A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 


Enumerated on April 1930  by Stanley Adamski, Enumerator

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Joseph Karachinski circa 1892 Minnesota Head
Agnes Karachinski circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Roman Karachinski circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Chester Karachinski circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Rapheal Karachinski circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Felix Karachinski circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Martha Karachinski circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
John Tyczkowski circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Tillie Tyczkowski circa 1901 Wisconsin     Wife
Bernard Tyczkowski circa 1927 Wisconsin     Son
Marcella Tyczkowski circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
Stanley Tyczkowski circa 1906 Wisconsin     Brother
Michael Lyons circa 1873 Wisconsin Head
Louise Lyons circa 1876 Wisconsin     Wife
Alice Lyons circa 1913 Wisconsin     Daughter
Raymond Koch circa 1909 Wisconsin Boarder
Adolph W Fischer circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Fischer circa 1898 Minnesota  Wife
Charles Fischer circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Norma Fischer circa 1927 Wisconsin     Daughter
Bernard Fischer circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Louie Kalupike circa 1871 Yugoslavia; Austria Boarder
John Adamski circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Stella Adamski circa 1891 Wisconsin     Wife
Nettie Adamski circa 1913 Wisconsin     Daughter
Harry Adamski circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Eugene Adamski circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Mary Adamski circa 1855 Poland Mother
Ole K Elertson circa 1882 Norway Head
Anna M Elertson circa 1879 Wisconsin     Wife
Irene G Anderson circa 1909 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Elinor Anderson circa 1914 Wisconsin     Stepdaughter
Edward Anderson circa 1917 Wisconsin     Stepson
Rudolph Johnson circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Cora Johnson circa 1893 Wisconsin     Wife
Robert Johnson circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Thorwald Johnson circa 1854 Norway Father
Julia Johnson circa 1855 Norway  Mother
Elmer Johnson circa 1896 Wisconsin     Brother
Ervin F Olson circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Selma Olson circa 1903 Wisconsin     Wife
Orville Olson circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Roger Olson circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Joyce Olson circa 1926 Wisconsin     Daughter
Harvey Olson circa 1927 Wisconsin     Son
Harley Olson circa 1927 Wisconsin     Son
Oliver Olson circa 1929 Wisconsin     Son
Frank Lepak circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Stella Lepak circa 1894 Wisconsin     Wife
Leonard Lepak circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Alvin Lepak circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Richard Lepak circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Rapheal Lepak circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Clayton Denny circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
Josephat Tyczkowski circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Veronca Tyczkowski circa 1893 Wisconsin     Wife
Regina Tyczkowski circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Alexander Tyczkowski circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Alvin Tyczkowski circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Teofil Tyczkowski circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Steven Tyczkowski circa 1927 Wisconsin     Son
Anton Tyczkowski circa 1929 Wisconsin     Son
Anthony Tyczkowski circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
August Tyczkowski circa 1909 Wisconsin     Brother
Stanley Ratyozak circa 1879 Poland Head
Lydia Ratyozak circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Edwin Ratyozak circa 1910 Wisconsin     Son
Harry Ratyozak circa 1917 Wisconsin     Son
Raymond Ratyozak circa 1919 Wisconsin     Son
Frank Tyczkowski circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Mary Tyczkowski circa 1868 Poland Mother
Leo Tyczkowski circa 1902 Wisconsin     Brother
Anna Tyczkowski circa 1911 Wisconsin     Sister
Julius Tyczkowski circa 1897 Wisconsin     Brother
Victoria Tyczkowski circa 1905 Wisconsin     Sister-in-law
Bernice Tyczkowski circa 1928 Wisconsin     Niece
Joseph Surma circa 1853 Poland Head
Mary Surma circa 1861 Poland Wife
Peter Surma circa 1886 Wisconsin     Son
Joseph Swiecichowski circa 1863 Poland Head
Agnes Swiecichowski circa 1873 Wisconsin   Wife
Frank Swiecichowski circa 1904 Wisconsin     Son
Peter Swiecichowski circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Elizabeth Swiecichowski circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Louis Busch circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Louise Busch circa 1882 Wisconsin     Wife
