Many thanks to Norman for sending in some great family photos -- the family is that of Robert & Amelia (Kersten) Petko of Tigerton, Fairbanks, Twp., Shawano County.  If these are families you are researching, Norman would love to hear from you! (Robert Petko was a cousin Millie Wood of Tigerton.)

A little bit about the family... Ernest and Wilhemine (Neumann) Petko immigrated from Germany and followed Karl Fredrick Neumann and his wife, Katherina Dorthea Rieckmann to the Tigerton area having removed from the Dale area in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.  Ernest & Wilhelmine would spend the rest of their days in the Tigerton area, passing September 14, 1902 & May 9, 1918 respectively.

The marriage entry online states Robert Ernest Karl PETKO, son of Ernest Petko & Wilhelmine Neumann married Emelie Mathilde Mary KERSTEN, daughter of Wilhlem & ? (Fensche) Kersten, on July 2, 1898 in Shawano County.  (Emelie or Amelia)

A few years back, I posted a query and link to an eBay auction I randomly ran across for Baptismal and Confirmation certificates -- one of these was for Elsie Alma Ida Petko - Tigerton, Shawano Co., Wisconsin... I don't know who bid/won the certificate -- little did I know that I would run across this name & family again!

Cemetery information: Tigerton Cemetery

Name   Birth Death Notes
PETKO, Ernest May 6, 1850 Sep 14, 1902 epitath in German, weathered, Father
PETKO, Eddie Jan 5, 1885 Oct 1, 1903  
PETKO Wilhelmine Nov 11, 1857 Mai 9, 1918  
PETKO Aldie Jul 28, 1886 Oct 12, 1902 Mutter
PETKO Robert 1878 1937  
PETKO Emelia 1876 1950  

And, if a larger view is available for the picture, just click on the photo...

Married July 2, 1898
Robert E. J. Petko (1878-1937)
and Amelia Kersten (1876-1950)

Betty Petko, daughter of Robert and Amelia.
Betty was born in 1902 and later lived in
Milwaukee where she married Ervin Ledermann.

Elsie Alma Ida Petko (1899-?)
and Emma Anna Bertha Petko (1900-1994).

Emery Petko, son of Theodore Petko,
brother of Robert Petko.

  Emery was born in 1916 in Missouri. Theodore Petko had gone to Ravalli County Montana and Married Reba V. Sherrill about 1912. In 1917 the family was living in Stone County, Missouri. Emery and his brother Eugene Petko were living with an aunt and Uncle, Robert and Lille Hall in Jackson County Missouri in 1930.

Photo of an unknown Petko.
The lower right hand corner of the photo is
marked Miss C. Trummer, Tigerton, Wisc.


1900 Federal Census - Tigerton (Ernest & Wilhelmine Petko; Robert & Amelia Petko)
1910 Federal Census - Tigerton (Robert & Amelia Petko)
WWI Draft Registration - Rob Petko, Tigerton, WI  (DOB 4/5/1878)
WWI Draft Registration - Paul C. Petko, Tigerton, WI (DOB 9/10/1882)
1920 Federal Census - Tigerton (Robert & Amelia Petko) Pg.1  Pg.2
1930 Federal Census - Tigerton (Robert & Amelia Petko)

Bertha PETKO m. Charles RUPPENTHAL  April 19, 1894
Elsa A. PETKO (DOB: 3/29/1899)
Irena PETKO (DOB: 7/19/1907)
Paul PETKO m. Aldie SMITH 4/24/1902
Anna B. PETKO (DOB: 9/1/1900)