A few weeks back, I found myself trying to locate SCHMIDT in the Town of Hartland -- I looked from 1860 - 1930 and THOUGHT this would be an easy one -- no misspellings on Schmidt, right?  Wrong -- I looked for an entire evening and finally tracked them through all the censuses - SCHMIDT, SCHMITH, SMITH, etc.  I sure wish the census takers could see us now, looking over every pen stroke to see if it was an "a" or a sloppy "o"... some are very neat but sometimes I think this might have very well been their first grasp at penmanship!  Needless to say, these records are a great source of information! 

The 1930 Federal Census Index here is just that, an index.  The actual census has so much more information, but this should at least help you locate your family in the census, whether you view it on microfilm or online.   (BTW, that's why Hartland Twp. is completed first -- the rest will eventually follow -- I promise!) 


Enumerated on April 19, 1930  by Ivan A. Brunner, Enumerator

Name Birth Year Birthplace Relationship
Anton Osterholt circa 1871 Germany Head
Kathryn Osterholt circa 1877 Germany  Wife
Joseph Schremp circa 1915 Wisconsin Stepson
Evelyn Schremp circa 1921 Wisconsin  Stepdaughter
Margaret Bach circa 1857 Germany Mother-in-law
Walter Fritz circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Lillian Fritz circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Loyd Fritz circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Albert Hintz circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Ella Hintz circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Hilda Hintz circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Adolph Hintz circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Herman Hintz circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Reinhold Adam circa 1874 Germany Head
Franceska Adam circa 1878 Germany  Wife
Fredric Adam circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Friedercka Adam circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ida Adam circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Henry Adam circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Frank Paiser circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Christina Paiser circa 1888 Wisconsin  Wife
Harold Paiser circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
James Klement circa 1911 Wisconsin Boarder
Elbert Ashenbrenner circa 1868 Czechoslovakia Head
Elizabeth Ashenbrenner circa 1875 Czechoslovakia  Wife
Louis Ashenbrenner circa 1904 Wisconsin  Son
Emma Ashenbrenner circa 1910 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gabriel Ashenbrenner circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Albert Pranke circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Gustave Pranke circa 1858 Germany  Father
Joe P Ashenbrenner circa 1902 Wisconsin Head
Frances Ashenbrenner circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Dolores Ashenbrenner circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Robert Ashenbrenner circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Germaine Ashenbrenner circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
August Fritz circa 1859 Germany Head
Emma Fritz circa 1863 Wisconsin  Wife
Ella Fritz circa 1900 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harry Fritz circa 1902 Wisconsin  Son
Vera Fritz circa 1908 Wisconsin  Daughter
George M Hoffman circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Emma Hoffman circa 1885 Wisconsin  Wife
Percy G Hoffman circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Hoffman circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Esther Pevonka circa 1912 Wisconsin Daughter
Ernst Pevonka circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son-in-law
Joyce Pevonka circa 1922 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Eben Hoffman circa 1928 Wisconsin Son
Jim Boehm circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Mary Boehm circa 1886 Wisconsin  Wife
Anna Mae Boehm circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Rita Boehm circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Paiser circa 1871 Czechoslovakia Head
Anna Paiser circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Alice Paiser circa 1910 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mabel Paiser circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jeanette Paiser circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joe Paiser circa 1869 Czechoslovakia Head
Annie Paiser circa 1878 Wisconsin  Wife
Mildred Paiser circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Melvin Paiser circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
John F Paiser circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Emma Paiser circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Viola Paiser circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Arlie Paiser circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Leona Paiser circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Vera Paiser circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Barbra Paiser circa 1850 Czechoslovakia  Mother
John Sazama circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Emma Sazama circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Jeanette Sazama circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Grace Sazama circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
John J Sazama circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Albert Paiser circa 1883 Czechoslovakia Lodger
August Schroeder circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Sophie Schroeder circa 1867 Germany  Mother
Lester Back circa 1913 Wisconsin Nephew
Joe Stodola circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Anna Stodola circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
