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Lets see if we can't make a connection here!

This is an old "tin type" picture found in my grandparent's photo album.
There woman is not identified on the picture. There are no markings on the
picture that would provide a clue as to its origins. Apparently, my
grandparents did not even know who she was. Both grandparents died in their
80's a few years ago. They were Martin and Sopie (Herm) Bartels and lived in
Lakewood, WI.

The possible families include Bartels, Wickman, Wasmund, Prahl, Papendorf,
Herm, Zimmel and related families - all of Shawano County. Most resided in
the Town of Washington and attended White Clay Lake Church.

I have often thought of running the picture in the Shawano picture to see if
that would bring any clues, but haven't done so. I thought this would be
worth a shot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Mystery Photo taken at Mattoon, WI
They are four cousins from the rural area of the Town of Hutchins in Shawano Co.
The back
             row is John Sigfred Johnson b5/21/1878, and the other is Walter A. Johnson
             (these two are cousins).  The two in front look younger.  Who are they?  We are
trying to find
             out.  (John was my grandfather)

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