Just like in World War I, there are DRAFT REGISTRATION CARDS for World War II.  But read this carefully...

The only registration currently available to the public is from the Fourth Registration conducted on April 27, 1942. This registration was for men born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897. It is presently available for the following states: Arkansas (partial), California (partial), Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana (partial), Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (partial), Ohio (partial), Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.  Note Wisconsin is not listed.

So what's available to Wisconsinites??

This page consists of 1) instructions of how to obtain WWII Draft Registration cards for DECEASED individuals from any of the seven draft registrations and 2) the actual data posted here is for individuals who were born in the Shawano County area but registered in the above mentioned states.  As soon as the information is released and we have access to it, this page will include WWII Draft Registration for people who registered from Shawano County.  So, why bother posting this index?  Well, if your family member MOVED out of Shawano County to ??? and registered for the Draft in April 1942 from one of the above mentioned areas, they are here!  So far, only about 300 lucky individuals are included in this database section -- but, if your "missing family" is mentioned and you now have a clue where they moved to after the Great Depression, this was well worth the look.

Now, for #1 -- HOW DO I GET COPIES OF MY FAMILY MEMBER'S WWII DRAFT REGISTRATION?  I've done this twice already, once for my Dad and again for my Uncle Ralph.  The registration card looks very much like the WWI Draft cards.  These are stored at the National Archives.  NARA has numerous locations throughout the country and the one that maintains WISCONSIN RECORDS is:

NARA - Great Lakes Region
7358 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60629-5898

If you are seeking draft registrations for men born between the years 1878 and 1898 who registered for the Fourth Registration in April 1942, send the information for each individual in an email along with your mailing address or send it to the above snail mail address via the Post Office.  Please include their name, date of birth, and place of residence in 1942.  You do not need to send proof of death as these were 45+ years old when they registered in 1942.

Since neither my father or uncle appear
in the only registration currently available to the public -- the Fourth Registration conducted on April 27, 1942, I contacted NARA in Chicago and filled out the attached form (if you are seeking draft registrations for men who registered for WW II and later).  There is no fee for the search -- NARA will notify you by mail with regard to the search results -- REMEMBER to include PROOF that the person is deceased... I used a copy of a death certificate for Dad but for my uncle, I just printed out his entry from the Social Security Death Index online and that sufficed.  When I originally contacted Chicago about my father in 2007, they explained they had the data but hadn't actually formed a plan to make this data available yet.  Since they hadn't done it before, they took my information and sent me a free copy.  Uncle Ralph's required a payment of $5.00 - and that was last month so I'm guessing they rethought the FREE idea.  Just fill out the form, mail it in (Do not send any payment yet!) and then they will send you a letter via the Post Office, letting you know if they located a document and if so, then you can send the fee in (Do not send cash) with a copy of their reply letter.  And about 10 days later, you have a copy like the one adjacent.  Any of the war draft cards are of interest as they contain birthplace, address, height, weight, etc. -- what I was looking for in Uncle Ralph's was a mention of a first marriage... young 18 year old Ralph was not married so I can narrow down the search a little there to 1942 - 1959...  The adjacent card shows Uncle participating in the 6th draft -- December 10-31, 1942 for men who reached the age of 18 since the previous registration.   BTW, should you be in the Chicago area, you can visit NARA and use their facilities in person. (Great "Chicago-style" hot dog stand down the block!)

NARA has other military (service) records available -- visit their site and see what's there - from passenger lists to military records, etc. GREAT RESOURCE and friendly people who answer your questions.

And on to #2... The mandatory military draft for WWII left behind the records of millions of men living in America who completed draft registration cards between 1940 and 1943. The majority of these draft cards are not yet open to the public for privacy reasons, but almost 6 million WWII draft cards completed during the fourth registration by men between the ages of 42 and 64 in 1942 are available for research. This registration, known as the "Old Man's Draft" provides a great deal of information on the men who participated, including their full name, address, physical characteristics, and date and place of birth.

