A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 


P.S. The Menominee Reservation was part of Shawano County in 1930 so that is why I included it here in the Shawano site -- I get frequent questions regarding this and thought it might be helpful to other researchers.  The Menominee Reservation is divided into 3 sections -- Township 28, Township 29, and Township 30.

Enumerated on April 3, 1930  by David M. Thomas, Enumerator

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Charles L Gauthier circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Irene Gauthier circa 1883 Wisconsin   Wife
Cyril Gauthier circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Claude Gauthier circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Lucile Gauthier circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret Gauthier circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bernadette Gauthier circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fred Baumgarten circa 1882 Switzerland Head
Gertrude Baumgarten circa 1898 Michigan Wife
Genevieve Baumgarten circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret Baumgarten circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Herman Baumgarten circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Mary Baumgarten circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fred Baumgarten circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
Vincent Cordoni circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Alice Cordoni circa 1907 South Dakota  Wife
Arbie Hyde circa 1879 Wisconsin Father-in-law
Rudolph Hoppe circa 1892 Germany Head
Ella Hoppe circa 1895 Wisconsin   Wife
Oral Hoppe circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Fred House circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Rhoda House circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Evette House circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Arline House circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Weston House circa 1921 Wisconsin Son
Fern House circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Janette House circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Reynold House circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Geraldine House circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Rhicharda House circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leona Welch circa 1914 Wisconsin Servant
William H Hill circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Sadie Hill circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
Milton William Hill circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Helen Bertha Hill circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Robert John Hill circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Louis Frechette circa 1901 Michigan Head
Agnes Frechette circa 1903 Wisconsin   Wife
Moses Frechette circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Violet Frechette circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
David M Thomas circa 1880 Minnesota Head
Loretta G H Thomas circa 1881 Minnesota Wife
Margaret Thomas circa 1910 Phillippine  Isl. Daughter
Elsie Thomas circa 1911 Phillippine  Isl. Daughter
Gladys Thomas circa 1913 Phillippine  Isl.  Daughter
Robert G Thomas circa 1917 Minnesota  Son
Ellison Sears circa 1871 Wisconsin Head
Elisabeth Sears circa 1879 Wisconsin   Wife
Nina Sears circa 1911 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ellsworth Sears circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Dave A Fredenburg circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Amelia Fredenburg circa 1883 Wisconsin   Wife
Evelyn Fredenburg circa 1909 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gordon Fredenburg circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Everett Fredenburg circa 1916 Wisconsin   Son
Roland Fredenburg circa 1918 Wisconsin   Son
Ellsworth Sammon circa 1910 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Ramona Sammon circa 1907 Wisconsin   Daughter
Robert Le Roy Sammon circa 1929 Wisconsin   Grandson
Victor Cardoni circa 1882 Michigan Head
Rose Cardoni circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Lawrence Cardoni circa 1909 Wisconsin   Son
Velma Cardoni circa 1911 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marvin Cardoni circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Leonard Cardoni circa 1917 French Canada  Son
Verlie Cardoni circa 1919 French Canada  Daughter
Elane Cardoni circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Geo D Pecore circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Emma Pecore circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
Geo A Pecore circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
John Pecore circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Benjamin Pecore circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Orvill J Sears circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Gladys M Sears circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Wendall J Sears circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Arthur Eastman circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Frances Eastman circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Genevieve Eastman circa 1914 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mabel Eastman circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Elenor Eastman circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret Eastman circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Martha Eastman circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lillian Eastman circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Clarence B Hanson circa 1884 Iowa Head
Mary Hanson circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
Thomas E Hanson circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Marshall J Hanson circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Robert E Hanson circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Lawrence Glassow circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Vera Glassow circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Arline Glassow circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
John B Grignon circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Frances Grignon circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Thomas Grignon circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Helen Grignon circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lawrence Richmond circa 1906 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Francis Richmond circa 1908 French Canada  Sister-in-law
Louis Bibelhausen circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Bibelhausen circa 1905 Wisconsin  Wife
Edward Bibelhausen circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Pearl Gardner circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Lida Gardner circa 1881 Wisconsin  Wife
Zera Gardner circa 1906 Wisconsin  Son