John P Paiser circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Mary Paiser circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
John Paiser circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Angeline Paiser circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lorance Paiser circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Dorothy Paiser circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Marvin Paiser circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Gordon Paiser circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Regina Paiser circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Florence Paiser circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Victor Paiser circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Katie Paiser circa 1890 Wisconsin  Sister
Arthur F Kopitzke circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Marie Kopitzke circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Herman Arndt circa 1876 Wisconsin Head
Mary Arndt circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Raymond Arndt circa 1904 Wisconsin  Son
Ervin Arndt circa 1906 Wisconsin  Son
Sarah Arndt circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Erma Arndt circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elmer Arndt circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Marion Arndt circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Emil Zimdars circa 1881 Wisconsin Head
Ella Zimdars circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Ervin Zimdars circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Erma Zimdars circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Herbert Zimdars circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Harry Zimdars circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Alvin Zimdars circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
August Zimdars circa 1844 Germany Head
Julia Zimdars circa 1857 Germany  Wife
Henry Nordwig circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Ida Nordwig circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Milton Nordwig circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Inez Nordwig circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mae Nordwig circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fern Nordwig circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Arthur Nordwig circa 1910 Wisconsin  Brother
Raymond Nordwig circa 1912 Wisconsin  Brother
Clara Nordwig circa 1874 Germany  Mother
Rolly Brunner circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Barbra Brunner circa 1903 Wisconsin  Wife
Helen Brunner circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jane Brunner circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Arlene Brunner circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Christina Pevonka circa 1914 Wisconsin Sister-in-law
William Kroening circa 1872 Wisconsin Boarder
William Wiskow circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Rose Wiskow circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Helen Wiskow circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Laura Wiskow circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ruth Wiskow circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lila Wiskow circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Carl Wiskow circa 1855 Germany  Father
Bertha Wiskow circa 1861 Germany  Mother
Joe Weber circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Viola Weber circa 1904 Wisconsin  Wife
Joyce Weber circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Joe Weber circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Earl Terrian circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Mae Terrian circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Herman Eggert circa 1880 Germany Head
Martha Eggert circa 1885 Wisconsin  Wife
Doris Eggert circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Phyllis Eggert circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jane Eggert circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harold Eggert circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Ella Ulmand circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
William H Felts circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Olga Felts circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Gladys Felts circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lavern Felts circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Fern Felts circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Leon Grosskopf circa 1908 Wisconsin Lodger
Ferdinand Koening circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Marie Koening circa 1877 Wisconsin  Wife
Emil Koening circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Arthur L Rasmussen circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Mayme Rasmussen circa 1893 Wisconsin  Wife
Alta Rasmussen circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Herman Nordwig circa 1861 Germany Head
Albertina Nordwig circa 1871 Germany  Wife
Selma Nordwig circa 1905 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gilbert Nordwig circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Emil Nordwig circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Marvin Nordwig circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
William Nordwig circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Emma Nordwig circa 1882 Germany  Wife
Otto Fehrman circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Mary Fehrman circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Pearl Fehrman circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Bernice Fehrman circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Florance Fehrman circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Harvey Fehrman circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Wallace Fehrman circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Hanna Sieber circa 1868 Germany Head