Robert Busch circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Valentine Kuezek circa 1858 Poland Head
Catharine Kuezek circa 1903 Wisconsin     Daughter
Edward Kuezek circa 1906 Wisconsin     Son
Louis Kuezek circa 1908 Wisconsin     Son
Joseph Kuezek circa 1910 Wisconsin     Son
Andrew Kuezek circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Peter Kuezek circa 1914 Wisconsin     Son
Stanley Kuezek circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Richard Kuezek circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Walter Wleczyk circa 1884 Michigan Head
Jennie Wleczyk circa 1890 Wisconsin     Wife
Margrette Wleczyk circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Robert Wleczyk circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Theodore Wleczyk circa 1881 Wisconsin     Brother
Frank Januchowski circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Frances Januchowski circa 1889 Wisconsin     Wife
Lucille Januchowski circa 1913 Wisconsin     Daughter
Frank Baranczyk circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Laura Baranczyk circa 1909 Wisconsin     Wife
Norbert Baranczyk  circa 1930 Wisconsin     Son
Herman J Lasecki circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Lasecki circa 1897 Wisconsin     Wife
Elenor Lasecki circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Daniel Lasecki circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Evelyn Lasecki circa 1925 Wisconsin     Daughter
Valentine Lasecki circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Harvey Lasecki circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Marcyanna Lasecki circa 1854 Poland Mother
Anton Baranczyk circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Helen Baranczyk circa 1888 Wisconsin     Wife
Cecilia Baranczyk circa 1911 Wisconsin     Daughter
Steven Baranczyk circa 1913 Wisconsin     Son
Alvin Baranczyk circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Walter J Lasecki circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Hattie Lasecki circa 1889 Wisconsin     Wife
Edwin Lasecki circa 1913 Wisconsin     Son
Esther Lasecki circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Engelbertt Lasecki circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Erasmo Lasecki circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Charles Najdul circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Tekla Najdul circa 1900 Wisconsin     Wife
Joseph Najdul circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Constance Najdul circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Lilyan Najdul circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Irene Najdul circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Maximilian Najdul circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Lorenzo Najdul circa 1844 Poland Father
Mary Najdul circa 1853 Poland  Mother
Michael Lasecki circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Anna Lasecki circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Marvin Lasecki circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Alvina Lasecki circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ralph Lasecki circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Stanley Kacymarck circa 1883 Poland Head
Frank Maroszek circa 1881 Poland Head
Cecilia Maroszek circa 1896 Wisconsin     Wife
John Maroszek circa 1915 Wisconsin     Son
Agnes Maroszek circa 1916 Wisconsin     Daughter
Gertrude Maroszek circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Florian Maroszek circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Minnie Maroszek circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Helen Maroszek circa 1926 Wisconsin     Daughter
Irene Maroszek circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
Theresa Maroszek  circa 1930  Wisconsin   Daughter
John S Wawrzon circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Verna Wawrzon circa 1910 Wisconsin     Wife
John F Baranczyk circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Mary Baranczyk circa 1882 Wisconsin     Wife
Louis Baranczyk circa 1904 Wisconsin     Son
James Baranczyk circa 1910 Wisconsin     Son
Adolph Baranczyk circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Michael Baranczyk circa 1913 Wisconsin     Son
Chester Baranczyk circa 1914 Wisconsin     Son
Clara Baranczyk circa 1917 Wisconsin     Daughter
Anna Baranczyk circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Mary Baranczyk circa 1922 Wisconsin     Daughter
Rose Baranczyk circa 1853 Poland Mother
Michael Niespodziany circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Frances Niespodziany circa 1897 Wisconsin     Wife
John Niespodziany circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Stanley Niespodziany circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Cecilia Niespodziany circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Alvina Niespodziany circa 1925 Wisconsin     Daughter