Adrian Gardner circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Grady Gardner circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Amy Gardner circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Wesley Aaron circa 1899 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Iva Aaron circa 1910 Wisconsin  Daughter
James L Curtain circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Helen Curtain circa 1899 Illinois  Wife
Joyce Curtain circa 1918 Wisconsin  Stepson
Elaine Curtain circa 1922 Wisconsin  Stepdaughter
Carmella Curtain circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
William Joseph Soulier circa 1921 Wisconsin Nephew
Joseph Frechette circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Loretta Frechette circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
William Flynn circa 1882 Michigan Head
Elsie Flynn circa 1884 Kansas  Wife
John D Flynn circa 1915 Kansas  Son
William R Flynn circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
James M Flynn circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Elnora Flynn circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Eugene A Flynn circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph A Flynn circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Micheal Flynn circa 1854 New York Father
John Besaw circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Anna Besaw circa 1875 Wisconsin  Wife
Edward Pecore circa 1873 Wisconsin Head
Anna Pecore circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Edward Pecore circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Pecore circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Velma Pecore circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Earl Pecore circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Irma Pecore circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Carl Miller circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Sally Miller circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Carol Miller circa 1917 Wisconsin  Stepson
Salmer Miller circa 1919 Wisconsin  Stepson
Earl Miller circa 1920 Wisconsin  Stepson
Arnold Miller circa 1925 Wisconsin  Stepson
Faun Miller circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Roland Oshkosh circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Katherine Oshkosh circa 1907 Wisconsin  Wife
Roberta Oshkosh circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ronald Oshkosh circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph E Stevens circa 1883 Michigan Head
Elizabeth Stevens circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Ellen Rose Stevens circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gregory J Stevens circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Myrtle Tousey circa 1914 Wisconsin Servant
Arthur Finney circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Maude B Finney circa 1882 Wisconsin  Wife
A Brooks Finney circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Harriet L Finney circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
John C Dawson circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Mabel Dawson circa 1891 Minnesota  Wife
Lucile Dawson circa 1915 North Dakota  Daughter
Thomas Dawson circa 1916 North Dakota  Son
Margaret Dawson circa 1919 North Dakota Daughter
Merle Dawson circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Plass circa 1887 Czechoslovakia Head
Clara Belle Plass circa 1905 Wisconsin  Wife
Juanita Plass circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Genevieve Plass circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Plass circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Boivin circa 1908 Wisconsin Head
Anna Boivin circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Evelyn Boivin circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joseph Boivin circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
James Toman circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Frederica Toman circa 1890 Wisconsin  Wife
Emmett Toman circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
John Kaqustosh circa 1866 Wisconsin Head
Mary Kaqustosh circa 1870 Wisconsin  Wife
Richard Kaqustosh circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Rachel Kaqustosh circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter-in-law
Raymond Kaqustosh circa 1929 Wisconsin  Grandson
Frank O'Conner circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Christine O'Conner circa 1907 Wisconsin  Wife
Elenor M O'Conner circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elsie O'Conner circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Margaret O'Conner circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jean O'Conner circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Patricia M O'Conner circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Simon La Tender circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Bertha La Tender circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Simon La Tender circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Elizabeth La Tender circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Irene La Tender circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Sylvester La Tender circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
James La Tender circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Julius Boivin circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Jennie H Boivin circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Thomas Boivin circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Reuben Boivin circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Mary Boivin circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Myrtle Boivin circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Frances Boivin circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Arnold Boivin circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Angela Boivin circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Philip Boivin circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Rapheal Boivin circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Richard Boivin circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
James Caldwell circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Lucy Caldwell circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Leslie Caldwell circa 1915 Wisconsin Son
Mary L Caldwell circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Eileen M Caldwell circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Stella Marie Caldwell circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elenor Caldwell circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lillian Caldwell circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
George F Funk circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Thersa M Funk circa 1890 Wisconsin  Wife
Milbert Funk circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Percy Funk circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Mildred Funk circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
