JUNE 30, 1907
(The Day of the Cornerstone Laying)

    As much as can be determined from the meager church records of the congregation, in the forthcoming August of this year it will be 40 years since Lutherans of Shawano and vicinity were provided by Lutheran pastors with Word and Sacrament.
    The first pastor to assume spiritual responsibility for local Lutherans was Pastor P.H.  Dicke, who, according to a church record book of that time, here performed the first child baptism August 18, 1867.  He continued to serve Lutheran families of this area for the
following ten years, in addition to his many other small congregations and preaching places.  His successor was Pastor Stute, who served local Lutherans three years, 1877 – 1880.
    Pastor C. F. Ebert, who already served Belle Plaine and Bonduel, now took over the pastoral duties for the Shawano Lutherans, and served them faithfully for 8 years, from 1880 – 1888.  Thereupon the congregation decided to call its own resident pastor.  This they did by calling candidate Pastor Theo. Nickel directly from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  The congregation, at the time of the call had a voting membership of 24.  Three years later, in 1891, the voting membership had grown to 51, in addition to 9 nonvoters and 17 women (independent).
    Up to now the pastors had given the children rudimentary religious instruction and Christian training, particularly preparing them for confirmation, but Pastor Nickel, who had started a parochial school in 1889 and taught it for ten years, prevailed on the congregation to call a regular Christian day-school teacher.  Accordingly, Herman Gehner, who had just graduated from Addison Teachers College, was called as the first regular teacher of St. Jakobi Congregation, and installed into office by Pastor Nickel on January 2, 1898.  Teacher Gehner opened school January 10 with an attendance of 59 pupils.
    Pastor Nickel served the local congregation for 13 years, from 1888 – 1901, when he received a call from the Lutheran congregation in Eudenda, Australia, which he accepted.
    Pastor E. Hanow, who had left the Eudenda congregation and returned to the United States for health reasons, was called to be Pastor Nickel’s successor. Pastor E. Hanow served St. Jakobi up to New Year’s Day, 1906, a period of 5 years (1901 – 1905)
    St. Jakobi congregation now sent a call to Pastor Fr. F. Selle, Instructor at the Lutheran Academy, Wittenberg, Wisconsin, which he accepted.  He was installed by Pastor Carpinsky of Belle Plaine on Pentecost Sunday in June, 1906.
        The current statistics of the congregation are as follows:
    Pastor: Fr. F. Selle
    Teachers: Herman Gehner; Frieda Mueller.  School attendance = 96
    Church Elders : Alb. Gustmann, Carl Dallmann, Gust. Handt
    School Board: Wm. Steinberg, Franz Jaeckel, Carl Ramlow
    Trustees: Aug. Mayer, Wm. Schenk, Wm. Trapp
    Treasurer: Herman Krause
    Collection of Offerings: Ramlow, Boettcher, Schoenrock
    Church Janitor: Alb. Gustmann
    Secretary: Wm. Regling

Voting Membership of the congregation

1. Alb. Beversdorf 26. John Ludwig 51. Fred Steinke  76. Martin Baumann
2.  Fr. Berndt 27. Emil Lauersdorf 52. Wm. Staub 77. Herman Buth
3. Carl Dallmann 28. Aug. Meyer 53. Carl Schoenrock 78. Ferd. Boettcher
4. H. Debban 29. Aug. Mielke 54. Carl Stach 79. Jul. Beversdorf
5. Alb. Dobbs 30. Frank Mielke 55. John Schreiber 80. Wm. Beversdorf
6. Wm. Dobbs 31. W.H.G. Mueller  56. Fried. Strausz 81. Aug. Littmann
7. Aug. Dobbs 32. Chas. Mehlhorn 57. John Steffrie  82. Bern. Nikolaus
8. Carl Golleir 33. Otto Moede 58. Herm. Schroeder 83. Alb. Kuhn
9. Alb. Gustmann 34. Herm. Marotz 59. Alb.  Sommers 84. Fred Ollmann
10. Wm. Hacker 35. Carl Pahl 60. Gust Seloeneck 85. Otto Ollmann
11. Julius Hahn 36. Aug. Peters 61. Lewis Schultz 86.Fritz Umland
12. John Horn  37. Carl Peters 62. John Spohn  87. Aug. Beyer
13. Wm. Horn 38. Herm. Raddant  63. Chas. Schultz  88. Lorenz Schenk
14. Wm. Hermann 39. C.G. Raddant 64. Wm. Schmidt 89.Wm. Schenk
15. H. Haut  40. Wm. Raddant 65. Emil Schmeisser  90. Aug. Forsch
16. Anton Hartmann 41. Wm. Regling 66. Julius Schultz 91. Otto Forsch
17. F.A. Jaeckel 42. Otto Regling 67. Wm. Trapp 92. Ed. Zingler
18. Geo. Klebesadel 43. Carl  Ramlow 68. Carl Trippel 93. Jul Zingler
19. C. Klems  44. Wm. Reichel  69. John Tiemer 94. Gust Zingler
20. Herm. Krause 45. Carl Runge 70. Carl Wenzel  95. Wm. Zahn
21. Rud. Krause  46. R.P. Rohloff 71. Wm. Wenzel 96. H.F. Zernicke
22. Carl Krause  47. C.A. Raisler 72. Aug. Soycke 97. Otto Gottschalk
23. Lewis Krueger 48. Gust Raasch 73. Gust Handt 98. Teacher Gehner
24. Gust Kleemann 49. Wm. Steinberg 74. Carl Gehrke  99. Pastor F. Selle
25. Herm. Krening 50. Fred Steinberg 75. John Glawe  

Non-voting male members approx. 35; Female members approx. 30

Members of the Building Committee:  C.A. Raisler, Fr. Steinke, Geo. Klebesadel, G. Kleemann, Alb. Gustmann, Herm Raddant, Aug. Beyer, Fr. F. Selle

Architect:  C.C. Fritz    Building Contractor: G.H. Fleck
Laying of Foundation: Regling Bros.

