Many thanks to Tani Sutley of Bellingham, Washington state, for the great photos and information on her grandparents, Ernest Ivar and Anna (nee Case) Johnson from the Birnamwood area.  Brothers Ernest & Oscar Johnson, along with their Uncle John Carlson immigrated from Sweden and were residents of Birnamwood from approx. 1889-1913.  Ernest moved to Alberta Canada after marrying a young lady, Anna Case, daughter of Frank Jerome Case, in 1911.  Anna died of the flu in 1918 and Ernest remarried and raised 4 children in Portland Oregon.  His brothers were nearby in Oregon City, Oregon.  Tani is still tracing his travels between Seattle and Alberta  but believes he was taking work where ever he could find it including working as a driver of a limo for a Snoqualme Falls to Seattle transportation company.  Tani's cousin just sent her lots of old photos and she is still putting the history together.  thank you so much for helping us. 

"I have been putting together a history for my son who is not interested now but may be some day and by then it will be harder to find people with any memories to capture."  Tani, GREAT ADVICE FOR ALL OF US!!!  Thanks for the opportunity to have your family story in our website and hopefully others researching this family will come forward with the missing details.


Please click on the thumbnail pictures to see the larger detailed photos -- Tani has added her notes to them... GREAT PHOTOS!



This is a wonderfully detailed & clear picture of 4 men... and we don't know their identity.  The photo is believed to be from the Birnamwood area as well.  Take a peak -- you might know who they are!

The second photo is 5 young men and my grandfather is in the front row, right.  (no beard).  His name was Ernest Ivar Johnson.  I think this could be around 1905 when he came to Wisconsin from Sweden because of his age.  I know he immigrated in 1905 and was born in 1888 in Sweden.  He looks very young there so I am assuming it was around 1905.

I am also sending a picture of the 3 brothers, Ernest, Oscar, and Einar Johnson in Wisconsin. 

I have one more unknown in the photo group from Wisconsin.  I think he could be part of the Frank Case family, my grandfather's in-laws but not sure.

Ernest Johnson with the Carlson boys, John and Oscar.  Third boy is Frank Meyer.  Tall one is John Carlson and Oscar Carlson in back behind Ernest in chair.

This is a picture of Ernest working in the woods.  No other information on it.  (There are three men -- and here's the enlarged thumbnail of their faces... click for the larger view)

No information but I can assume one of our relatives may be part of this group. (This appears to be the family & a threshing crew -- threshers would travel the area and typically went farm-to-farm with the housewife preparing meals and housing them for the duration.  Threshing machines were replaced with what we know as combines, which combined threshing and reaping processes.)

Tani's favorite.  Oscar is in the middle, Ernest on the right, and the one with the kitten may be one of the Carlson boys.  (I agree - the look on their faces is priceless!)

Oscar's wife, the former Alma Carlson.

Ernest & Anna (Case) Johnson (possibly their wedding photo??)

The Frank & Electa Case Family with Ernest and Anna includes Tani's mother, Mildred, and her Mildred's brother Elmer.  This one is in Leduc, Alberta where Frank and Electa Case moved to in 1912.

Oscar Johnson's home in Birnamwood, WI.  Ernest is in the middle and Oscar on the left.  Oscar (Oskar) came to USA in 1889 and lived with his uncle John Carlson.  The house you see is his so must have bought his own farm at some point.  I know that George Harter lived with him and he had some land there as well.  Oscar moved to Oregon City around 1913 and married  Alma Carlson, who he wrote to for many years before they were married in Oregon City on August 21, 1913.  Ernest came to USA in 1905 and I found him listed as living with his brother on 1910 census.

There are 4 men in this picture -- 2 identified.  The unidentified men are to the right and inside the screen door.  The photo is too dark to see the far right gentleman but we did capture the image of the man inside the house.

Oscar Ernest ???


1900 Census - Francis & Electa Case

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1910 Census - Oscar & Ernest Johnson in Birnamwood Twp. and just a few doors away, Annie Case, dau. of Frank & Electa Case    


WWI Draft Einar Johnson
BP: Östergötland, SE