Alexander Niespodziany circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Leo Lasecki circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Anna Lasecki circa 1899 Wisconsin     Wife
Lucy Lasecki circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Albert Lasecki circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Clarence Lasecki circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Leonard Lasecki circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Jacob Blawat circa 1889 Poland Head
Mary Blawat circa 1896 Wisconsin     Wife
Roman Blawat circa 1915 Wisconsin     Son
Harry Blawat circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Edmond Blawat circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Stephen Karcz circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Stephania Karcz circa 1891 Wisconsin     Wife
John Karcz circa 1908 Wisconsin     Son
Leo Karcz circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Anton Karcz circa 1910 Wisconsin     Son
Frances Karcz circa 1914 Wisconsin     Daughter
Edward Karcz circa 1916 Wisconsin     Son
Irene Karcz circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Peter Karcz circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Henry Karcz circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Sylvester Karcz circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Stanley Karcz circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Eugene Karcz circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Louis Holewinski circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Frances Holewinski circa 1900 Michigan Wife
Dorothy Holewinski circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Richard Holewinski circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Aurelia Holewinski circa 1927 Wisconsin     Daughter
Cyril Holewinski circa 1930 Wisconsin     Son
Leo Jaskolski circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Helen Jaskolski circa 1903 Wisconsin     Wife
Irene Jaskolski circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Dorothy Jaskolski circa 1927 Wisconsin     Daughter
Jacob Jaskolski circa 1848 Poland Father
William Juniga circa 1889 Michigan Head
Victoria Juniga circa 1893 Michigan Wife
Joseph Hall circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Ella Hall circa 1898 Wisconsin     Wife
Melvin Hall circa 1919 Wisconsin     Son
Leroy Hall circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Frank Styczyinski circa 1883 Michigan Head
Frances Styczyinski circa 1887 Poland Wife
Raymond Styczyinski circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Angeline Styczyinski circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Henry Styczinski circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Frank Zieniecki circa 1860 Poland Boarder
Helen Kolodiejczak circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Andrew Kolodiejczak circa 1908 Wisconsin    Son
John Kolodiejczak circa 1910 Wisconsin    Son
Rose Kolodiejczak circa 1911 Wisconsin    Daughter
George Kolodiejczak circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Florence Kolodiejczak circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Irene Kolodiejczak circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Leona Kolodiejczak circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Jerry Kolodiejczak circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Priscilla Kolodiejczak circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Constance Kolodiejczak circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Martin Lis circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Susan Lis circa 1894 Wisconsin    Wife
Robert Lis circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Esther Lis circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Joseph Styczinski circa 1896 Michigan Head
Rose Styczinski circa 1911 Wisconsin    Wife
Lawrence Stetz circa 1873 Poland Head
Apolonia Stetz circa 1881 Michigan  Wife
Agnes Stetz circa 1851 Poland  Mother
Stanley Mastey circa 1889 Poland Head
Agnes Mastey circa 1892 Wisconsin    Wife
Florian Mastey circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Isabel Mastey circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
Arvin Mastey circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Norbert Mastey circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Florence Mastey circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Veronica Mastey circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Evelyn Mastey circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lorraine Mastey circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Eugene Mastey circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Reta Mastey circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Hugh T Lutsey circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Bessie Lutsey circa 1891 Wisconsin    Wife
Maude Lutsey circa 1912 Wisconsin    Daughter
Marion Lutsey circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Louis Knapowski circa 1900 Wisconsin Laborer