Christ Kloth circa 1894 Wisconsin Son
Pauline Kloth circa 1896 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charles Kroening circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Edwin Wetzel circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Herman Wetzel circa 1894 Wisconsin  Brother
Emma Wetzel circa 1866 Germany  Mother
Albert A Lutzow circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Sophia Lutzow circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Elmer Lutzow circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Arnold Lutzow circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Ira Lutzow circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Gordon Lutzow circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond Lutzow circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Hanna Giessel circa 1860 Germany Head
Adolph Giessel circa 1890 Wisconsin  Son
Theodore Giessel circa 1903 Wisconsin  Son
Edwin Giessel circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
August Bratz circa 1880 Wisconsin Head
Martha Bratz circa 1908 Wisconsin  Daughter
Reinhard Bratz circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Ervin Bratz circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Amanda Bratz circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Dora Bratz circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fred Bratz circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Helen Bratz circa 1890 Wisconsin  Wife
Otto Bratz circa 1915 Wisconsin  Relative
Erma Bratz circa 1919 Wisconsin  Relative
Arthur Bratz circa 1921 Wisconsin  Relative
George Brunner circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Alverina Brunner circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Jean Brunner circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Leon Brunner circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Jake Flauger circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Martha Flauger circa 1893 Germany  Wife
Willard Flauger circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Arline Flauger circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Kohn circa 1905 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Anna Kohn circa 1911 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lorance Kohn circa 1928 Wisconsin  Grandson
Martin Weacke? circa 1861 Germany Head
Sophia Weacke? circa 1861 Wisconsin  Wife
Herman Weacke? circa 1903 Wisconsin  Son
Viola Weacke? circa 1907 Wisconsin  Daughter-in-law
Gordan Weacke? circa 1926 Wisconsin  Grandson
Lyle Weacke? circa 1928 Wisconsin  Grandson
Geroldine Weacke? circa 1926 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Anton Schreiber circa 1870 Wisconsin Head
Marie Schreiber circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Norman Schreiber circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Alvira Schreiber circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Cornelius Doxtater circa 1901 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Margaret Doxtater circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Chas Steinke circa 1865 Germany Head
Annie Steinke circa 1871 Wisconsin  Wife
Albert Dahse circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Selma Dahse circa 1905 Illinois  Wife
Caroline Dahse circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Velma Dahse circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elmer Dahse circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
William Dahse circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Johanna Eggers circa 1915 Germany Head
Joe Fischer circa 1889 Wisconsin Head
Marie Fischer circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Shirley Mae Fischer circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Anton Heins circa 1865 Germany Head
Clara Heins circa 1865 Germany  Wife
Wallace Heins circa 1891 Wisconsin  Son
Paul Heins circa 1900 Wisconsin  Son
William Maas circa 1907 Wisconsin Lodger
Sylvia Maas circa 1910 Wisconsin Servant
James Sazama circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Anna Sazama circa 1904 Wisconsin  Wife
Betty Sazama circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Sazama circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Clyde Herman circa 1913 Wisconsin Nephew
August Maas circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Francis Maas circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
Evert Maas circa 1908 Wisconsin  Son
Orland (Orline) Maas circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Eli Maas circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Melvin Maas circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
George Bucholz circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Mary Bucholz circa 1905 Wisconsin  Wife
Caroline Bucholz circa 1861 Germany  Mother
Charles Bucholz circa 1852 Wisconsin  Father
Raymond Schrieber circa 1911 Wisconsin Hired Man
Harry Felts circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Hattie Felts circa 1891 Wisconsin  Wife
Wallace Felts circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Marilyn Jane Felts circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Charles Lind circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Gertrude Lind circa 1899 Wisconsin  Wife
Dorothy Lind circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lyle Lind circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Fred Dahse circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Matilda Dahse circa 1861 Germany  Mother