During World War II there were seven draft registrations:
  • October 16, 1940 - all men 21-31 years residing in the U.S. - whether native born, naturalized, or alien
  • July 1, 1941 - men who reached age 21 since the first registration
  • February 16, 1942 - men 20-21 and 35-44 years of age
  • April 27, 1942 - Men 45-64 years of age. Not liable for military service. Only draft cards open to public
  • June 30, 1942 - Men 18-20 years of age
  • December 10-31, 1942 - Men who reached the age of 18 since the previous registration
  • November 16 - December 31, 1943 - American men living abroad, aged 18-44
And, if you want a copy of the first side of any of the cards, email me with the entry name & I can send it.  I've included some that I had already copied.
 Name Birth Date Birth Place Residence in 1942
Henry Paul Ackerman 3 Mar 1888 Seneca, WI Sacramento, CA
Joseph Dominic Albrecht 17 Sep 1895 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Earle John Alexander 14 Jul 1884 Shawano, WI Oak Park, IL
John Mitchell Alft 10 Jul 1878 Clintonville, WI Geneva, IL
William Arthur Alft 15 Dec 1895 Marion, WI Huntley, IL
George Joseph Alft 17 Mar 1891 Clintonville, WI Allentown, MD
Harry Sunner Allen 10 Aug 1890 Shawano, WI Wilmette, IL
Charles Harrison Allen 2 Nov 1887 Clintonville, WI Elizabeth, IL
William Frederick Andersen 30 Aug 1886 Clintonville, WI Lake, OH
Martin Edward Anderson 26 Jan 1889 Shawano, WI Stan, CA
Irving John Anderson 26 Sep 1890 Shawano, WI San Mateo Co., CA
Ansgar A Apell 11 Sep 1886 Clintonville, WI IL
Jacob Magnus Apell 12 Mar 1884 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
George W Bailey 21 Feb 1887 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Reeve Joseph Ball 17 Jan 1896 Hunting, WI Amador, CA
Frank Joe Baran 4 Dec 1895 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
John Joseph Baron 20 Jun 1884 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
James Francis Barton 17 Jan 1883 Seneca, WI INpolis, IN
Jerry Bennett 9 Mar 1893 Gresham, WI Queens, NY
Henry Beyer 4 Jan 1890 Shawano, WI Arlington, VA
Armik W Bierbaum   Cecil, WI IL
Patrick Albert Birkholz 27 Aug 1896 Tigerton, WI Burl, NJ
Albert Louis Bloch 10 Mar 1892 Clintonville, WI Alameda, CA
Clarence Alfred Bloecher 28 Jan 1897 Wittenberg, WI San Joaquin Co., CA
James S Bloniarz 21 Jan 1896 Pulaski, WI Cicero, IL
Herman William Bocher 10 Oct 1895 Cecil, WI Montgomery, PA
Otto Frank Bocher 23 Jun 1885 Bonduel, WI Alexandria, VA
Jackson Francis Boehm 19 Dec 1887 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Edward Henry Bonnin 12 Oct 1893 Bonduel, WI Springfield, IL
Christian Henry Bonnin 22 Dec 1895 Bonduel, WI Essex, NJ
Cecil Melvin Booth 9 Mar 1885 Marion, WI Oak Park, IL
Arthur Henry Bretscher 23 Jan 1895 Birnamwood, WI Springfield, IL
Charles Adelbert Brewet 5 Nov 1878 Marion, WI Rock Island, IL
Rev Paul Brockhaus 18 Oct 1880 Marion, WI Lincoln, IL
John W Brodhagen 1 Aug 1888 Bonduel, WI Lansing, IL
John Nathan Bruce 28 Jan 1897 Shawano, WI Baltimore, MD