    The dimensions of the new church were 110 ft. by 52 ft., with an anticipated seating capacity of approx. 800 persons.

The New School
    This year also saw the erection of a new two-story Christian day school, 30 ft. by 54 ft.  The members of the building committee for this project were: F. Jaeckel, Carl Schoenrock, Wm. Horn, Wm. Mueller, Aug. Beyer, Gust. Handt, Herm. Marotz, Teacher Gehner  and Pastor Selle.
    The building plans were designed by architect C.C. Fritz and the building contractor was G.H. Fleck.  The masons for this project were William and John Horn.

Ladies Aid
    St. Jakobi congregation has had a Ladies Aid for a number of years.  The following is its present membership:

1.  President: Miss B.C. Raddant
2.  Vice President: Mrs. Franz Jaeckel
3.  Treasurer: Mrs. Teacher Gehner
4.  Secretary: Mrs. Albert Gustmann
5.  Mrs. Bertha Klebesadel 18. Mrs. Klostermann  31. Mrs. Pastor Selle
6.  Mrs. Garbrecht 19. Mrs. Kleemann 32. Mrs. Bedeau
7.  Mrs. Netzul 20. Mrs. Buth 33. Mrs. Kessler
8.  Mrs. Sommers 21. Mrs. R.P. Rohloff 34. Mrs. Mittelstaedt
9.  Mrs. Fried. Schwerrs 22. Mrs. Werbelow 35. Mrs. Mueller
10. Mrs. Reichel 23. Mrs. Lewis Kruueger 36. Mrs. Marotz
11. Mrs. John Horn 24. Mrs. C.H. Raddant 37. Mrs. Schewe
12. Mrs. Jul. Raddant 25. Mrs. Alb. Beyer  38. Mrs. Mahringer
13. Mrs. Staub 26. Mrs. Glawe 39. Mrs. R. Faushe
*14. Miss Rubush 27. Mrs. Herm. Krause 40. Mrs. Wm. Raddant
15. Mrs. Wm. Horn 28. Mrs. Fr. Rohloff 41. Mrs. Ramlow
16. Mrs. Brenner 29. Mrs. Fr. Dengel 42. Mrs. Wm. Regling
17. Mrs. Weinig 30. Mrs. Hy. Dengel 43. Mrs. Glifford

* #14 &#18 are exchanged.


1.    The name of this organization is: The Ladies (& Jungfrauen) Society of the Evang. Luth. St. Jakobi Congregation of Shawano, Shawano Co., Wis.
2.    The aims and objectives of this organization are:
a.    mutual encouragement in Christian living
b.    group sharing of edifying, entertaining and instructional experiences, and participating in charitable endeavors.
3.    Only women of the congregation, faithful in Word and Sacrament, may be received as members.
4.    Meetings take place the first Thursday of each month.  Sessions begin at 2 o’clock and close at 5.  The president is in charge of the opening and the closing of sessions.
5.    Dues are 10 cents per month.
6.    Election of officers takes place in the first meeting of a new year.  The four officers to be elected are: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.
7.    The president acts as chairperson during meetings; the secretary keeps a record of the minutes of each meeting; and the treasurer has charge of all monetary assets of the organization and must give quarterly reports.  Money may be paid out only when countersigned by the president.
8.    A committee of 3 is elected every six months, who may be contacted in cases of sickness.

Top Officials in the year 1907 were:
President of the U. S.: Theodor Roosevelt
Governor of Wisconsin: Davidson
Mayor of Shawano: Edward  Sommers

    The foregoing report was written in the German language in 1907 by Pastor Fr. F. Selle to be enclosed in the cornerstone of the new church.
    They were translated in 1987 by Teacher Hilbert A. Handrich for the occasion of the cornerstone laying of the new narthex of the church.
    This document was retyped and provided by Paul Wollangk, archivist at St. James Lutheran Church and teacher at the Christian Day School of the congregation.

N.B.       Teachers Gehner, St. Jakobi. Shawano; Mundinger, St. Paul, Bonduel; and Wm. Handrich, St. Martin, Clintonville were
close, personal friends, dating back to their Addison Teachers College years in the late 1890’s, and now the  three teachers
 had their choirs participating in the festival church dedication services.  The translator of the foregoing report, son of Teacher Wm. Handrich, was then a 2-year-old toddler, but very likely a very lively participant in the festivities.  H.A.H
N.B.     The typist taught at St. James with H.A. Handrich from 1968-1972 and knew him during his retirement in Shawano celebrating his 90th birthday with him and other faculty members as well as serving on a committee with him for the 90th anniversary of the school. P.W.

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