"h" before the street number indicates they owned their residence. 
School age children and younger are listed.

ABBOTT Dr. A. N.(Adella) optometrist h 804 W.Pine  Winifred,Bonnie
ABRAHAMSON L. M. (Lillian) technician,Badger Co-op 417 E. Division  Sue Ann
ACHENBACH Walter  (Norma) salesman h 812 W. Picnic  Muriel
ACHTEN A. J. (Ruth) abstractor,
Shawano Abstract Co
h 517 W.Third  Mary Ruth, Kathleen
ACHTEN Dorothy stenographer,Fischer,
Brunner &   Strossenreuther
116 S. Smalley  .
ACHTEN Frank (Mary) shoe repairman h 116 S. Smalley  .
ACORD Harley (Frieda) truck driver,County 
Highway  Dept
h 317 W.Second  .
ADAMS David J. . 412 W. Fifth  .
ADAMS J. J.(Clara) lumber manufacturer 412 W. Fifth  .
ADAMS Wallace (LaVern) partner,Keenway 405 1/2 S. Bartlett Larry
ADELBUSCH Wesley A. (Grace) lineman,Wis. & Mich. Light 414 S.Washington  .
ADERMAN Alice H. teacher h 509 W. Green Bay .
ADERMAN Mrs. Anna . h 509 W. Green Bay .
ADERMAN Harvey D. . h 509 W. Green Bay .
ADERMAN Lyman L. beekeeper h 509 W. Green Bay .
ADERMAN Wm. bee inspector, State of Wis h 509 W. Green Bay .
AHL Frank (Ida) fireman W. R. P. Co h 814 Wescott Ave .
AINSWORTH Mrs. Minnie . North Main St RFD 2 .
AINSWORTH Mrs. Lillian saleswoman, Lauerman's 225 S. Main St .
ALBERTS Paul . 812 S. LaFayette  .
ALESCH Anthony J. (Bertha) salesman, Hdwe Mutual h 905 S. Main St Vernon,  Phyllis,  Gordon
ALESCH Donald U. S. Army 905 S. Main .
ALESCH Robert college student 905 S. Main .
ALFT John (Edna) . h 914 S. LaFayette .
ALFT Lyle   (Iva) prop.   Body  & Fender  Shop h 118 1/2 S. Union De Lail, Fern, Jean, Carol.
ALLEN Robert M.   (Minnie) chief clerk, 
U. S. Indian Service
416 S. Bartlett  .
ALLENDER Mrs. Mary K. . h Waukechon Road. .
ALLENDER Robert J. (Grace) painter Waukechon Road Judith, James
ALLHISER Henry A.(Selma) charman, U. S. Post Office h 409 S. Union .
ALLHISER Henry  A.,  Jr.   (Doris) ass't employm't Mgr. FWD 409 S. Union David
ALLHISER LeRoy S. office worker, FWD 409 S. Union .
ALLHISER Marlin  G. (Eldora) salesman,   Cities Service   Oil 514   W.   Richmond  .
AMEL Floyd A.  (Anna) electrician h 317 W. Third Glen
AMEL Mrs. Frank . h 402 W. Fifth .
AMEL Marvin (Evelyn) lineman, Wis. Tel. Co. h 504 W. Fifth  .
ANDERSON A. O. (Henrietta) logger h 403 S. Franklin .
ANDERSON Arleen nurse , City Hospital 510 W. Fifth. .
ANDERSON Charles G.  (Odelia) cheesemaker 1137  S. River  Charlene
ANDERSON Dave . h 1011 S. River .
ANDERSON Doris stenographer, W. R. P. Co. 421 S. Smalley  .
ANDERSON Fern teacher 403 S. Franklin .
ANDERSON George E. (Edna) emp. Weber Ven. & Plywood 725 S. Lincoln Gwendolyn, Lawrence, Barbara
ANDERSON Jack G. college student 403 S. Franklin .
ANDERSON James  F.  (Marion) truck  driver,   Emil's   City  Delivery 319 1/2 W. Division .
ANDERSON Jane . 403 S. Franklin .
ANDERSON John A. (Gertrude) mach. op., Wallrich 143 S. Main Jewel
ANDERSON John L. attendant, Roy's Serv. Sta. 143 1/2  S. Main .
ANDERSON Olen  (Dottie) plant   supt.,   Badger   Co-op h   504   W.   Third J. Kent
ANDERSON Robert G. truck driver, City Dray Line 143 1/2  S. Main .
ANDERSON Royal K.   (Elizabeth) State Soil Cons. Dept 829 E. Green Bay Frederick, Betty Ann
ANDERSON W. R.  (Harriet, clerk) prop. Coast-to-Coast 120 1/2  S. Main .
ANDERSON Walter P.   (Clara) emp. Wallrich Lbr. Co 421 S. Smalley .
ANDREWS Alvin legal advisor;  King's Hotel .
ANDREWS Mrs. Berd . 608 S. River .
ANDREWS Lloyd G.   (Hazel) attorney 608 S. River  Lloyd M., Judith
APFELBECK Betty teacher, Lincoln school 324 S. Sawyer .
ARENTSEN Lawrence   (Tillie) off. mgr.Clintonville Sales Co h   418  W. Eagle .
ARMSTRONG Mrs. Mary . 136 S. Sawyer .
ARNDT Deloris clerk, Chaimson's 422 S. Bartlett .
ARNDT Marion bookkeeper, City of Shawano 1212 S. Franklin .
ARNESON Lela bookkeeper, Wallrich Lbr. 409 S. Hamlin .
ARNST Emil A. (Hattie) h 625 S. Washington . .
ASCHNBRENNER Marcela nurse 626 W. Fourth .
ASCHENBRENER Milton  (LaVerna) . h Central St. .
ASCHER Catherine clerk, I. G. A. Mkt. 106 E. Center .
ASCHER Felix J. (Rose) emp. Hotz Co. h 713 E. Randall Peter, Mary, Rita, Michael
ASCHER Francis A. (Minnie) emp.  Hotz  Co. 106 E.   Center  James, Robert
ASCHER John J. (Adell) janitor, Catholic Ch. and Sen. 106 E. Center  .
ASCHER John J., Jr. clerk, A & P Mkt. 106 E. Center .
ASCHER Loretta emp. Jolin Co. 106 E. Center  .
ASCHER Louis F. emp. Hotz Co. 106 E. Center .
ASHLEY Garth  (Jeanette) emp. Hotz Co. 1240 S. Smalley .
ASHLEY Keith . 1240 S. Smalley  .