Alexander Carl Brunner 19 Aug 1881 Wittenberg, WI Oak Park, IL
Eldor H Buchholz 7 Dec 1887 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Isrel Buford 6 Jul 1877 Pulaski, WI Raleigh, West VA
Archie Bullis 21 Mar 1880 Clintonville, WI Riverside, IL
Thomas James Burke 20 Apr 1879 Seneca, WI Chicago, IL
Joseph C Burke 20 May 1890 Seneca, WI NY, NY
Joseph J Burkowski  13 Mar 1891 Pulaski, WI Saint Joseph, IN
Arthur Ray Burt 22 Jun 1890 Wittenberg, WI Rockford, IL
Dewey Frank Butler 10 Aug 1888 Birnamwood, WI Chicago, IL
John Alvin Carlson 31 Mar 1888 Shawano, WI Libertyville, IL
Alfred Chirstian Christopherson 22 Apr 1888 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
William Fay Clark 2 Mar 1887 Marion, WI Forest Park, IL
Harley Joseph Clark 7 Aug 1888 Shawano, WI Libertyville, IL
Charles John Clausen 1 Feb 1886 Clintonville, WI Alameda, CA
Arne Frank Clauss 5 Apr 1889 Green Valley, WI Sacramento, CA
Alex George Cole 25 Dec 1890 Shawano, WI Cass, IN
Edward Burton Copper 19 Sep 1892 Seneca, WI Lucas, OH
Stanley Mark Cottrell 2 May 1896 Wittenberg, WI Hillside, NJ
Gay Waite Curtis 19 Sep 1890 Shawano Co., WI Placer, CA
Charles Daniel Dagnon 29 Mar 1883 Seneca, WI Rockford, IL
Herman F Dahlman 3 Jun 1890 Tigerton, WI Waukegan, IL
Harvey Allen Davidson 17 Nov 1888 Pulcifer, WI Benton, AR
Frank Pease Dereby 19 Feb 1892 Clintonville, WI Wilmette, IL
John J Dillett 22 Nov 1878 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Emil Edward Dittman 6 Jun 1887 Cecil, WI Chicago, IL
Stephen Domkowski 18 Jul 1893 Angelica, WI Chicago, IL
Ray Henry Drake 19 Sep 1887 Shawano, WI Franklin Park, IL
Edward Maynard Draper 22 Feb 1884 Mattoon, WI Chesterton, IN
Michael A Duffy 14 Oct 1877 Seneca, WI Chicago, IL
Winfield James Dunn 17 Aug 1887 Marion, WI Chicago, IL
Anton Durlak 28 May 1895 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
William Carl Ebert 31 Dec 1890 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Frank Edwin Echtner 22 Feb 1880 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Wiliam Herman Ellinger 26 Oct 1892 Mattoon, WI Park Ridge, IL
William Dewitt Ellsworth Sr. 28 May 1885 Hunting, WI Rio Linda, CA
Carl Gustave Erickson 29 Jul 1894 Wittenberg, WI Chicago, IL
Oliver Parker Fargo 14 Nov 1895 Mattoon, WI Richland, IN
Arthur Clarence Findall 16 Jul 1894 Wittenberg, WI Des Plaines, IL
Walter George Fischer 6 Jan 1897 Clintonville, WI Lycoming, PA
John Fitzgerald 8 May 1884 Shawano, WI Cunningsville, VT
Henry Harry Folkman 13 Jul 1887 Clintonville, WI Decatur, IL
Joseph John Ford 13 Mar 1894 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Grady Gardner 15 Jun 1884 Shawano, WI Yolo, CA
Ade Geisheimer 26 Nov 1893 Caroline, WI Cleve Hts, OH
George Washington Geisler 22 Jan 1889 Clintonville, WI Delaware, IN
William Frederick Giasa 8 Apr 1892 Shawano, WI Napa Co., CA
Earl James Giebel 18 Oct 1885 Clintonville, WI Saint Joseph, IN
Roy Claude Giebel 4 Oct 1889 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Daniel H Giebel 6 May 1883 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Edward Joseph Gilbert 30 Sep 1880 Clintonville, WI Worcester, MA
