This cemetery listing came out of the blue... I was emailing with Stacy regarding another cemetery they are walking for us and she mentioned her mother and my mother were good friends back in the day - I had no clue to her maiden name, even though we have emailed as far back as 4 years ago.  And then she told me the "rest of the story"... her family lived a stone's throw from our place & our moms and brothers were best friends.  She is Stacy Frank Kreuser and her sister, Lisa Frank Blom, had just walked & photographed the Stockbridge Indian Burial Grounds on Moh He Con Nuck Road up in Bowler the weekend before... Talk about small world... I knew her when she was knee-high to a grasshopper and I remember she had the most beautiful eyes... So many thanks to two of our genie-angels, Stacy & Lisa, and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! And say hi to the folks!

And, thanks Debie for help with the data...


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 44.9295006, Longitude: -88.9384995
N9237 Moh He Con Nuck Road - Bartelme Twp., Bowler, Wisconsin


Note: "OSSW" denotes On Same Stone With
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Ayers Estella E.   20-Jun-1938 25-Dec-1998  
Bell Zana E.   none none  
Benarde Cheyna   1993 1994  
Besaw Darlene John Besaw 1943 1976  
Besaw John "Jack" Darlene Besaw 1931 1995  
Besaw Ella G. Bernard Besaw 1902 1990  
Besaw Bernard H. Ella Besaw 1908 1991  
Besaw Leo N "Lee"   1940 1983 Some Memories never Die
Blazer Allen O.   2-Jul-1926 16-Nov-1988 TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Bowman Frank Patrick   16-Jul-1952 28-Apr-2007 SP5 US ARMY VIETNAM
Bowman Quinton M. Elvelyn A. Bowman 1924 1990  
Bowman Evelyn A. Quinton M. Bowman 1927    
Bowman Albert I   1943 1976 Funeral Home Marker
Bowman Jonathan James     13-Jun-1979  
Bowman Francis H.   12-Aug-1907 19-Nov-1994 SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Bowman John C.   1956 2003 Son of Quinton Bowman Sr. & Evelyn (McGee) Bowman-
Bowman Orland O.   28-May-1922 9-Jul-1995 PFC US ARMY  WORLD WAR II
Burr Gladys M   24-Jan-1944 6-Apr-2004 Allie"
Burr Jackie Lynn   23-Jul-1983 18-Apr-1999  
Burr Louis Jr.   1932 2009 U.S. Army - Korea War-
Calkins Rev Robert M. Rose P. Calkins 12-Jun-1944 8-Jul-1992  
Calkins Rose P Rev Robert M. Calkins 27-Nov-1943 20-Nov-1993  
Cardish Wesley J.   4-Nov-1958 17-Jul-1981  
Church Priscilla M. George E Church 1917 2003 nee Beilke
Church  George E. Priscilla M. Church 1908 1998  
Church Verna Lee   1945 1986 "Puggy"
Cornelius Dotty J.   5-Sep-1958 25-Apr-2001  
Cornelius Norrin "Joe" Lois Ann Cornelius 25-Aug-1923 6-Nov-2008 Married Aug 31, 1947
Cornelius Lois Ann Norrin "Joe" Cornelius 3-Aug-1926 7-Feb-2006 Lightning"  Married Aug 31, 1947
Cornelius Joseph   1968 1968  
Davids Ted Warner   1-Jul-1984 20-Oct-1984  
Davids Eureka Elmer Davids 1895 1968  
Davids Elmer Eureka Davids 1896 1977  
Davids Kenneth W.   1910 1977  
Davids Lawrence L. Sr   22-Feb-1941 13-Jan-2006 AIC US AIR FORCE VIETNAM
Davids LeRoy D.   16-May-1933 1-Jun-1989 "Oscar"