Frances Dodge circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
John Kaczer circa 1893 Poland Head
Martha Kaczer circa 1897 Wisconsin    Wife
Florence Kaczer circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Harry Kaczer circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Phillip Kaczer circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Doloris Kaczer circa 1930 Wisconsin    Daughter
Leo Styczinski circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Catharine Styczinski circa 1863 Poland Mother
Stanley Styczinski circa 1863 Poland Father
Joseph Lukasik circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Angeline Lukasik circa 1908 Wisconsin    Wife
Verna Lukasik circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Josephine Lukasik circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
George Lukasik circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Pauline Lukasik circa 1855 Poland  Mother
Peter Lepak circa 1905 Wisconsin Head
Richard Redlin circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Bertha Redlin circa 1881 Wisconsin    Wife
Harold Redlin circa 1911 Wisconsin    Son
Ione Redlin circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Albert Hanson circa 1855 Norway Head
Elmer Hanson circa 1891 Wisconsin    Son
Cecilia Hanson circa 1892 Wisconsin    Daughter-in-law
Norbert Hanson circa 1916 Wisconsin    Grandson
Gordon Hanson circa 1918 Wisconsin    Grandson
Wallace Hanson circa 1920 Wisconsin    Grandson
Byron Hanson circa 1922 Wisconsin    Grandson
Curtis Hanson circa 1924 Wisconsin    Grandson
Ruth Hanson circa 1926 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Robert Hanson circa 1927 Wisconsin    Grandson
Glen Hanson circa 1929 Wisconsin    Grandson
Simon Franckowiak circa 1884 Pennsylvania Head
Rose Franckowiak circa 1887 Wisconsin    Wife
Michael Franckowiak circa 1911 Wisconsin    Son
John Franckowiak circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Helen Franckowiak circa 1912 Wisconsin    Daughter
Frank Franckowiak circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
Frances Franckowiak circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Evlyn Franckowiak circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Virginia Franckowiak circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Loraine Franckowiak circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Antonia Rodziczak circa 1858 Poland Head
Joseph Rodziczak circa 1899 Wisconsin    Son
Raymond Rodziczak circa 1920 Wisconsin    Grandson
Irene Rodziczak circa 1922 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Evlyn Rodziczak circa 1924 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Elenor Rodziczak circa 1925 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
John Rodziczak circa 1926 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Richard Rodziczak circa 1927 Wisconsin    Grandson
Anton Wiater circa 1904 Wisconsin Lodger
Frank Siolka circa 1895 Poland Head
Victoria Siolka circa 1900 Poland Wife
Stanley Siolka circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Johanna Siolka circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Virginia Siolka circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Loriane Siolka circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alferd Siolka circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Stanley Pochron circa 1875 Poland Head
Tekla Pochron circa 1877 Poland Wife
Frank Pochron circa 1908 Poland  Son
Stanley Pochron circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Helen Pochron circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Eddie Pochron circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Geneva Pochron circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Angela? Pochron circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Joseph Jankowski circa 1868 Poland Head
Eva Jankowski circa 1876 Poland Wife
Edward Jankowski circa 1907 Illinois  Son
Agnes Jankowski circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Helen Jankowski circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alexander Jankowski circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Anthony Jankowski circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Rodziczak circa 1879 Poland Head
Stella Rodziczak circa 1883 Poland Wife
Theodore Rodziczak circa 1911 Wisconsin    Son
Helen Rodziczak circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
James Rodziczak circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Anthony Rodziczak circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Jospeh Kabara circa 1868 Poland Head
Carolina Kabara circa 1880 Poland Wife
Andrew Kabara circa 1908 Wisconsin    Son
Sophia Kabara circa 1913 Wisconsin    Daughter
Anthony Kabara circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Roman Kabara circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Edward Kabara circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Szymanski circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Anna Szymanski circa 1891 Wisconsin    Wife