E D Grimmer 24 Nov 1890 Shawano, WI Saint Joseph, IN
Charles Grych 15 Oct 1895 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
William Fredrick Guenzel 20 Aug 1887 Shawano, WI Wheaton, IL
Clement S Hall 12 Dec 1892 Shawano Co., WI Salem, NJ
Herman Charles Hampel 16 Jun 1893 Shawano Co., WI Alameda, CA
Will Arthur Hanke 21 Jul 1892 Wittenberg, WI Round Lake, IL
Ole C Hansen 28 Apr 1879 Shawano Co., WI Galena, IL
Oscar Hausske 2 Jun 1889 Birnamwood, WI Chicago, IL
Robert Henry Heike 9 Jul 1893 Shawano Co., WI Rutland, IL
Edward Oscar Heinrich 20 Apr 1881 Clintonville, WI Alameda, CA
Henry Guthier 9 Apr 1888 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Oviatt Elton Hergert 22 Mar 1885 Clintonville, WI Savanna, IL
Hervey G Rice 19 Aug 1887 Clintonville, WI Fairfax, VA
Melvin Roy Heyer 10 Oct 1896 Clintonville, WI Oak Park, IL
Arthur Albert Heyer 16 Jan 1890 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Otto Bernard Heyer 25 Apr 1881 Clintonville, WI  
Frank August Hoffman 14 Jan 1896 Bonduel, WI Rockford, IL
A J Walter Horst 1 Sep 1887 Bonduel, WI Allegheny, PA
William Theodore Horst 19 Dec 1891 Bonduel, WI Cuyahoga, OH
Arden Edward Houston 2 Jan 1894 Birnamwood, WI Glouc, NJ
Chester Devan Huntington 14 May 1894 Shawano, WI S F, CA
Chester Thomas Hutchins 31 Aug 1893 Mattoon, WI Boston, MA
Fredrick August Jahnke 12 Jul 1894 Shawano Co., WI Essex, MA
Stephen Joseph Janecki 22 Dec 1890 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
William Henry Jannusch 5 Oct 1891 Clintonville, WI San FrancisCo., CA
Milton Louis Jannusch 6 Oct 1896 Marion, WI Alameda, CA
Jay Hugunin 3 Oct 1889 Clintonville, WI Baltimore, MD
John Oliver Johnson 31 Jul 1886 Clintonville, WI Porter, IN
Torvald Gerhard Johnson 9 Oct 1896 Shawano Co., WI Deerfield, IL
Gilbert Wilson Jones 8 Sep 1883 Shawano, WI Vigo, IN
John Anton Jryszak 24 Jun 1885 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Joseph William Kalmes 20 Apr 1895 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Ernest Frank Karow 12 Oct 1888 Clintonville, WI Porter, IN
Michael Louis Kay 29 Sep 1894 Seneca, WI Chicago, IL
Arthur Edward Knaack 20 Jun 1886 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Clayton Ernest Knapp 9 Feb 1896 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Julius Henry Koehler 1 Nov 1887 Clintonville, WI East Moline, IL
Stanley Benjamin Koslowski 15 Dec 1888 Pulaski, WI Riverdale, IL
John R Kozlowski 22 Jan 1895 Pulaski, WI Lake, IN
Roman B Kozlowski 3 Jul 1891 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Arnold Carl Kratzke 1 May 1891 Clintonville, WI Maywood, IL
William A Krueger 16 Jan 1889 Wittenberg, WI Berwyn, IL
William Leonard Kupsky 27 Sep 1891 Belle Plaine, WI Bellwood, IL
Joseph Kusta 29 Nov 1892 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Anton Frank Landergott 1 Jul 1893 Wittenberg, WI Allegheny, PA