Davids Minerva M.   1911 1998  
Davids Roland "Buddy"   16-Dec-1938 4-Sep-1997  
Davids Ronald R   14-Mar-1938 16-Aug-1993 SP3   US ARMY
Davids Ronald R.   14-Mar-1938 16-Aug-1993 Son
Denny Alexander M   29-Oct-1925 19-Dec-2002 PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Denny Mercy Ada    20-Jul-1913 10-Feb-1993 Wife of Alex Denny
Dodge Pewehsen M.   1982 1997 Son
Doxtater Irvin O.   1929 1984  
Doxtator James Edward    1-Mar-1973 1988 "Jamie"
Doxtator Alphidine A.   15-Jul-1935 8-Dec-2001  
Doxtator Angeline A.   24-Mar-1928 17-Sep-1968  
Doxtator Delvin D.   12-Oct-1941 30-Mar-1998 "Doc"
Doxtator Edward Eli   1904 1987 Dad
Doxtator James   1928 2001  
Doxtator Noreatta M   26-Nov-1938 27-Oct-1966  
Elm Mitchell Jr.   1909 1989  
Elmergreen Marcella A. Eugene V. Elmergreen 1923 27-Nov-2008 Wed 1947; nee Doxtator
Elmergreen Eugene V. Marcella A. Elmergreen 1908 1991 Wed 1947
Faber Vernona M. Dennis A. Faber 19-Mar-1939 15-Apr-1994  
Faber Dennis A. Verona M. Faber 14-Oct-1943    
Gardner Adrian Kenneth   1961 1980 "Kenny"
Gardner Grady G. Sr.   8-May-1913 2-Oct-1976  
Gardner Leona I.   1-May-1920 4-Mar-1991  
Granquist Ramona O. Robert S. Granquist Sr. 19-Apr-1929   Cant Waste Winyan  Married Nov 17, 1950
Granquist Robert S. Sr. Ramona O. Granquist 12-May-1925 19-Mar-2006 Cante Tiza Wichasha Married Nov 17, 1950
Granquist Robert Stanley   12-May-1925 19-Mar-2006


Gregory Larenz Darrius   9-Dec-2002 28-Apr-2003  
Grimes Teila Marie     1984  
Haman Alice M   1898 1996  
Hammer Clifford H.   1935 1971  
Heidtman Amber Marie Jessica Lynn Heidtman 3-Jun-1999 6-Nov-1999  
Heidtman Jessica Lynn Amber Marie Heidtman 18-Nov-1997 6-Nov-1999  
Heidtman Wanda Lynnette   4-Aug-1977 6-Nov-1999  
Hill Bobbie M. Keith A. Hill 1915 1991  
Hill Keith A. Bobbie M. Hill 1912 2005  
Hill Clyde E. Delores M. Hill 1925   Married 1952
Hill Delores M Clyde E. Hill 1934 1989 Married 1952
Hill Clyde E.   20-May-1925 8-Dec-1994 PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Hill Gerald L.   1954 1975  
Hill Sherry J.   1956 1975  
Hill Violet B. Earl Hill 11-Oct-1931 20-Apr-1996 Married Aug 13, 1949
Hill Earl Violet B. Hill 25-Sep-1923 16-Mar-2003 Married Aug 13, 1949
Jacobs Lawrence D.   10-Mar-1942 16-Apr-2005 MM3 US NAVY VIETNAM
Jacobs Blanche   14-Mar-1903 30-Aug-1982  
Jacobs Rev Lawrence E.   9-Jun-1916 29-Sep-1997  
Johnson Leonard A. Sr. Virginia A. Johnson 9-Dec-1910 1-Apr-1977 Married Aug 10, 1935
Johnson Virginia A. Leonard A. Johnson Sr. 3-Jan-1914   Married Aug 10, 1935
Johnson George F.   17-Sep-1935 11-Jun-2008 "Jiggidy George" (the very first police officer for the Stockbridge-Munsee Community)
Johnson George Jr.     1-Jul 4 month old
Johnson Baby Boy   1969 1969  
Johnson Percy M   1916 1999  
KrEOning Leslie H.   7-Mar-1967 12-Jan-2003 SGT US MARINE CORPS PERSIAN GULF Son of Harvey & Linda
Kroening Corinne  Marvin Kroening 1933    
Kroening Marvin Corinne Kroening 1930 1980  
Kroening Marvin F.   19-Jan-1930 15-Nov-1980 SGT US ARMY KOREA
Kroening Harvey L Linda L Kroening 1935   Kids- Lai Lonnie, Craig, La Nette, La Vonn, Leslie