George Funk circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Le Roy Funk circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Precilla Funk circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Clarice Funk circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charles J Funk circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Maxine Funk circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Solomon Peters circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Catherine Peters circa 1874 Wisconsin  Wife
Mary Beauprey circa 1898 Wisconsin Cousin
Peter Beauprey circa 1896 Wisconsin  Cousin
Leonard Beauprey circa 1913 Wisconsin  Nephew
Samuel Beauprey circa 1914 Wisconsin  Nephew
Joseph Beauprey circa 1880 Wisconsin  Cousin
Henry Sprague circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Maria Sprague circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Francis Frechette circa 1903 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Charles Frechette circa 1911 Wisconsin  Stepson
Thomas Frechette circa 1914 Wisconsin  Stepson
Edna Durone circa 1929 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Rueben Long circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Matilda Long circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Gordon Long circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
La Verne Long circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Catherine Peters circa 1912 Wisconsin Sister-in-law
Mitchell Peters circa 1909 Wisconsin  Brother-in-law
Herman Sackatook circa 1912 Wisconsin Nephew
John Okatchicum circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Julia Okatchicum circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
James Okatchicum circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Okatchicum circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Harriet Okatchicum circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joseph Teller circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Mary Teller circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Evelyn Teller circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harriet Teller circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Delores Teller circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edith Teller circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Amos Striker circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth C Striker circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Gale Striker circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Edward Miller circa 1889 Michigan Head
Laura Miller circa 1896 Wisconsin  Wife
Henry Miller circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Clara Miller circa 1918 Michigan Daughter
Florence Miller circa 1911 Wisconsin  Niece
Peter Tebeau circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Lucinda Tebeau circa 1883 Wisconsin  Wife
Le Roy Tebeau circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Barbara Tebeau circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Kathleen Tebeau circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Anthony Hausey circa 1906 Wisconsin Head
Virginia Hausey circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Herman Bowman circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Florence Bowman circa 1877 Wisconsin  Wife
Bertha Bowman circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Cecil Bowman circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Andrey Bowman circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Pambrock Bowman circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Alvada Bowman circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
M Joseph Menominee circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Earl Menominee circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Joseph Menominee circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Theresa Menominee circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gertude Nunway circa 1899 Wisconsin Housekeeper
Alma Nunway circa 1921 Wisconsin  
Elda Nunway circa 1923 Wisconsin  
Evangeline Nunway circa 1925 Wisconsin  
Veronia Nunway circa 1928 Wisconsin  
Henry Long circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Agatha Long circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Dorothy Long circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edward Long circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Louis Crowe circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Sallie Crowe circa 1863 Wisconsin  Mother
Alex Peters circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Rose Peters circa 1911 Wisconsin  Wife
Jerome Sheshequon circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Libby Sheshequon circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Raymond J Sheshequon circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Delores M Sheshequon circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Josephine Sheshequon circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edward Mahkimetas circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Mahkimetas circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Harold Mahkimetas circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Mary Mahkimetas circa 1930 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edmund Mahkimetas circa 1913 Wisconsin  Brother-in-law
Albert Mahkimetas circa 1910 Wisconsin  Brother
George Irving circa 1869 Wisconsin Head
Madelina Irving circa 1876 Wisconsin  Wife
Sarah Irving circa 1909 Wisconsin  Daughter
Theresa Irving circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
George Irving circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Yvonne Irving circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Francis Gauthier circa 1900 New York Head
Elsie Gauthier circa 1906 Wisconsin  Wife
Donald Gauthier circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
James Gauthier circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Joe Caldwell circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Margaret Caldwell circa 1873 Wisconsin  Wife
Geneva O'Conner circa 1911 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Ida Caldwell circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joseph J Caldwell circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Agnes O'Conner circa 1919 Wisconsin  Step Granddaughter
Orlen O'Conner circa 1922 Wisconsin  Step Grandson
Agnes Corn circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Gust Corn circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Phyllis Corn circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Okimosh circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Ethel Okimosh circa 1883 Wisconsin  Wife
Frank Winnechick circa 1909 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Jane Winnechick circa 1908 Wisconsin  Daughter
Flora Winnechick circa 1926 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Peter Okimosh circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
George V Kenote circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Mary Kenote circa 1903 Wisconsin  Wife