Serafina Szymanski circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
Sylvester Szymanski circa 1917 Wisconsin    Son
John Szymanski circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Aloisus Szymanski circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Christine? Szymanski circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Marion Szymanski circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Walter Kornaus circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Louis Homel circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Catherine Homel circa 1891 Wisconsin    Wife
Harriette Homel circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
Martha Homel circa 1918 Wisconsin    Daughter
Anna Homel circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Anthony Homel circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Josephine Homel circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Genivie Homel circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Veronica Homel circa 1860 Poland  Mother
Adam Homel circa 1895 Wisconsin    Brother
Frank Wichlacz circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Sophia Wichlacz circa 1904 Wisconsin    Wife
Frances Wichlacz circa 1858 Poland Mother
Fredrick Wichlacz circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Robert Wichlacz circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Leonard Wichlacz circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Casimir Szymanski circa 1855 Poland Head
Catharine Szymanski circa 1869 Poland Wife
Walter Szymanski circa 1902 Wisconsin    Son
Joseph Szymanski circa 1895 Wisconsin    Son
Casimir Szymanski circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Frank Podolski circa 1865 Poland Head
Michalina Podolski circa 1869 Poland Wife
Stanley Podolski circa 1902 Wisconsin    Son
John Podolski circa 1905 Wisconsin    Son
Mary Podolski circa 1896 Wisconsin    Daughter
Andrew Smurawa circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Lottie Smurawa circa 1912 Pennsylvania Wife
Louis Rozanski circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Lucy Rozanski circa 1902 Wisconsin    Wife
Irene Rozanski circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Regina Rozanski circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Angline Rozanski circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
Anna Rozanski circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Elizabeth Rozanski  circa 1930  Wisconsin    Daughter
Lawrence Revers circa 1859 Poland Head
Mailon Revers circa 1908 Wisconsin    Son
John Sufka circa 1851 Poland Head
Johanna Sufka circa 1856 Poland Wife
Jacob Styczyinski circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Victoria Styczyinski circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Andrew Styczyinski circa 1915 Wisconsin    Son
Martha Styczyinski circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alexander Styczyinski circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Cerylla Styczyinski circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Raymond Styczyinski circa 1925 Wisconsin    Son
Michael Styczyinski circa 1842 Poland  Father
Mary Styczyinski circa 1845 Poland  Mother
Christ Johnson circa 1871 Norway Head
Mary Johnson circa 1872 Michigan Wife
Andrew C Johnson circa 1894 Wisconsin    Son
Viola Johnson circa 1900 Wisconsin    Brother-in-law
Myrtle Johnson circa 1921 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Wallace Johnson circa 1922 Wisconsin    Grandson
Ruth Johnson circa 1924 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
Beatrice Johnson circa 1925 Wisconsin    Granddaughter
John Luberda circa 1882 Poland Head
Anna Luberda circa 1887 Poland  Wife
Genieve Luberda circa 1920 Wisconsin    Daughter
Bruno Luberda circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Chester Luberda circa 1924 Wisconsin    Son
Micthel Luberda circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Frances Luberda circa 1929 Wisconsin    Daughter
Agnes Zawitaj circa 1856 Poland Head
Michael Niec circa 1882 Illinois Head
Catharine Niec circa 1890 Wisconsin    Wife
Stanley Niec circa 1910 Wisconsin    Son
Edward Niec circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Walter Niec circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Alexander Niec circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Sophia Niec circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Anthony Nice circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Arthur Niec circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Henry Niec circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Elsie Niec circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Dorothy Niec circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lorina Niec circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Richard Niec circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Raymond Luczinski circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Frank Karcz circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Mary Karcz circa 1884 Pennsylvania Wife
