa 1890 Florida  Wife
Myrtle F Jersey circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Lucile C Jersey circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Iris H Jersey circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Albert J Staege circa 1852 Germany Head
Emma K Staege circa 1851 Wisconsin     Wife
Henrietta Staege circa 1884 Wisconsin     Daughter
Mary Staege circa 1890 Wisconsin     Daughter
Edwin A Schroeder circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Ida M Schroeder circa 1896 Wisconsin     Wife
Elmer E Schroeder circa 1918 Wisconsin     Son
Roy R Schroeder circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Carl F Schroeder circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Augusta W Schroeder circa 1868 Wisconsin     Wife
Reinhold H Zander circa 1897 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Agnes A Zander circa 1907 Wisconsin     Daughter
David C Zander circa 1928 Wisconsin     Grandson
Gorden G Zander circa 1919 Wisconsin     Grandson
Charles M Shelly circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Orr V Shelly circa 1890 Wisconsin     Wife
Ellen J Shelly circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Howard M Shelly circa 1918 Wisconsin     Son
Alice D Shelly circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Jennet Shelly circa 1922 Wisconsin     Daughter
Audrey Shelly circa 1925 Wisconsin     Daughter
Ethel Shelly circa 1929 Wisconsin     Daughter
Phoebe E Shelly circa 1855 Wisconsin     Mother
Charles F Fuller circa 1912 Wisconsin Nephew
Frank R Hones circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Margaret Hones circa 1900 Wisconsin     Wife
Joseph Tomaschko circa 1866 Czechoslovakia Head
Frank Tomaschko circa 1889 Wisconsin     Son
Henry Tomaschko circa 1902 Wisconsin     Son
Ralph Fischer circa 1890 Germany Head
Barbra Fischer circa 1891 Wisconsin     Wife
Harry J Fischer circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Archie Fischer circa 1917 Wisconsin     Son
Edward Fischer circa 1918 Wisconsin     Son
Margaret Fischer circa 1921 Wisconsin     Daughter
Elmer Fischer circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
David C Zick circa 1910 Wisconsin Head
Edwin L Gauthier circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Pearl F Gauthier circa 1888 Iowa  Wife
Lorne Zilch circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
Albert Olson circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Lenore Olson circa 1905 Wisconsin     Wife
Herman J Kehl circa 1879 Germany Head
Augusta A Kehl circa 1883 Germany  Wife
Dorothy M Kehl circa 1914 Wisconsin     Daughter
Otto W Schultz circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Emma Schultz circa 1897 Wisconsin     Wife
Walter J Schultz circa 1919 Wisconsin     Son
Lyman H Schultz circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Alvin E Schultz circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Fred C Sauer circa 1873 Wisconsin Head
Augusta Sauer circa 1874 Germany  Wife
Esther Sauer circa 1910 Wisconsin     Daughter
Fred Sauer circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Myrtle Sauer circa 1914 Wisconsin     Daughter
John F Schultz circa 1872 Germany Head
Marie S Schultz circa 1874 Germany  Wife
William Schultz circa 1907 Wisconsin     Son
Minnie Schultz circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Reinhold A Mach circa 1868 Germany Head
Alma Mach circa 1911 Wisconsin     Daughter
Ida Mach circa 1913 Wisconsin     Daughter
Oscar K Mueller circa 1866 Norway Head
Sam S Criscione circa 1887 Sicily Head
Ella Criscione circa 1894 Illinois  Wife
Angeline Criscione circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Francis Criscione circa 1918 Wisconsin     Son
Viola Criscione circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Kennith Criscione circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Helen Criscione circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Dale Criscione circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Deloris Criscione circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
Oscar B Johnson circa 1883 Illinois Head
Inga C Johnson circa 1887 Norway  Wife
Marcella M Johnson circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Cleo A Johnson circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Plisch circa 1908 Wisconsin Foster Son
Everit E Plisch circa 1910 Wisconsin  Foster Son
Leonard A Plisch circa 1912 Wisconsin  Foster Son
Annie C Swanson circa 1875 Sweden Head
Sidney L Swanson circa 1896 Wisconsin  Son
Elmer E Swanson circa 1900 Wisconsin  Son
Victor A Swanson circa 1902 Wisconsin  Son
Philip H Priser circa 1876 Indiana Son-in-law
Ester L Priser circa 1892 Wisconsin  Daughter
Donald E Priser circa 1921 Wisconsin  Grandson
Charles H Johnson circa 1879 Sweden Head
Anne D Johnson circa 1885 South Dakota  Wife
Anna C Johnson circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Rena H Johnson circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
John S Johnson circa 1879 Sweden Head
Carrie A Johnson circa 1888 South Dakota  Wife
Earl K Johnson circa 1907 Wisconsin  Son
Helen M Johnson circa 1910 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fern L Johnson circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gladice E Johnson circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edwin M Johnson circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Lavern Johnson circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lorene Johnson circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Leonard Johnson circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