James Kenote circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond I Kenote circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Lucile Marin Kenote circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Genevieve Kenote circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fidel Amour circa 1908 Wisconsin Head
Marie Amour circa 1911 Wisconsin  Wife
Jane Kaquotosh circa 1857 Wisconsin Head
George Humphreville circa 1882 Wisconsin Son
Joseph Besaw circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Marcella Besaw circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Delores Besaw circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
Norbert Besaw circa 1906 Wisconsin Head
Esther Besaw circa 1897 Michigan  Wife
Carl Lemon circa 1915 Wisconsin Stepson
Earl Lemon circa 1918 Wisconsin   Stepson
Edith Lemon circa 1918 Wisconsin   Stepdaughter
Joe Gristeau circa 1858 Wisconsin Father-in-law
Louis La Mote circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Mary La Mote circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Micheal F La Mote circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Dorothy G La Mote circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mary Margaret La Mote circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph La Mote circa 1904 Wisconsin   Son
John Kaquatash circa 1885 Michigan Head
Margaret Kaquatash circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Thomas Kaquatash circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Mary M Kaquatash circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Charles F Kaquatash circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Celia M Kaquatash circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Claudie F Kaquatash circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Catherina Kaquatash circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Peter Askinette circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Louisa Askinette circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Mary J Askinette circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alec Askinette circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Josephine Askinette circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret Belongia circa 1912 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Joseph Wapoose circa 1906 Wisconsin Head
Louise Wapoose circa 1907 Wisconsin   Wife
Robert Sanapa circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Emma Sanapa circa 1878 Wisconsin   Wife
James Waupeknay circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Annie Waupeknay circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Mary Waupeknay circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph Waupeknay circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Florence Waupeknay circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Elsie Waupeknay circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Christine Waupeknay circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joseph Shawankosic circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Rose Shawankosic circa 1902 Wisconsin Wife
Mildred Shawankosic circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marie King circa 1923 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Raymond King circa 1924 Wisconsin   Stepson
Mitchell Soman circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Angelina Soman circa 1908 Wisconsin   Wife
Viola Soman circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frank Wayka circa 1911 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
John Fish circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Rose Fish circa 1901 Wisconsin   Wife
Muriel Cecelia Fish circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Clarence Jerome Fish circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Raymond Bernard Fish circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Elaine Frances Fish circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Alex Dixon circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Irene Dixon circa 1914 Wisconsin   Niece
Delores Dixon circa 1929 Wisconsin   Grand or Great Niece
Louis J Fowler circa 1922 Wisconsin Grand or Great Nephew
Christina Okachekum circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
Edward Ryder circa 1871 Pennsylvania Head
Adelina Ryder circa 1879 Michigan   Wife
John Dykema circa 1909 Michigan Son-in-law
Pearl Dykema circa 1910 Michigan   Stepdaughter
William Wapoose circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Wapoose circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Lillian Wapoose circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Arleen Wapoose circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
George Tomaw circa 1902 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Sophie Tomaw circa 1898 Wisconsin   Sister-in-law
Delores Tomaw circa 1919 Wisconsin   Niece
Edna Gauthier circa 1915 Wisconsin Niece
Peter Gauthier circa 1916 Wisconsin   Nephew
Sylvester Gauthier circa 1919 Wisconsin   Nephew
Lloyd Gauthier circa 1925 Wisconsin   Nephew
Joe Sanapa circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Lucy M Sanapa circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Jerome S Sanapa circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Mary C Sanapa circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ella May Sanapa circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
David E Crowe circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Alice M Crowe circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Edison S Crowe circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harold Thomas Crowe circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
David Evertt Crowe circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Constance May Crowe circa 1930  Wisconsin   Daughter
Louis Kaquatash circa 1856 Wisconsin Head
Alice Peters circa 1903 Wisconsin Housekeeper
Mabel Peters circa 1922 Wisconsin  
John Peters circa 1923 Wisconsin  
Joseph Peters circa 1925 Wisconsin  
Alvin Peters circa 1927 Wisconsin  
Thomas Peters circa 1929 Wisconsin  
Iva Peters circa 1913 Wisconsin  
Henry Pocan circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Adeline Pocan circa 1890 Wisconsin   Wife
William Pocan circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Clyde Pocan circa 1916 Michigan  Son
Nelson Pocan circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Louisa Pocan circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Redmond Pocan circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph Pocan circa 1882 Wisconsin   Brother
John Tousey circa 1907 Wisconsin Head
Eunice Tousey circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Kathleen Tousey circa 1925 Wisconsin   Stepdaughter
William R Cook circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Pamacheen F Cook circa 1870 Wisconsin   Wife
Joe Neconish circa 1908 Wisconsin Head
Jane Neconish circa 1890 Wisconsin   Mother
Isidore Neconish circa 1903 Wisconsin   Brother
Catherine Neconish circa 1905 Wisconsin   Sister-in-law