Unice Antone circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Isril Antone circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Synthia Antone circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Viola Antone circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Hanson Antone circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Cecelia Antone circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mary Antone circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Wilson Antone  circa 1930 Wisconsin Son
Ablson Cooper circa 1893 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Katie Cooper circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Andrew Cooper circa 1919 Wisconsin  Grandson
Marie Herman circa 1869 Germany Head
Walter Herman circa 1895 Wisconsin  Son
Mildred Dillan circa 1904 Wisconsin Daughter
Roger Dillan circa 1927 Wisconsin  Grandson
Jean Dillan circa 1929 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Adolph Belfeuil circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Leafy Belfeuil circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Gilbert Belfeuil circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Marina Belfeuil circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Grosskopf circa 1900 Wisconsin Head
Berdine Grosskopf circa 1903 Wisconsin  Wife
Edward Grosskopf circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Dorothy Grosskopf circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
William Jeske circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Rose Jeske circa 1886 Austria  Wife
Lillian Jeske circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Julius Jeske circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Alice Jeske circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Fred Pehlke circa 1870 Germany Head
Emma Pehlke circa 1881 Germany  Wife
Fred Pehlke circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Carl Malitz circa 1882 Germany Head
Marie Malitz circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Donald Malitz circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Carl Malitz circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Laura Malitz circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edgar Malitz circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Kucksdorf circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Elsie Kucksdorf circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Millard Kucksdorf circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Roland Kucksdorf circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Robert Kucksdorf circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Henry Dumke circa 1872 Wisconsin Head
Allen Dumke circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Mildred Dumke circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Raymond Dumke circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Sylvia Dumke circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Amelia Netzel circa 1871 Germany Mother-in-law
Otto Kraft circa 1877 Germany Head
Redina Kraft circa 1884 Wisconsin  Wife
William Kraft circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Ruben Kraft circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Emil Kraft circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Florence Kraft circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
Bennie Kraft circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Roy Kraft circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Jermaine Skaar circa 1926 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Gust Grosskopf circa 1873 Germany Head
Anna Grosskopf circa 1879 Germany  Wife
Alfred Grosskopf circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Fred R Grosskopf circa 1902 Wisconsin  Son
Lillian Grosskopf circa 1906 Wisconsin  Daughter-in-law
Leonard Grosskopf circa 1924 Wisconsin  Grandson
Elmer Grosskopf circa 1928 Wisconsin  Grandson
William Steinberg circa 1871 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Steinberg circa 1880 Wisconsin  Wife
Alvin Steinberg circa 1900 Wisconsin  Son
Arlie Steinberg circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
Franklin Steinberg circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Harvey Steinberg circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond Steinberg circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Lucille Steinberg circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Jeanette Steinberg circa 1921 Wisconsin  Daughter
Linora Steinberg circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Esther Buchholtz circa 1902 Wisconsin Daughter
Walter Buchholtz circa 1897 Wisconsin  Son-in-law
William Marquart circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Ella Marquart circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Harry Marquart circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Alex Buss circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Helen Buss circa 1907 Illinois  Wife
Helen Buss circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Dorothy Buss circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Robert Buss circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Emil Shultz circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Louise Shultz circa 1879 Wisconsin  Wife
Herbert Shultz circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Adolph Stefl circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Annie Stefl circa 1861 Germany Mother
Steve Sazge circa 1913 Wisconsin Hired Man
August H Giessel circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Artie Giessel circa 1898 Wisconsin  Wife
Fred Giessel circa 1846 Germany Father
Eliza Giessel circa 1861 Wisconsin  Mother
Fred A Giessel circa 1893 Wisconsin  Brother
Fred C Maas circa 1859 Germany Head
Ervin Maas circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