Kroening Linda L Harvey L. Kroening 1939 2004  
Kroening Leslie H. "Les"   7-Mar-1967 12-Jan-2003 Daddy of Cheyenne, Lucas and Kayla
Kroening-Hulett Danielle Lynn   3-Feb-1977 11-Sep-1998 Dee Dee"
Lasher Eva Evon Robert V. Lasher 1936 1989 Wife, Mother, Grandmother
Lasher Robert V. Eva Evon Lasher 1934 1995  
LIEBE William J.   1989 2008 Matchopawtow; (not buried here/no headstone)
Malone Cleo Arthur Malone 1913 1981 Wed Dec 23, 1930
Malone Arthur Cleo Malone 1903 1982 Wed Dec 23, 1930
Martin Edwin Margaret Martin 1909 1999 Father
Martin Margaret Edwin Martin 1916 1980 Mother
Martin Robert Dean   1954 1993  
Martin Theresa A.   20-Jul-1939 22-Jun-2006  
Martinez Jean Ann   2-May-1954 3-Nov-2000  
Mason Durrell T.   1-Dec-1956 9-Aug-2002 BEMOSETMATIGANISHINABE
Mason Thomas S.   1913 1989 S SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Mason Vivian E.   28-Jul-1920 11-Nov-1988  
McGee Crystal P.   3-Jul-1941 23-Mat-2003 Morning Star
Miller Timothy P.   1962 1995  
Miller Barbara   25-Jul-1936 9-Oct-2007 (nee Wilber)
Miller Arnold P   10-Sep-1924 12-Dec-1960 T SGT 326 BASE UNIT AAF WORLD WAR II
Miller Arvid E. "Babe" Verna Miller 1937 1997  
Miller Verna Arvid E. Babe Miller 1936   Ma Said
Miller Arvid E. Bernice Miller 1908 1968  
Miller Bernice Arvid E. Miller 1918 2005  
Miller Arvid Emerald   3-Jun-1937 5-May-1997 ADR3 US NAVY
Miller Brett   1962 1963 Gods Child
Miller Carl L.   1882 1959 Tribal Leader Dad & Grandpa
Miller Corlyss "Kie" Lucille Miller 1913 1975 Children Grumpy-Jayne-Lee-Don-Greg-Bud
Miller Lucille "Cille" Corlyss Miller 1918 2002 Children Grumpy-Jayne-Lee-Don-Greg-Bud; nee Bowman
Miller Jo-Anne V. Dewey V. Miller 1918 1994 "Judy"
Miller Dewey V. Jo-Anne V. Miller 1926 1982  
Miller Dewey V.   1926 1982 PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Miller Jacqueline   1959 1988  
Miller Leon M   1-Aug-1936 12-Apr-2004 PFC US ARMY
Miller Michael R.   1966 2001 Big Mike
Miller Scott Alan   1959 1983  
Miller Sharon E. Leon Miller 1942    
Miller Leon "Chug" Sharon E. Miller 1936 2004  
Miller Rachel S. Bert A. Miller 1891 1976  
Miller Bert A. Rachel S. Miller 1888 1984  
Miller William H.   1930 1993 SFC US ARMY KOREA
Miller William Hart   11-Jan-1930 11-Apr-1993  
Moede Serenity Hill   1-Dec-1985 24-Dec-2004 Parents: Wallace A. and Mary R Miller of Bowler-
Mohawk Milford D Jr Janis I. Mohawk 3-Dec-1939    
Mohawk Janis I. Milford D Jr. Mohawk 12-Apr-1943 20-Oct-1995  
Murphy Meredith Marie   10-May-1975 10-Mar-1999 Mother to Romeo and Jaida
Murphy Robert G.   1945 2002  
Murphy Ole F. Sr. Mary L. Murphy 1936 1989  
Murphy  Mary L. Ole F. Murphy 1936 1999  
Murphy Vickie L.   10-Jun-1967 9-Jun-1997  
Murphy Baby Girl        
MURPHY David Roger   26-Aug-1954 11-Mar-2007 (Inurnment)
Pecore Donald L.   6-Jul-1940 14-Jul-1989 "Bun"
Pecore Leonard J.   21-Feb-1958 3-Feb-1985  
Pecore Darion Bemebwi   1998 2008 (son of Clifton Pecore and Menomin Hawpetoss)
Peterson Salmer   1918 1976  
Phillips "Girly" Geratha G. Norbert K. Phillips 1915 2005 nee Tousey-
Phillips Norbert K. Geratha G. Phillips 1913 1993  