David W Zick circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Eva Zick circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
Arthur Zick circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
George Zick circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Sylvia Zick circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Leroy Zick circa 1926 Wisconsin  Grandson
Volney C Baker circa 1859 Wisconsin Head
Ralph E Baker circa 1892 Wisconsin  Son
Polly A Baker circa 1903 Wisconsin  Daughter
Paul E Baker circa 1927 Wisconsin  Grandson
Ervine V Baker circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Winnifred Baker circa 1888 Wisconsin  Wife
John D Clark circa 1854 New York Father-in-law
Electa A Clark circa 1857 New York  Mother-in-law
Thomas G Paxton circa 1903 Indiana Head
Albert Zilch circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Emma M Zilch circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Florence M Zilch circa 1907 Wisconsin  Daughter
Chester A Zilch circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Lloyd H Zilch circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Marvin Zilch circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Evalyne C Zilch circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ervin Zilch circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
William Zilch circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Zilch circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
William Blank circa 1869 Germany Head
Louise Blank circa 1872 Germany Wife
Carl W Blank circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Louise Blank circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Antone J Pecha circa 1884 Czechoslovakia Head
Mary Pecha circa 1882 Czechoslovakia  Wife
Leona M Pecha circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Helen D Pecha circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Josephine L Pecha circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Alfred E Pecha circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Elenore J Pecha circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
George Gasser circa 1873 Wisconsin Head
Rose E Gasser circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Floyd A Gasser circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond G Gasser circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Reinhard J Natzke circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Edward W Natzke circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Arlow A Natzke circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Meyrnia L Natzke circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Pearly Baird circa 1895 Wisconsin Servant
Arno E Loehrl circa 1877 Germany Head
Ida M Loehrl circa 1885 Wisconsin    Wife
Raymond O Loehrl circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Margaret J Loehrl circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
Herbert R Loehrl circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Loehrl circa 1867 Germany  Brother
Herman A Loehrl circa 1859 Germany Head
Albert Loehrl circa 1893 Wisconsin    Son
Hulda Loehrl circa 1899 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alfred Bouck circa 1882 Norway Son-in-law
Clara Bouck circa 1898 Wisconsin    Daughter
Henry Steckbauer circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Iva M Steckbauer circa 1896 Wisconsin    Wife
Herbert R Steckbauer circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Harold J Steckbauer circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Arleen J Steckbauer circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
June M Steckbauer circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Edwin H Steckbauer circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Edward W Steckbauer circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Robert J Steckbauer circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Bert Vaughan circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Anna Vaughan circa 1895 Illinois  Wife
Grace E Vaughan circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
Goerge P Vaughan circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
Grant Vaughan circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Gladise A Vaughan circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Gloria K Vaughan circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Francis M Vaughan circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Walter D Clime circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Florence E Clime circa 1890 Iowa  Wife
Robert B Clime circa 1915 Iowa  Son
Arthur D Rickert circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Millie H  Rickert circa 1888 Wisconsin    Wife
Elmer A Rickert circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Alice R Rickert circa 1911 Wisconsin    Daughter
Louis M Rickert circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
Evaline Rickert circa 1925 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Ray E Rickert circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Irene A Rickert circa 1902 Wisconsin    Wife
Max Rickert circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
Alfred R Rickert circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Melvin E Rickert circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Lewis A Rickert circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Betty J Rickert circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
William R Fondrey circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Emma A Fondrey circa 1894 Wisconsin    Wife