Theodore Karcz circa 1906 Wisconsin    Son
Edward Karcz circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Joseph Karcz circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Rose Karcz circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Catharine Karcz circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Helen Karcz circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Anthony Karcz circa 1921 Wisconsin    Grandson
Peter Blaszczyk circa 1874 Poland Boarder
Peter Golubski circa 1906 Wisconsin Head
Anna Golubski circa 1909 Wisconsin    Wife
Dorothy Golubski circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
John Sentowski circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Mary Sentowski circa 1889 Wisconsin    Wife
Michael Sentowski circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Adline Sentowski circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
John Sentowski circa 1916 Wisconsin    Son
Theodore Sentowski circa 1922 Wisconsin    Son
Anton Lis circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Lis circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Lucille Lis circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Angeline Lis circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Ervin Lis circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Irene Lis circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
Theresa Lis circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
George Hanson circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Hanson circa 1885 Wisconsin    Wife
Maurice Hanson circa 1911 Wisconsin    Son
Louis M Schoen circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Schoen circa 1888 Wisconsin    Wife
Raymond Schoen circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Clifford Schoen circa 1911 Wisconsin    Son
Harvey Schoen circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Russel Schoen circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Inez Schoen circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Catharine Des Gernges circa 1852 Wisconsin Aunt
Sophia Bruce circa 1863 Germany Head
Charles Bruce circa 1892 Wisconsin    Son
Charles Bruce circa 1875 Germany Head
Mary Bruce circa 1875 Wisconsin    Wife
Leonard Bruce circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Alta Bruce circa 1912 Wisconsin    Daughter
William Schneider circa 1869 Wisconsin Head
Lena Schneider circa 1873 Germany Wife
Irene Schneider circa 1907 Wisconsin    Daughter
William Schneider circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Clarence Schneider circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Margarette M Schneider circa 1905 Wisconsin    Wife
Vernon Schneider circa 1928 Wisconsin    Son
Kenneth Schneider circa 1929 Wisconsin    Son
Albert Holewinski circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Antonia Holewinski circa 1892 Wisconsin    Wife
Helen Holewinski circa 1906 Wisconsin    Daughter
Sophia Holewinski circa 1912 Wisconsin    Daughter
Angeline Holewinski circa 1913 Wisconsin    Daughter
Lucia Holewinski circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
Agnes Holewinski circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Adolph Holewinski circa 1919 Wisconsin    Son
Margarette Holewinski circa 1923 Wisconsin    Daughter
Theresa Holewinski circa 1927 Wisconsin    Daughter
Emly Holewinski circa 1928 Wisconsin    Daughter
Joseph Holewinski circa 1930 Wisconsin    Son
Andrew Holewinski circa 1847 Poland    Father
Joseph Wawrzon circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Frances Wawrzon circa 1877 Poland  Wife
Leo Wawrzon circa 1910 Wisconsin    Son
Anthony Wawrzon circa 1912 Wisconsin    Son
Josephine Wawrzon circa 1915 Wisconsin    Daughter
Walter Wawrzon circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Michael Cieslak circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Dorothy Cieslak circa 1898 Wisconsin    Wife
Edward Cieslak circa 1921 Wisconsin    Son
Raymond Cieslak circa 1924 Wisconsin    Son
Esther Cieslak circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alvin Cieslak circa 1927 Wisconsin    Son
Adolph Kosmicki circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Helen Kosmicki circa 1901 Wisconsin    Wife
Evlyn Kosmicki circa 1924 Wisconsin    Daughter
Robert Kosmicki circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Lawrence S Kaczorowski circa 1868 Poland Head
Martha Kaczorowski circa 1882 Maryland Wife
Peter Kaczorowski circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Paul Kaczorowski circa 1909 Wisconsin    Son
Lawrence J Kaczorowski circa 1914 Wisconsin    Son
Emly Kaczorowski circa 1918 Wisconsin    Daughter
Louise Kaczorowski circa 1921 Wisconsin    Daughter
Emil Kaczorowski circa 1923 Wisconsin    Son
Valentine Majewski circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Majewski circa 1907 Wisconsin    Wife