Irene Maas circa 1912 Wisconsin  Daughter
Carrie Maas circa 1862 Wisconsin  Sister
Max Buchoshz? circa 1886 Wisconsin Son-in-law
Edna Buchoshz? circa 1898 Wisconsin  Daughter
Evelyn Buchoshz? circa 1929 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Herbert Maas circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Ella Maas circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Eugene Maas circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Roger Maas circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Albert E Voelz circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Amanda Voelz circa 1888 Wisconsin  Wife
Grace Voelz circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ruth Voelz circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Marvin Voelz circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Myrtle Voelz circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Caroline Voelz circa 1855 Germany  Mother
Clara Salzman circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Charles Butts circa 1909 Wisconsin Son
Perry Butts circa 1913 Wisconsin  Son
Roy Salzman circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Earl Salzman circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Wallace Salzman circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Charles Watter circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Eda Watter circa 1872 Wisconsin  Wife
Loyd Watter circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Henry Watter circa 1866 Wisconsin  Brother
William F Voelz circa 1874 Wisconsin Head
Emma Voelz circa 1877 Wisconsin  Wife
Mlton Voelz circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Helen Viergutz circa 1923 Wisconsin Granddaughter
Ruben Voelz circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Malinda Voelz circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Gust Malueg circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Lilly Malueg circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
James Malueg circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Gustave Zastrow circa 1862 Germany Head
Elsie Zastrow circa 1904 Wisconsin  Daughter
William F Watters circa 1898 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Watters circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Junior Watters circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Levy Watters circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Dale Watters circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Jearldean Watters circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ed A Sieber circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Flora Sieber circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Phyllis Sieber circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Helen Sieber circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Ruben Sieber circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Warren Sieber circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
John Drier circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Anna Drier circa 1900 Wisconsin Wife
Ruben Drier circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Frank W Lange circa 1906 Wisconsin Head
Dorothy Lange circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Bob Lange circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Lother Maas circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Rosa Maas circa 1901 Wisconsin  Wife
Melda Maas circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Raymond Maas circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Arthur Schultz circa 1892 Wisconsin Head
Rena Schultz circa 1896 Wisconsin  Wife
Deloris Schultz circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Germaine Schultz circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
John W Maas circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Adela Maas circa 1888 Wisconsin  Wife
Ethel Maas circa 1913 Wisconsin  Daughter
Kermit Maas circa 1916 Wisconsin  Son
Elaine Maas circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Duane Maas circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Fred Shank circa 1858 Germany Head
Holie Shank circa 1867 Germany  Wife
Helmet Giessel circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Amanda Giessel circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Arland Giessel circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Ruth Giessel circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lillian Giessel circa 1919 Wisconsin  Daughter
James Giessel circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
June Giessel circa 1924 Wisconsin  Daughter
Eugine Giessel circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Mike Bucholtz circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Barbra Bucholtz circa 1905 Wisconsin  Wife
Virginia Bucholtz circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
William Giessel circa 1873 Germany Head
Earl Giessel circa 1905 Wisconsin  Son
Bangor Summer circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Mary Summer circa 1894 Wisconsin  Wife
Verle Schultz circa 1899 Michigan Head
Harry Gilmore circa 1864 Michigan Father
Herman Jolitz circa 1883 Wisconsin Head
Manda Jolitz circa 1887 Wisconsin  Wife
Carl Jolitz circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
June Jolitz circa 1915 Wisconsin  Daughter
Victor Jolitz circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Jeanette Jolitz circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Herman Jolitz circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Albert Buelter circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Lydia Buelter circa 1888 Wisconsin  Wife
Grace Buelter circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Gordan Buelter circa 1921 Wisconsin  Son