Charles Rent Lang 16 Apr 1880 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Harvey Earl Larsen 8 Oct 1888 Clintonville, WI Evanston, IL
Curtis Ernest Loehle 16 Aug 1883 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Alfred H Lohmar 2 Apr 1889 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Edward William Luebke 29 Jul 1890 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Louis A Luepke 20 Aug 1886 Bonduel, WI Allen, IN
Joseph Anthony Madel 14 Mar 1885 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
William George Madel 24 Feb 1891 Clintonville, WI Marshall, IN
Charles Louis Marotz 30 Mar 1895 Clintonville, WI S F, CA
Leo Matuscak 11 Apr 1894 Hofa Park, WI Mercer, PA
Francis Joseph McCarthy 9 May 1894 Cecil, WI Little Rock, AR
Grover Cleveland Melendy 26 Sep 1884 Shawano, WI Fremont, IL
William Melvin Meline 12 Sep 1894 Green Valley, WI Chicago, IL
Herbert William Meline 22 Mar 1888 Green Valley, WI Evanston, IL
Adelph Meyer 11 Apr 1882 Bonduel, WI Solano, CA
Arthur Lester Midke 19 Oct 1888 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Alex August Miller 20 Aug 1893 Wittenberg, WI Montgomery, IN
Bernard Raymond Miller   Shawano, WI Marin, CA
John Stanly Minklewicz 26 May 1895 Shawano, WI Luzerne, PA
William James Morgan 16 Mar 1886 Shawano, WI Summit, OH
Benjamin Harrison Morgan 30 May 1891 Shawano, WI Summit, OH
Harvey J Morgan 6 May 1896 Shawano Co., WI Erie, OH
William Peter Nelson 9 Nov 1880 Clintonville, WI Stanis Co., CA
Norman Gilbert Nelson 9 Jan 1892 Wittenberg, WI Waukegan, IL
Louis August Nohr 26 Mar 1885 Marion, WI Chicago, IL
Frank John Nowak 11 Sep 1896 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Arthur H Nueske 27 Feb 1893 Wittenberg, WI Summit, OH
Walter Fred Ohlrogge 6 Nov 1895 Clintonville, WI Modoc, CA
Arthur Burbank Olsen 15 Mar 1896 Clintonville, WI Glencoe, IL
Gust A Olsen 24 Jul 1894 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Melvin Samuel Olson 13 Apr 1891 Green Valley, WI Sussex, NJ
Ben Richard Olson 25 Dec 1885 Shawano Co., WI Lake Bluff, IL
Stanley Andrew Pasowicz 23 Apr 1895 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Arthur Julius Passehl 23 Jul 1896 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Arthur L Paul 30 Jan 1896 Wittenberg, WI Chicago, IL
Nels Paulsen 6 Sep 1886 Wittenberg, WI Maywood, IL
Andrew P Payzer 24 Nov 1896 Shawano Co., WI Chicago, IL
Simon Dorthenius Pederson 16 May 1882 Shawano Co., WI Chicago, IL
Bernard Dominick Perz 19 May 1895 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Gus William Peters 1 Sep 1888 Shawano, WI Park Ridge, IL
Peter Peterson 7 Dec 1882 Shawano, WI Winthrop Harbor, IL
Ermine John Phillips 1 Mar 1882 Clintonville, WI Winnetka, IL
Harold James Plopper 6 Jul 1886 Clintonville, WI Lake, IN
Jay Ward Plopper 9 Jul 1895 Clintonville, WI Lake, IN
Arthur Victor Poulson 15 Oct 1892 Shawano, WI Richmond, VA
Edward Torvel Poulson 3 Oct 1895 Pulcifer, WI Richmond, VA
Otto Priem 3 Dec 1885 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Benjamin Harrison Purdy 29 Nov 1888 Shawano Co., WI Bronx, NY