Elizabeth Neconish circa 1910 Wisconsin   Sister
Mary Neconish circa 1912 Wisconsin   Sister
Olive Neconish circa 1918 Wisconsin   Sister
Madaline Neconish circa 1920 Wisconsin   Cousin
Gordon Neconish circa 1924 Wisconsin   Brother
Gloria Neconish circa 1925 Wisconsin   Sister
Clayton Neconish circa 1925 Wisconsin   Nephew
Jane Neconish circa 1928 Wisconsin   Niece
George T Wayka circa 1915 Wisconsin Cousin
Dewey Neconish circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Angeline Neconish circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Elizabeth Neconish circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Cecelia Neconish circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Eunice White circa 1923 Wisconsin Stepdaughter
Mary Kaqustosh circa 1898 Wisconsin Boarder
Cecelia Kaqustosh circa 1926 Wisconsin Boarder
Luke Beauprie circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Susan A Beauprie circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Luke Lester Beauprie circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Susan Marie Beauprie circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Cordelia May Beauprie circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Verna Rose Beauprie circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Ami Belle Beauprie circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Juanita Joseph Beauprie circa 1930 Wisconsin   Son
Mitchell Beauprie circa 1843 Wisconsin   Father
Bakehpus Hawpetos circa 1867 Wisconsin Head
Duffy Hawpetos circa 1900 Wisconsin   Son
Louie Hawpetos circa 1904 Wisconsin   Son
Mitchell Waukaw circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Susie Waukaw circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Juanita Waukaw circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Lloyd Waukaw circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Hilary Waukaw circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Yvonne Waukaw circa 1925 Wisconsin   Daughter
Orman Waukaw circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Mitchell Mahkimetas circa 1865 Wisconsin Head
Mary Ann Mahkimetas circa 1881 Wisconsin   Wife
Bartholomew Chevalier circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Beatrice Chevalier circa 1892 New York  Wife
Esther Chevalier circa 1909 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gordon Chevalier circa 1911 Wisconsin   Son
Ruth D Chevalier circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marie Chevalier circa 1915 Wisconsin   Daughter
Joyce Chevalier circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Emerine Chevalier circa 1920 Wisconsin Daughter
Dora Chevalier circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Doris Chevalier circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Margaret Chevalier circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harvey Chevalier circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Melvin Chevalier circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Richard Aaron circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Louise Aaron circa 1904 Wisconsin Wife
Emelia J Wabanascum circa 1914 Wisconsin Niece
Theo J Aaron circa 1929 Wisconsin   Son
John P Aaron circa 1925 Wisconsin   Stepson
Andrews Knipeway circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Knipeway circa 1891 Wisconsin   Wife
Virginia Knipeway circa 1912 Wisconsin   Daughter
Myrtle Knipeway circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
George Creapeau circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Della Creapeau circa 1901 Wisconsin   Wife
Anthony Creapeau circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Vera Creapeau circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Marvin Creapeau circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Rose Creapeau circa 1926 Wisconsin   Daughter
Evelyn Creapeau circa 1928 Wisconsin   Daughter
Raymond Creapeau circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Robert Grignon circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Rose Grignon circa 1897 Wisconsin   Wife
Joseph Grignon circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Marie Grignon circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Victoria Grignon circa 1918 Wisconsin   Daughter
Jesse Brooks circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
Mitchell Pamonicutt circa 1888 Wisconsin Boarder
Sam Petewyawaskum circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Petewyawaskum circa 1871 Wisconsin   Wife
Henry Petewyawaskum circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Robert Deer circa 1902 Wisconsin Stepson
Louis Dodge circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Madalina Dodge circa 1888 Wisconsin   Wife
Irving Dodge circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Frank Nahchewiska circa 1911 Wisconsin Stepson
John A Dodge circa 1871 Wisconsin   Brother
Theresa Deer circa 1907 Wisconsin Niece
Earl Rogers circa 1927 Wisconsin Grand or Great Nephew
Fred Crowe circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Crowe circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Sophie Beauprie circa 1906 Wisconsin Daughter
Moses Crowe circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Joseph A Crowe circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Patrick A Crowe circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Veronica Crowe circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bennett E Crowe circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Leno Cuellar circa 1908 Oklahoma Boarder
George Warrington circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Sarah Warrington circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Kenneth Warrington circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Glenn Warrington circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Gloria Warrington circa 1924 Wisconsin   Daughter
Burton Warrington circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son
Maxine Warrington circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Gabriel Mahkimatas circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
George Washonoquit circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Kate Washonoquit circa 1887 Wisconsin   Wife
Charles Wescott circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Wescott circa 1903 Wisconsin   Wife
Peter Lamote circa 1858 Wisconsin Head
Theresa Lamote circa 1864 Wisconsin   Wife
Moses Lamote circa 1890 Wisconsin   Adopted Son
Margaret L Waubano circa 1920 Wisconsin Adopted Daughter
Joe Beauprey circa 1858 Wisconsin Uncle
Joe A Waubano circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Edward Waubano circa 1907 Wisconsin   Son
Jack Mesoukll circa 1871 Wisconsin Head
Martha Mesoukee circa 1858 Wisconsin   Wife
William Mesoukee circa 1927 Wisconsin   Son
George G McCall circa 1863 Wisconsin Head
Inez C McCall circa 1873 Wisconsin   Wife
Ella G Mckenzie circa 1866 Wisconsin Sister-in-law
David Erie Kenote circa 1918 Wisconsin Adopted Son
Walter J Sullivan circa 1902 Wisconsin Boarder