Putnam Stephen   1891 1976 WAGR US ARMY WORLD WAR I
Putnam Thelma   16-Dec-1901 12-Sep-1993  
Putnam Willard E.   1918 2006 Corporal WWII - US Army-2nd husband of Marcella Elmergreen Putnam
Ruben Anthony Tony   30-Apr-1947 15-Jul-2001  
Ruben  Candy K.   1946 2007 (nee Hill)
Schaaf Frank J.   1937 1995  
Schwab Henry G. "Skip" Beryl D. Schwab 13-Oct-1913 10-Sep-1979  
Schwab  Beryl D. "Sue" Henry G. Schwab 26-Oct-1920 10-Sep-1979  
Sears Ellsworth W.   1913 1985 PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Shriner Pastor Stephen   1945 2008  
Skinkis Frank J. Ethel A. Skinkis 1929 1975  
Skinkis Ethel A. Frank J. Skinkis 1925 2001  
Skinkis Jake N.   13-Aug-1962 7-Aug-2004  
Smith Wayne N.   1958 1976  
Smith G. Sandra   1936 1984  
Spencer Nyasia Halana   9-Oct-2002 24-Nov-2002 WIIGIIMASK
Spiegel Wilma   1925    
Stick Cyril A.   1936 1986  
Stick Harvey G.   1931 1988  
Stick Owen Antone   15-Oct-1921 25-Jul-1998 CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Stick Peter H.   27-Jul-1955 18-May-2006 US ARMY VIETNAM
Stick Gordon   28-May-1929 14-Jan-2004 PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Stick Howard R.   1920 1996  
Stick Eunice J.   1919    
Stilwell Lorraine   1947 2001 nee Doxtator
Summers Imelda M.   1910 1978  
Tousey Bette M Nee Rudesill 1941 1990 Mother, Sister, Friend
Tousey Milton F. Ozelda M. Tousey 14-May-1913 14-Jan-1992 Milt & Doody
Tousey Ozelda M. Milton F. Tousey 21-Jan-1918 2-Jan-1981 Milt & Doody
Webster Joyce Ann   12-Oct-1930 15-Sep-1995 Beloved Wife- Mother
Wedde Nancy M. Robert D. Wedde 1925 2004  
Wedde Robert D. "Bob" Nancy M. Wedde 1915 1988  
Wedde Robert J   1943 1963  
Wedde Thomas R   1965 1989 Just going around the block
Welch Rene M   1954 1971 Son
Welch Dustin Merrill   1992 1992  
Welch Leonard A. Sr   20-Jan-1919 6-Feb-1993 "Stub"
Welch Lyle Joe  Sr.   1952 1976  
Welch Merton R. Guida A. Welch 25-Feb-1924 13-May-2001 Married Feb 6, 1944
Welch Guida A. Merton R. Welch 13-Apr-1924   Married Feb 6, 1944
Welch Miles C. Zena M. Welch 1917 1994  
Welch Zena M. Miles C. Welch 1915 1977  
Welch Morris E. Elizabeth A. Welch 21-Jul-1926 31-Jul-1994 "Porky"  Married July 13, 1964
Welch Elizabeth A. Morris E. Welch 29-Oct-1945   Married  July 13, 1964
Welch Morris Eugene   21-Jul-1926 31-Jul-1994 AS US COAST GUARD WORLD WAR II
Welch Alice I. Myron J. Welch 1900 1968  
Welch   Myron J. Alice I. Welch 1894 1973  
Welch Leslie "Ike"   16-Jul-1950 10-Aug-2007  
Welch Merton R.   25-Feb-1924 13-May-2001 PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Welch Russell M.   4-Dec-1943 21-Apr-2008  
Wik Jacqueline V.   1924 1974  
Wik Terri Kay   1964 1991  
Wilber Jed Clair   11-Jan-1900 16-May-1974  
Wilber Merlin A.   25-Feb-1936 20-Jul-1992 PVT US ARMY
Wilber  James E.   1926 1979 PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Wilber   Ethel   24-Nov-1898 28-Oct-1986  
Williams Julie E.   1936 2000  
Williams ?????e     1976  
Williams Waylon H.   1970 1989  
Williams Henry J.   192 1991  
Williams Katherine B.   1928 1987  
Wolske Jennifer L.   1976 1997 Beloved Mother of Nicholas