Many thanks to Donna for walking this cemetery and meticulously documenting it.  Donna has walked quite a few for us and each has been a pleasure to post. 

Donna included the following information:

The Aniwa Cemetery aka: The Union Cemetery

Highway 45 was nothing more than a wagon trail when the Union Cemetery was established in the 1890's. A little girl of a Williams family was the first one to be interred there. She had died previously and her grave was made on the family lot. When the village purchased space for a cemetery, her grave was the first to be located in the new plot, transferred there by her parents. No trace of it is now visible.

Some of the oldest markers are encrusted with lichens and moss and the lettering is obliterated. The oldest marker is dated 1889, and bears the name James Arthur Gain, two markers dated 1893 are engraved with the names Mary Ella Carley and Charles Salzar.

Other older marked graves are Pauline Robbins, 1836- 1911: Guy Wilmer Bowers, 1894- 1911: William Reiland, 1887 - 1915: W.H. Carpenter, 1848 - 1914: Thomas Monahan, 1861 - 1923: Jesse W. James, 1874 - 1945: Emma James, 1880 - 1960: George Goldrick, 1851 - 1918: and Marianna Jumgbauer, 1857-1911.

The graveled driveway divides the cemetery into two parts. On the West side are the graves of Protestant church members and on the East side those of the Catholic faith, mostly the St. Boniface parish. In both sections lie the dead who served their country in time of war.

The Aniwa Cemetery is large, shaded by giant elms and other trees, well cared for since 1920, when the Cemetery Association was organized. At that time the land was over grown with brush and weeds with the early graves hidden from view. Through the efforts of the Association the plot was cleared, graves cared for and driveways graveled, a credit to the community.

Thanks again Donna for the awesome job -- 11 PAGES of headstones! 

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GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 45.01220, Longitude: -89.20250

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