We absolutely LOVE these class photos as they encompass MANY FAMILIES and the feedback from you is that you love them as well.  Ron emailed me and had this marvelous picture of his grade school -- the photo is that of the Oak Park Grade School - 1953.  Most of the students are identified but we need your help to put names on a few faces yet.  Just email me and we'll add the name to the face!
I am attaching two versions of a 1953 photo of the 1953 class at Oak Park School north of Shawano near the corner of Montour Rd and Raguse Rd.  The students are identified in one of them.  I attended from 1951 to 1954.  Ron Newcomb

THANKS, Ron!  I've also added a 1950s Plat Map for this section of Wescott Twp. -- it might jog a few names if you see the people who lived around the school.  The school was located at:

Wescott Twp. - SE 1/4, NW 1/4, Sec. 7
Montoure Road and Raguse Road

Click on the adjacent Plat Map thumbnail for the larger view...

(Click on the photo to see a LARGER view for easier identification.)


Ron has taken the above photo and identified most of the children -- click on this adjacent thumbnail to see the larger view with the children's names.

Identified children include: Judy French, Sandra Strauss, Dorothy Opperman, Allen Machmuller, Donna Opperman, Bobby Smith, Gail Strauss, Louis Cotter, Dale Buettner, Jimmy Cotter, Ron Newcomb, Inez Cotter, Miss Paiser, Carol Strauss, Mike Strauss, Larry ?, Rita ?, David Allhiser... we have a few more children to identify so here are their close-ups.  If you know the names, please let us know.

I received this information from my classmate, Inez (Carter) Muraski, identifying most of the other kids at Oak Park School. Thank you for preserving priceless Shawano County history.
Ron Newcomb
"I have enjoyed visiting Oak Park School again. I do have one correction to make .... my last name was Carter not Cotter. I know a lot of people have made that mistake. As for the ones you need names for, I can help. Girl #1 looks familiar but I can't come up with a name. I think she lived somewhere on Balsam Row. She was younger than me. Girl # 2 is Kathy Ratner. Girl # 3 is Mary Strauss. Girl # 4 is Barbara Montoure. Girl @ 5 is Karen Montoure. Rita's last name was Giese. Boy # 1 is Larry Montoure. Boy # 2 is Kenneth Strauss. Boy # 3 is Ronald Montoure. Larry I'm not sure of. I remember a Larry Huntington who looked like that , but can't remember if he attended Oak Park or not."

Here's some more names for the Oak Park photo, both are my cousins:

Girl 3 is Lynda Lou Strauss
Girl 4 is Robin Allhiser

also Gale Strauss spells her first name as "Gail"

Tom Strauss

Thanks so very much Ron, Inez & Tom for the updates!!!

Girl #1 Girl #2 - Kathy Ratner Boy #1 - Larry Montoure

Girl #3 -
Mary or Lynda Lou Strauss
Girl #4 - Barbara Montoure or Robin Allhiser Boy #2 - Kenneth Strauss

Rita ? - Giese Larry ? Girl #5 - Karen Montoure

Boy #3 - Ronald Montoure    

If you have a photograph (identified or not yet identified) that you would like to share, just do what Mr. Newcomb did -- send me an email!