Clara Majewski circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
John Baranczyk circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Anna Baranczyk circa 1884 Poland  Wife
Felix Baranczyk circa 1913 Wisconsin    Son
Agnes Baranczyk circa 1914 Wisconsin    Daughter
Helen Baranczyk circa 1916 Wisconsin    Daughter
Casimer Baranczyk circa 1918 Wisconsin    Son
Harry Baranczyk circa 1920 Wisconsin    Son
Florence Baranczyk circa 1925 Wisconsin    Daughter
Roman Baranczyk circa 1926 Wisconsin    Son
Harry Klopotek circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Helen Klopotek circa 1897 Wisconsin    Wife
Frieda Klopotek circa 1917 Wisconsin    Daughter
Mary Klopotek circa 1919 Wisconsin    Daughter
Alice Klopotek circa 1922 Wisconsin    Daughter
Adline Klopotek circa 1926 Wisconsin    Daughter
Stanley Holewinski circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Rose Holewinski circa 1886 Poland Wife
Victoria Holewinski circa 1907 Wisconsin Daughter
Julia Holewinski circa 1908 Wisconsin   Daughter
Anthony Holewinski circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Edward Holewinski circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Irene Holewinski circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Salma Holewinski circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mary Holewinski circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Dorothy Holewinski circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Cecilia Holewinski circa 1878 Wisconsin   Sister
Vincent Majewski circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Rose Majewski circa 1865 Poland Mother
Lillian Majewski circa 1906 Wisconsin   Sister
Albert Kornaus circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Helen Kornaus circa 1900 Wisconsin Wife
Leonard Kornaus circa 1922 Wisconsin Son
Evlyn Kornaus circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Jaromira Kornaus circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alvin Kornaus circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Loyd Kornaus circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Albert Kornaus circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Paul Kornaus circa 1850 Poland Father
Andrew Baranczyk circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Martha Baranczyk circa 1881 Wisconsin Wife
Charles Baranczyk circa 1912 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Baranczyk circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Richard Baranczyk circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Regina Baranczyk circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Maximillian Gwilt circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Catharine Gwilt circa 1911 Wisconsin   Wife
Regina Gwilt circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Elizabeth Gwilt circa 1930 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frank Gwilt circa 1853 Poland Father
Peter Baranczyk circa 1915 Wisconsin Father
John Smurawa circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Bernice Smurawa circa 1901 New York Wife
Edward Smurawa circa 1922 Wisconsin Son
Arthur Smurawa circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Loraine Smurawa circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Doloris Smurawa circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Catharine Hendzel circa 1872 Poland Head
Joseph Hendzel circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Edward Hendzel circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Esther Hendzel circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Henry Hendzel circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Theodore Hendzel circa 1902 Wisconsin   Son
Michael Babiasz circa 1890 Illinois Head
Sophia Babiasz circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Anna Babiasz circa 1855 Poland  Mother
Peter Babiasz circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Babiasz circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Stanley Babiasz circa 1917 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Babiasz circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Angeline Babiasz circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Michael Babiasz circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Carolina Babiasz circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Wiater circa 1863 Poland Head
Regina Wiater circa 1867 Poland Wife
John Wiater circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Anna Puzyn circa 1920 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Leofil Shaczinski circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Mary Shaczinski circa 1884 New York Wife
Margarette Shaczinski circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Raymond Shaczinski circa 1917 Wisconsin     Son
Genvieve Shaczinski circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Elenor Shaczinski circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