Dorothy Buelter circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Albert Tews circa 1854 Germany Father-in-law
Andrew Buckoske circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Julia Buckoske circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Hazel Buckoske circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Eugine Buckoske circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Joe Schmidt circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Enda Schmidt circa 1902 Wisconsin  Wife
Archie Schmidt circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Birger Schmidt circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Farriel Schmidt circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Randel Schmidt circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Henry Schultz circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Lydia Schultz circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Doris Schultz circa 1923 Wisconsin  Daughter
Roy Schultz circa 1924 Wisconsin  Son
Frank Giese circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Minnie Giese circa 1909 Wisconsin  Wife
Ruben Giese circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Roy Giese circa 1927 Wisconsin  Son
Otto Giese circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Richard Kuschel circa 1893 Wisconsin Head
Marie Kuschel circa 1892 Wisconsin  Wife
Henrietta Schwartzkopf circa 1848 Germany Mother-in-law
August Schwartzkopf circa 1882 Wisconsin  Brother-in-law
Carl Watters circa 1899 Wisconsin Head
Lilly Watters circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
Russel Watters circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Lois Watters circa 1928 Wisconsin  Daughter
Duase Watters circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Otto F Schultz circa 1897 Wisconsin Head
Estha Schultz circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Bernice Schultz circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Mara Schultz circa 1927 Wisconsin  Daughter
Lloyd Schultz circa 1929 Wisconsin  Son
Fred A Schultz circa 1868 Germany Father
Pauline Schultz circa 1878 Wisconsin  Mother
John Kriesel circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Lilly Kriesel circa 1900 Wisconsin  Wife
Orval Kriesel circa 1918 Wisconsin  Son
Cora Kriesel circa 1920 Wisconsin  Daughter
Roy Kriesel circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Richard H Zander circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Elsa Zander circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Richard F Zander circa 1925 Wisconsin  Son
Marvin Zander circa 1928 Wisconsin  Son
Alfred Zander circa 1923 Wisconsin  Son
Frank E Buettner circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Florence Buettner circa 1890 Wisconsin  Wife
Frank Buettner circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
Marjorie Buettner circa 1922 Wisconsin  Daughter
Julius Jaeger circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Ella Jaeger circa 1895 Wisconsin  Wife
Esther Jaeger circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
Alvin Jaeger circa 1926 Wisconsin  Son
Joyce Jaeger circa 1929 Wisconsin  Daughter
John Dahl circa 1867 Wisconsin Head
Frances Dahl circa 1876 Wisconsin  Wife
Harold Dahl circa 1903 Wisconsin  Son
Chester Dahl circa 1911 Wisconsin  Son
Aileen Dahl circa 1914 Wisconsin  Daughter
Elizabeth Dahl circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
August Schliewe circa 1861 Germany Head
Wilhelmina Schliewe circa 1863 Germany  Wife
Herman Schliewe circa 1893 Wisconsin  Son
Annie Martin circa 1864 Germany Sister
Herman Buettner circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Mary Buettner circa 1874 Wisconsin  Wife
Albert Kroening circa 1864 Germany Head
Avenia Kroening circa 1878 Wisconsin  Wife
Albert Kroening circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Lydia Kroening circa 1925 Wisconsin  Daughter
Edward Buelter circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Elizabeth Buelter circa 1883 Wisconsin  Wife
Roy Buelter circa 1917 Wisconsin  Son
Henry Zimdars circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Henry Schumacher circa 1890 Wisconsin Lodger
Emma Schumacher circa 1892 Wisconsin Servant
Alvin Schumacher circa 1915 Wisconsin Boarder
Arlie Schumacher circa 1923 Wisconsin Boarder
Emil Giese circa 1888 Wisconsin Head
Albertina Giese circa 1859 Germany  Mother
Willie Giese circa 1891 Wisconsin  Brother
George Fritz circa 1905 Wisconsin Head
Sadie Fritz circa 1908 Wisconsin  Wife
George Fritz circa 1922 Wisconsin  Son
Ernst Splinter circa 1882 Germany Head
Raymond Splinter circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Earl Splinter circa 1915 Wisconsin  Son
Meta Splinter circa 1918 Wisconsin  Daughter
William Watters circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Louise Watters circa 1877 Germany  Wife
Edwin Watters circa 1909 Wisconsin  Son
Raymond Watters circa 1914 Wisconsin  Son
Violet Watters circa 1917 Wisconsin  Daughter
Merlin Watters circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Esther Ziemer circa 1911 Wisconsin Daughter
Ramona Ziemer circa 1929 Wisconsin  Granddaughter
Frank Stefl circa 1890 Wisconsin Head
Agnes Stefl circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
Bonita Stefl circa 1916 Wisconsin  Daughter
Tyrus Stefl circa 1920 Wisconsin  Son
William Williams circa 1910 Wisconsin Lodger
Henry Marks circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Rose Marks circa 1889 Wisconsin  Wife
Arnold Marks circa 1910 Wisconsin  Son
Corneval Marks circa 1912 Wisconsin  Son
Helmet Pranke circa 1904 Wisconsin Head
Sophie Pranke circa 1871 Wisconsin  Mother
John Pranke circa 1911 Wisconsin  Brother
Adolph Dieck circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Myrtle Dieck circa 1897 Wisconsin  Wife
