Welcome to OUR SHAWANO COUNTY FILE CABINET PROJECT -- this is just what it sounds like!  We all have old family group sheet records that have GREAT DATA but aren't the prettiest or we haven't had a chance to enter them into our computer programs yet... The most common reasons people are reluctant to send in Family Group Records are that 1) they aren't perfect & up-to-date; 2) they don't want to be contacted to verify & prove data that was entered but may or may not be current and 3) they have "inherited" these pages and really not sure who provided the data.

Little bits & pieces here and there can very well make the difference & provide clues for someone who is up against a genealogical DEAD END for the past decade!  I've created a FILE CABINET where you can send in your Family Group sheets (with or without your contact info - that's completely up to you).  We'll put them in the SHAWANO COUNTY FILE CABINET and it's up to the researchers to verify the information, etc.  Since this is all done in GOOD FAITH, you can send these in ANONYMOUSLY if you prefer.  And worried that the handwriting is scribbley or the paper torn? No problem!  I'd read through 40 year old gravy stains if someone had scribbled down the name of the town in Germany where E. W. Laedtke hailed from!

FAMILY GROUP RECORDS... I refer to this as a form of cluster genealogy... it's a great way to SHARE the information you have compiled and let other people know how your family connects to theirs.  And, others will be able to HELP you extend your families with common lines. The only specification I ask is that everyone on the Family Group Record is deceased.  If they could still be alive, please write "LIVING" for the death date so I know not to include that person.  

Click on the DRAWER which contains the surname you are looking for and then follow the links... and we have PLENTY of room for YOUR pages!  Hey, my family is interesting but they ain't that interesting! lol... if everyone who visited this site each week sent in 1 Family Group Sheet, we'd have thousands at the end of the month -- pick up the genealogical gauntlet!


You can send your FAMILY GROUP RECORDS in to the Shawano website in any one of the following ways:

  • Good old fashioned SNAIL MAIL -- meaning you print them out on a page and just send them in an envelope using the US Post Office.  Simple and effective if you do not have them in a computer program.
  • FAX -- simple to use as well and doesn't involve the postage stamp if you have access to a free fax machine!  My DIRECT FAX NUMBER at my desk is 860.454.4000 -- And you don't need a cover page or letter, just fax the pages and I'll figure out the rest...
  • EMAIL -- this works REALLY SWEET!  If you have a computer genealogy program, like PAF or Family Tree Maker, you can download the selected families to export into a gedcom file (GEnealogical Data COMmunications) and just send it via email.  If you need help with your specific program, just email me and I can talk you through it.  And we DESCENDANCY CHARTS!
  • NEED BLANK GENEALOGY FORMS? FREE Family Group Sheets & Pedigree Charts

Now, to make this super easy and quick, I'm adding some links here.  The links will take you to a file that you download to your word processing program (Microsoft Word or Excel, etc.).  The instructions are listed for both IBM or MAC's... they sound like you have to be computer savvy to do this, but trust me, you don't! (big grin).  The files come in a ZIP folder but open with WINZIP easily.  If you are not familiar with this and wish to send in your Family Group Record, don't let this discourage you!  Email me and we can figure out the best way for you to send your data.

Print them as blanks to fill in with a pen by hand, or type the info directly into the form on your computer -- and you can clip and paste here. They can be customized to suit special tastes, such as changing the labels to Spanish or changing the color or style of the text. These genealogy form templates are FREE for your personal genealogical use.

Pedigree Charts

The pedigree chart starts with a person and charts the parents and each successive generation of grandparents. It commonly includes birth, death, and marriage dates. These charts list either 5 or 6 generations. The 6-generation chart requires your printer to reduce the file to about 64%, which any Macintosh can do in the Page Setup. Many Windows machines probably have reduction capability as well, check your printer driver.


For Windows You will need WinZip or a similar program to decompress these files!


You will need Stuffit Expander to decompress the files For MacOS

Family Group Sheet -- it will look like this LAEDTKE ~ STOCK after it is uploaded to the site.  I just did this page in about 30 minutes - will take less for subsequent pages.

The family group sheet records an individual, the spouse, parents, and children. Typically this sheet will also include occupations, cause of death, names of other spouses, and other pertinent information about the family. These Family Group sheets have space for 6 children on the first page. The optional second page has space for more children and notes.


Windows Files You will need WinZip or a similar program to decompress these files!

  • Windows Family Group Sheets for Microsoft Word
  • Windows Family Group Sheets for Microsof/t Excel
  • NEW!! Try this Rich Text Format pedigree chart if you use Microsoft Works, Open Office, or other programs that understand rtf format! These might be helpful if you can't unzip or unstuff files, as well.


Macintosh Files You will need Stuffit Expander to decompress the files

ANY QUESTIONS? Please ask!  and THANKS for your submissions to the Family Group Sheet Page...