John A Petrowski circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Anna Petrowski circa 1894 Wisconsin     Wife
Florence Petrowski circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Norman Petrowski circa 1919 Wisconsin     Son
Doloris Petrowski circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Marion Petrowski circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Clarence Petrowski circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Stanley Leck circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Leck circa 1902 Wisconsin     Wife
Helen Leck circa 1917 Wisconsin     Daughter
Irene Leck circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Angeline Leck circa 1922 Wisconsin     Daughter
Julia Leck circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Evlyn Leck circa 1928 Wisconsin     Daughter
Casimer Jarmuskiewicz circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Hattie Jarmuskiewicz circa 1903 Wisconsin     Wife
Cecilia Jarmuskiewicz circa 1927 Wisconsin     Daughter
Sylvester Jarmuskiewicz circa 1929 Wisconsin     Son
Robert McGillvery circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Lillian McGillvery circa 1899 Wisconsin     Wife
Doris McGillvery circa 1920 Wisconsin     Daughter
Carl McGillvery circa 1922 Wisconsin     Son
Ethel McGillvery circa 1926 Wisconsin     Daughter
Robert McKemie circa 1858 Canada Uncle
Vincent Szprejda circa 1871 Poland Head
Mary Szprejda circa 1883 Wisconsin     Wife
Joseph Szprejda circa 1909 Wisconsin     Son
John Szprejda circa 1912 Wisconsin     Son
Florian Szprejda circa 1914 Wisconsin     Son
Anna Szprejda circa 1916 Wisconsin     Daughter
Rose Szprejda circa 1918 Wisconsin     Daughter
Bernice Szprejda circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Vincent Szprejda circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Louis Smurawa circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Mary Smurawa circa 1894 Wisconsin     Wife
Joseph Smurawa circa 1918 Wisconsin     Son
Anthony Smurawa circa 1919 Wisconsin     Son
Stanley Smurawa circa 1920 Wisconsin     Son
Frank Smurawa circa 1924 Wisconsin     Son
Chester Smurawa circa 1930 Wisconsin     Son
John Zajac circa 1876 Poland Head
Carolina Zajac circa 1882 Poland Wife
Leo Zajac circa 1906 Poland  Son
Marion Zajac circa 1914 Illinois  Daughter
Jennette Zajac circa 1917 Indiana Daughter
Phyllis Zajac circa 1919 Illinois Daughter
Casimir Zajac circa 1920 Illinois  Son
Vincent Niedzwiecki circa 1888 Poland Head
Agnes Niedzwiecki circa 1898 Illinois Wife
Stanley Niedzwiecki circa 1911 Illinois Son
Dorothy Niedzwiecki circa 1921 Illinois  Daughter
Edward Niedzwiecki circa 1925 Illinois  Son
Walter Niedzwiecki circa 1928 Illinois  Son
Henry Niedzwiecki circa 1928 Wisconsin     Son
Thomas Lepak circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Mary Lepak circa 1885 Wisconsin     Wife
Leo Lepak circa 1910 Wisconsin     Son
Emil Lepak circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Sophia Lepak circa 1924 Wisconsin     Daughter
Vincent Palubicki circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Mary Palubicki circa 1897 Wisconsin     Wife
Johanna Palubicki circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
John Palubicki circa 1921 Wisconsin     Son
Hattie Palubicki circa 1923 Wisconsin     Daughter
Irene Palubicki circa 1927 Wisconsin     Daughter
Sylvester Wozniak circa 1889 Illinois Head
Catharine Wozniak circa 1884 Wisconsin     Wife
Frank Wozniak circa 1911 Wisconsin     Son
John Holewinski circa 1908 Wisconsin Stepson
Thomas Smith circa 1864 Poland Head
Rose Smith circa 1873 Wisconsin     Wife
Roman Smith circa 1899 Wisconsin     Son
John Smith circa 1904 Wisconsin     Son
Leo Kaczanarowski circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Sophia Kaczanarowski circa 1892 Wisconsin     Wife
Rose Kaczanarowski circa 1913 Wisconsin     Daughter
Stella Kaczanarowski circa 1915 Wisconsin     Daughter
Helen Kaczanarowski circa 1916 Wisconsin     Daughter
Rezina Kaczanarowski circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Bernice Kaczanarowski circa 1921 Wisconsin     Daughter
Ernest Kaczanarowski circa 1923 Wisconsin     Son
Lucia Kaczanarowski circa 1925 Wisconsin     Daughter
Clara Kaczanarowski circa 1926 Wisconsin     Daughter
Antonia Kaczanarowski circa 1929 Wisconsin     Daughter
Joseph Smith circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Julia Smith circa 1887 Wisconsin     Wife
John Smith circa 1854 Poland  Father
Victoria Smith circa 1855 Poland  Mother
Michael Smith circa 1909 Wisconsin     Son
Andrew Smith circa 1911 Wisconsin     Son
Verna Smith circa 1913 Wisconsin     Daughter
Johanna Smith circa 1916 Wisconsin     Daughter
Mary Smith circa 1919 Wisconsin     Daughter
Alfons Smith circa 1930 Wisconsin     Son
Frank P Smith circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Smith circa 1904 Wisconsin     Wife
Richard Smith circa 1925 Wisconsin     Son
Norbert Smith circa 1926 Wisconsin     Son
Arylla Smith circa 1928 Wisconsin Daughter

1930 Maple Grove Part II