Derwin L Fondrey circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Ada S Fondrey circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Norman L Fondrey circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Emaline M Fondrey circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Cora M Fondrey circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Donald A Fondrey circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Carl W Gluth circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Annie M Gluth circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Herman Gluth circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
Paul Gluth circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Velda Gluth circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
Daniel C Siddens circa 1861 Iowa Head
Mary A Siddens circa 1861 Wisconsin    Wife
Daniel Siddens circa 1887 Wisconsin    Son
James M Siddens circa 1890 Wisconsin    Son
Charles H Stark circa 1863 Wisconsin Head
Amelia L Stark circa 1872 Germany  Wife
Louise A Stark circa 1894 Wisconsin    Daughter
William J Stark circa 1896 Wisconsin    Son
Lillian M Stark circa 1911 Wisconsin    Daughter
Albert G Wood circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Anna C Wood circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Earl E Wood circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Calvin G Wood circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Marian F Wood circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Edna A Wood circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Clarence Wood circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Winifred Wood circa 1899 Wisconsin    Wife
Wayne D Wood circa 1924 Wisconsin    Son
Lavern Wood circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Euphrasia Wood circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Andrew H Seitz circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Veronica A Seitz circa 1908 Wisconsin    Wife
Florence C Seitz circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Bernard M Koch circa 1901 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Luella A Koch circa 1916 Wisconsin    Sister-in-law
George D Jersey circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Lena L Jersey circa 1885 Wisconsin    Wife
Ray K Jersey circa 1914 Wisconsin    Foster Son
Richard A Riemer circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Anna E Riemer circa 1890 Germany  Wife
Ervine J Riemer circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Jone D Riemer circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Norman A Riemer circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Weber circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Loura B Weber circa 1891 Wisconsin    Wife
August Zilch circa 1861 Germany Father-in-law
Matilda Zilch circa 1866 Wisconsin    Mother-in-law
David K Bossell circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Lucy J Bossell circa 1889 Wisconsin    Wife
Lambert Fischer circa 1869 Germany Head
Mary Fischer circa 1883 Austria  Wife
Frank L Fischer circa 1903 Wisconsin    Son
Richard Fischer circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Anna Fischer circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Arthur R Berger circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
John Berger circa 1875 Wisconsin    Brother
Frieda Berger circa 1890 Wisconsin    Sister
Anna Berger circa 1892 Wisconsin    Sister
Walter Berger circa 1893 Wisconsin    Brother
Amelia Berger circa 1865 Wisconsin    Mother
William Metko circa 1873 Czechoslovakia Head
Wilhelmina Metko circa 1880 Czechoslovakia  Wife
Alfred Metko circa 1915 Wisconsin      Son
Minnie Metko circa 1917 Wisconsin      Daughter
Antone Ibenholtz circa 1890 Czechoslovakia Head
Anton Ibenholtz circa 1914 Wisconsin      Son
Joseph P Ibenholtz circa 1916 Wisconsin      Son
Frank Ibenholtz circa 1918 Wisconsin      Son
Peter Bartline circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Leonard Bartline circa 1881 Wisconsin      Brother
William J Metko circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Esther Metko circa 1910 Wisconsin      Wife
Lawrence H Jahnke circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Magdalen W Jahnke circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Elenore L Jahnke circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Arthur F Jahnke circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Lorene L Jahnke circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Donald E Jahnke circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Dorothy J Jahnke circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Aaron D Jahnke circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Lucille B Jahnke circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Walter R Jahnke circa 1891 Wisconsin   Brother
Evolina A Zuehlke circa 1861 Germany Mother-in-law
John A Axman circa 1884 Hungary Head
Emma A Axman circa 1889 Wisconsin   Wife
Marion G Axman circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Adell C Axman circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joan C Axman circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fern M Klasen circa 1910 Wisconsin Daughter
George J Klasen circa 1919 Wisconsin   Grandson
George Bentz circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Anna Bentz circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Velda Bentz circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gloria Bentz circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Viola Bentz circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Andrew Wolf Sr. circa 1848 Germany Father-in-law