James Dieck circa 1919 Wisconsin  Son
Betty Dieck circa 1926 Wisconsin  Daughter
Robert Dieck circa 1891 Wisconsin  Brother
Theodore Wernefuke circa 1884 Wisconsin Head
Ida Wernefuke circa 1889 Wisconsin   Wife
Chester Wernefuke circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Malvin Wernefuke circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Adam Grosskopf circa 1891 Wisconsin Head
Dorothy Grosskopf circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Adam J Grosskopf circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Betsy Grosskopf circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Frank H Dumke circa 1862 Wisconsin Head
Albertina Dumke circa 1867 Germany  Wife
Bertha Dumke circa 1891 Wisconsin   Daughter
Leon Dumke circa 1895 Wisconsin   Son
Erma Dumke circa 1909 Wisconsin   Daughter
William Dumke circa 1839 Wisconsin   Father
Ben Kloth circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Hanna Kloth circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Norma Kloth circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Harry Kloth circa 1906 Wisconsin   Brother
Carl Grosskopf circa 1875 Wisconsin Head
Anna Grosskopf circa 1882 Wisconsin   Wife
Ceclia Grosskopf circa 1913 Wisconsin   Daughter
Doris Grosskopf circa 1919 Wisconsin   Daughter
Jean Grosskopf circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Freddie Lang circa 1903 Wisconsin Head
Olive Lang circa 1911 Wisconsin   Wife
Harry Reinert circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Esther Reinert circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Harold Reinert circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Dale Reinert circa 1921 Wisconsin   Son
Ardis Reinert circa 1923 Wisconsin   Daughter
Wilbert Reinert circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Rudolph Stefl circa 1906 Wisconsin Boarder
August Maas circa 1865 Germany Head
Bertha Maas circa 1874 Germany  Wife
Alvin Zastrow circa 1901 Wisconsin Head
Eva Zastrow circa 1906 Wisconsin   Wife
Alvin Zastrow circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Geneva Zastrow circa 1927 Wisconsin   Daughter
Neva Zastrow circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Walter Maas circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Lydia Maas circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Harvey Maas circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Charles O Felts circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Lizzie Felts circa 1884 Wisconsin   Wife
Sidney Felts circa 1913 Wisconsin   Son
Woodrow Felts circa 1915 Wisconsin   Son
Mildred Maahs circa 1910 Wisconsin Daughter
David Salzman circa 1895 Wisconsin Head
Cecelia Salzman circa 1900 Wisconsin   Wife
Virginia Salzman circa 1921 Wisconsin   Daughter
Calvin Salzman circa 1924 Wisconsin   Son
Kenneth Salzman circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
William Felts circa 1854 Germany Father-in-law
Claude Felts circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Rose Felts circa 1896 Wisconsin   Wife
Florian Felts circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Robert Felts circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
August Schroeder circa 1862 Germany Head
Wilhelmena Schroeder circa 1860 Germany Wife
Julius Grosskopf circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Gusta Grosskopf circa 1879 Wisconsin   Wife
Sarah Grosskopf circa 1911 Wisconsin   Daughter
Walter Grosskopf circa 1902 Wisconsin   Son
Amanda Grosskopf circa 1903 Wisconsin   Daughter-in-law
Helen Grosskopf circa 1924 Wisconsin   Granddaughter
Lowell Grosskopf circa 1926 Wisconsin   Grandson
George Klement circa 1906 Wisconsin Boarder
Ervin Grosskopf circa 1906 Wisconsin Boarder
Clarance Grosskopf circa 1912 Wisconsin Boarder
Donald Buelter circa 1912 Wisconsin Boarder
Esther Westphal circa 1907 Wisconsin Boarder
Carl Stubenvoll circa 1896 Wisconsin Head
Edith Stubenvoll circa 1901 Illinois Wife
Carl Stubenvoll circa 1923 Wisconsin   Son
Elinor Stubenvoll circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
John Tischhauser circa 1878 Wisconsin Head
Lydia Tischhauser circa 1885 Wisconsin   Wife
Charles Ready circa 1912 Wisconsin Lodger
Simon Tischhauser circa 1849 Switzerland Head
Anna Tischhauser circa 1865 Connecticut  Wife
Emil Kloman circa 1882 Wisconsin Head
Rudolph Buelter circa 1882 Wisconsin Brother-in-law
Ida Buelter circa 1884 Wisconsin   Sister
George Buelter circa 1911 Wisconsin   Nephew
Richard Maas circa 1879 Wisconsin Head
Freda Maas circa 1889 Wisconsin   Wife
Martin Maas circa 1908 Wisconsin   Son
Louis Maas circa 1910 Wisconsin   Son
Claude Maas circa 1914 Wisconsin   Son
Sydnie Maas circa 1920 Wisconsin   Son
Herman Dabler circa 1886 Wisconsin Head
Helen Dabler circa 1898 Wisconsin   Wife
Herbert Dabler circa 1919 Wisconsin   Son
Linora Dabler circa 1920 Wisconsin   Daughter
Mabel Dabler circa 1922 Wisconsin   Daughter
Clarence Dabler circa 1925 Wisconsin   Son
Roland Dabler circa 1926 Wisconsin   Son
Schely Dabler circa 1929 Wisconsin   Daughter
Henry Graper circa 1885 Wisconsin Head
Ella Graper circa 1886 Wisconsin   Wife
Loretta Graper circa 1917 Wisconsin   Daughter
Arlie Graper circa 1922 Wisconsin   Son
Louise Maas circa 1849 Germany Head
Harry Maas circa 1894 Wisconsin Head
Elda Maas circa 1899 Wisconsin   Wife
Carl Maas   circa 1930 Wisconsin   Son
Fred Letzow circa 1877 Wisconsin Head
Lena Letzow circa 1884 Wisconsin   Wife
Myra Letzow circa 1916 Wisconsin   Daughter
Bernard Tews circa 1871 Wisconsin Boarder
Harvey Martin circa 1910 Wisconsin Lodger
John Dietzler circa 1887 Wisconsin Head
Theckler Dietzler circa 1894 Wisconsin   Wife
Florence Dietzler circa 1917 Wisconsin   Niece
Arno Steinberg circa 1908 Wisconsin Head
Martha Steinberg circa 1911 Wisconsin   Wife
Gordan Steinberg circa 1928 Wisconsin   Son