Fred W Biestock circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Homer Biestock circa 1862 Germany  Father
Mollie Biestock circa 1879 Germany  Mother
Antone J Lipinski circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Louise Lipinski circa 1907 Wisconsin   Wife
Pauline Lipinski circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Edna Lipinski circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
William A Chroge circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Marie Chroge circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Roland C Chroge circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son
Russel J Chroge circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Rouneil W Chroge circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Marvin S Chroge circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
William A Chroge circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Jeanette M Chroge circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Georgia C Chroge circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eunice A Chroge circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Andrew G Wolf circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Martha M Wolf circa 1885 Germany  Wife
Walter K Wolf circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Geoge H Wolf circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Edwin J Wolf circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Emma L Wolf circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
William F Wolf circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Laurence F Wolf circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Benny F Wolf circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Paul W Wolf circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Elsie G Wolf circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mathew D Wolf circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Lena W Kronenable circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Violet C Kronenable circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lloyd G Kronenable circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Raymond Geer circa 1904 Wisconsin Lodger
Paul Harris circa 1904 Indiana Head
George Wells circa 1875 Canada Lodger
William E Bielke circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Marie A Bielke circa 1909 Illinois Wife
Bettie M Bielke circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bernard G Bielke circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Elon R Bossell circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Lena A Bossell circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
John P Bossell circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Lewis R Lierman circa 1912 Wisconsin Stepson
Ruth G Lierman circa 1915 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
August F Voelker circa 1860 Germany Head
Amelia E Voelker circa 1864 Germany Wife
Edwin R Voelker circa 1898 Wisconsin   Son
Mathas H Carpenter circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Myrtle E Carpenter circa 1887 Wisconsin   Wife
Dean S Carpenter circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Alice M Carpenter circa 1910 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mearl H Carpenter circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Raymond M Carpenter circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Violet M Carpenter circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Wallace Z Carpenter circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Lewis E Carpenter circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Jacob Jacobson circa 1885 Norway Head
Martin Jacobson circa 1897 Wisconsin   Brother
Ruth Jacobson circa 1899 Wisconsin   Sister
Otto G Schwanz circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Stella R Schwanz circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Walter J Schwanz circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
George D Schwanz circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Norman G Schwanz circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
George Pritchard circa 1869 England Head
Eliza Pritchard circa 1874 England  Wife
Gladys Beastock circa 1909 Indiana Daughter
Frank C Beastock circa 1907 Wisconsin   Son-in-law
Jene S Beastock circa 1929 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Arval D Hutchins circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Oscar H Hutchins circa 1876 Wisconsin   Father
Hermine Hutchins circa 1885 Norway  Mother
Ethel M Hutchins circa 1913 Wisconsin   Sister
Helen B Hutchins circa 1916 Wisconsin   Sister
Irene M Hutchins circa 1918 Wisconsin   Sister
Arlie H Hutchins circa 1921 Wisconsin   Brother
Charles G Hutchins circa 1926 Wisconsin   Brother
Guy R Hutchins circa 1928 Wisconsin   Brother
Vivien E Hutchins circa 1920 Wisconsin   Sister
August H Nagel circa 1868 Illinois Head
Mary M Nagel circa 1871 Illinois  Wife
Roy E Nagel circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Carrol R Nagel circa 1927 Illinois  Granddaughter
Henry Owen circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Owen circa 1892 Michigan  Wife
Mildred Owen circa 1911 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mervin S Schmitz circa 1917 Wisconsin Foster Son
Melvern W Schmitz circa 1918 Wisconsin   Foster Son
Mildred M Schmitz circa 1920 Wisconsin     Foster Daughter
Maxine M Schmitz circa 1922 Wisconsin     Foster Daughter
Milton Schmitz circa 1924 Illinois  Foster Son
Hans O Olson circa 1864 Norway Head
Walter H Reimer circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Celia J Reimer circa 1901 Wisconsin     Wife
Russel L Reimer circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Oliver Larson circa 1878 Norway Head
Helma A Larson circa 1881 Sweden  Wife
Florence E Larson circa 1911 Wisconsin     Daughter
Claudine L Larson circa 1914 Wisconsin     Daughter
James O Larson circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Norman C Larson circa 1918 Wisconsin     Son
Oliver H Larson circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Walter E Larson circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Grace E Larson circa 1927 Wisconsin     Daughter
Iver J Mathisen circa 1875 Norway Head
Hilda C Mathisen circa 1877 Sweden  Wife
Chester M Mathisen circa 1911 Wisconsin     Son
Walter Johnson circa 1891 Wisconsin Boarder
Alex D Sulton circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Carrie E Sulton circa 1867 Norway  Wife
Harold E Sulton circa 1906 Wisconsin     Son
Sylvia A Sulton circa 1906 Wisconsin     Daughter-in-law
Bertine L Sulton circa 1916 Wisconsin     Granddaughter
William E Lemke circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Amelia Lemke circa 1876 Germany  Wife
Lydia J Lemke circa 1914 Wisconsin     Daughter
Theodore J Lemke circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Linda J Lemke circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Leonard H Lemke circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
William L Schlorff circa 1867 Germany Head
Mary Schlorff circa 1868 Germany  Wife
John B Schlorff circa 1898 Illinois  Son
Fred W Glinske circa 1873 Germany Head
Bessie M Glinske circa 1885 Wisconsin     Wife
Earl C Glinske circa 1901 Wisconsin     Son
Kennith D Glinske circa 1908 Wisconsin     Son
Guy D Glinske circa 1913 Wisconsin     Son
Gladys L Glinske circa 1916 Wisconsin     Daughter
Joseph Calloway circa 1873 Belgium Head
Anna Calloway circa 1877 Pennsylvania Wife
Mildred M Duffey circa 1915 Wisconsin Niece
Mather Duffey circa 1922 Wisconsin  Nephew
George Duffey circa 1925 Wisconsin   Nephew
John Jangwerth circa 1866 Czechoslovakia Head
Mary Jangwerth circa 1882 Czechoslovakia Wife
Edward Jangwerth circa 1904 Wisconsin   Son
Hans C Halverson circa 1865 Norway Head
Anna Halverson circa 1884 Norway  Wife
Norman Halverson circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Elizabeth Halverson circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Violet H Halverson circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Adolph H Halverson circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Jenevieve Hanson circa 1926 Wisconsin Niece
Herman W Kolpack circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Martha F Kolpack circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Shirley M Kolpack circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marvin E Kolpack circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Michal J Smith circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Harry C Smith circa 1894 Wisconsin   Son
Walter M Smith circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Mary Smith circa 1908 Wisconsin   Wife
Flora Cook circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Rosella E Cook circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Betty M Cook circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Thomas P McAuly circa 1918 Wisconsin Son
Alice F McAuly circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ellis A McAuly circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Henry G Zilch circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Rudolph J Zilch circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Celia C Zilch circa 1882 Wisconsin   Wife
Fern C Zilch circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
William E Dahill circa 1861 Michigan Head
Floyd N Dahill circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Marg L Dahill circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Dorothy E Dahill circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eunice R Dahill circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Florence I Dahill circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Laurence G Dahill circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Lydia C Dahill circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Wegenberg circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Mary K Wegenberg circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
Carl J Wegenberg circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Coustarn R Wegenberg circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Kennith M Dahill circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Alice E Dahill circa 1903 Wisconsin   Wife
Mildred M Dahill circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
David D Dabill circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Frank H Kessen circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Laura E Kessen circa 1887 Wisconsin   Wife
Leonard F Pollock circa 1917 Wisconsin Nephew
George Wegenberg circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Mildred G Wegenberg circa 1875 Wisconsin   Wife
Frank Gasser circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Lucy Gasser circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Evaline E Gasser circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margrett B Gasser circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bette J Gasser circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
John E Negualt circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Theodore C Tyrrell circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Phoebe H Tyrrell circa 1895 Wisconsin   Wife
Robert H Tyrrell circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Jerry T Tyrrell circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Lesley W Tyrrell circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Ted J Tyrrell circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Daniel O Tyrrell circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Wilburt G Clouse circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Gena M Clouse circa 1895 Wisconsin   Wife
Mary L Clouse circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret B Clouse circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Doris L Clouse circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Jagie A Clouse circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Henry A Slater circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Nina J Slater circa 1888 Wisconsin   Wife
Evalyne Slater circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Arnel J Slater circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Ross G Slater circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
James Slater circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Elenore Carlson circa 1911 Wisconsin Daughter
Arne Carlson circa 1907 Wisconsin   Son-in-law
Ben D Corrie circa 1889 Illinois Head
Lillian M Corrie circa 1891 Wisconsin   Wife
Phyliss J Corrie circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gladise L Corrie circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leroy M Corrie circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Albert R Bossell circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Bessie O Bossell circa 1895 Wisconsin   Wife
Marie A Bossell circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lola O Bossell circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lillian E Bossell circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Amy Bogink circa 1909 Wisconsin Boarder
Antone Schlais circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Ellen Schlais circa 1893 Wisconsin   Wife
George J Schlais circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Edna Pollock circa 1908 Wisconsin Daughter
Esther Slater circa 1910 Wisconsin Daughter
Alwin Slater circa 1926 Wisconsin   Grandson
Moss C Nicholes circa 1866 Wisconsin Head
Maude J Nicholes circa 1874 Wisconsin   Wife
Mervin A Nicholes circa 1905 Wisconsin   Son
John W Nicholes circa 1907 Wisconsin   Son
Carrol C Nicholes circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
George A Owen circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Edna M Owen circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Jean Owen circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Isabell L Owen circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Calvin G Owen circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
John H Owen circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
James Konobeck circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Ella Konobeck circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Robert A Konobeck circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Frank Konobeck circa 1890 Wisconsin  Brother
William Konobeck circa 1911 Wisconsin  Nephew
Elmer L Stellman circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Amanda M Stellman circa 1907 Wisconsin  Wife
Harry W Amerson circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Margie J Amerson circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Lysle H Amerson circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Harley D Amerson circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Carrie E Amerson circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Bertha G Amerson circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Stephen J Amerson circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Ruth E Amerson circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Rachel E Amerson circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lois E Amerson circa 1930 Wisconsin    Daughter
John G Vaughan circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Mary B Vaughan circa 1893 Illinois Wife
Margart E Vaughan circa 1913 Wisconsin    Daughter
Earl G Vaughan circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Rollin E Vaughan circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Helen Vaughan circa 1918 Wisconsin    Daughter
Betty Vaughan circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Raymond T Vaughan circa 1852 Wisconsin    Father
Mary C Vaughan circa 1856 Wisconsin    Mother
Alta L Pollock circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Hulda M Pollock circa 1895 Wisconsin    Wife
George H Pollock circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Ralph G Pollock circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Adeline B Pollock circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Corabell D Pollock circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Mable E Pollock circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
George G Pollock circa 1860 Wisconsin    Father
Augusta R Pollock circa 1864 Wisconsin    Mother
Bertha E Pollock circa 1871 Wisconsin Head
Ethel A Pollock circa 1891 Wisconsin    Daughter
Orval D Sabill circa 1888 Wisconsin Boarder
Otto C Becker circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Goldie W Becker circa 1905 Wisconsin    Wife
Laurence E Becker circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Margie A Becker circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Berl A Becker circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
Melvin R Becker circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son