Fred Alonzo Quimby 17 May 1882 Marion, WI Gardner, IL
Walter Carl Raddant 24 Aug 1885 Shawano, WI Allegheny, PA
Lawrence Harold Raisler 17 Apr 1886 Shawano, WI Belleville, IL
Henry Albert Raisler 18 Jun 1884 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Alfred Edwin Reinke 3 Jun 1892 Shawano Co., WI South Beloit, IL
Herman John Reschke 6 Apr 1890 Shawano, WI Quincy, IL
Edward Anthony Rozanski 10 Oct 1889 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Edmund Rozanski 10 Oct 1893 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Joseph Henry Rupp 13 May 1880 Shawano, WI Allen, IN
Paul Rinolt Salgman 5 May 1894 Shawano, WI Freeport, IL
Emil Frederick Salzmann 31 Mar 1884 Shawano, WI Waukegan, IL
Roy D Sawyer 9 Jun 1896 Marion, WI Chicago, IL
Paul Schanen 15 Sep 1893 Eland, Wisconsin Delaware, PA
Otto Michel Schenk 11 Sep 1892 Shawano, WI Bloomington, IL
Louis Edward Schilke 30 Apr 1896 Bonduel, WI Chicago, IL
Leslie Evan Schlytter 30 Aug 1896 Wittenberg, WI Chicago, IL
Emil August Schmidt 20 Aug 1894 Clintonville, WI La Salle, IL
Ben Harrison Schrader 25 Oct 1893 Wittenberg, WI Chicago, IL
Frederick Cool Schutt 2 Sep 1892 Cecil, WI Nottoway, VA
Walter Schwartz 21 Jan 1896 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Frank Schwartz 29 Dec 1894 Pulaski, WI IL
Malcolm Schweers 2 Jun 1895 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Joseph R Schweiger 27 Nov 1890 Seneca, WI Peoria, IL
Llewellyn David Scrivens 8 Oct 1892 Shawano, WI NY, NY
Alexander Arthur Sherman 14 Oct 1892 Eland Jct, WI Siskiyou, CA
Bernard Warren Siegert 22 Aug 1889 Marion, WI Washington, MD
Richard James Smith 16 Sep 1877 Seneca, WI Chicago, IL
Albert Fredrick Smith 8 Jan 1895 Clintonville, WI Freeport, IL
William J Snyder 12 Jan 1887 Clintonville, WI Philadelphia, PA
John Julius Specht 1 Jul 1886 Angelica, WI York, IL
Joseph Arnold Staidl 25 Mar 1896 Shawano, WI Southampton, VA
Walter Mirrell Starkweather 19 Jan 1895 Shawano, WI Woodside, Li
John Stec 3 May 1891 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Edward O Steinke 13 May 1889 Aniwa, WI Cicero, IL
Saul Nathan Stolzoff 4 Jul 1890 Gresham, WI Chicago, IL
George A Stow 18 Jan 1894 Tigerton, WI Chicago, IL
Roy Gilbert Stuart 25 Feb 1882 Seneca, WI Sacramento, CA
Joseph John Styczynski 2 Jan 1892 Pulaski, WI  
Charles Albert Sutton 23 Oct 1882 Seneca, WI Rockford, IL
Edward Peter Swieky 11 Oct 1894 Pulaski, WI Kings, NY
Stanley Szymanski 30 Jan 1896 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
William Toepke 13 Jul 1893 Clintonville, WI Waukegan, IL
Frank John Tomashek 2 Jan 1897 Shawano, WI Chicago, IL
Mortimer James Towey 29 Jul 1890 Birnamwood, WI Chicago, IL
William Frederick Umland 27 Jan 1895 Shawano, WI Seneca, IL
Charles Samuel Watson 14 Oct 1891 Seneca, WI Chicago, IL
Wayne Lynn Weatherwax 24 Oct 1895 Clintonville, WI Chicago, IL
Edward Frederick Wege 24 Nov 1882 Pella, WI Humboldt, CA
Harry R Weidner 24-Feb-23 Bowler, WI IL
Roy Edward White 14 Sep 1887 Shawano, WI Oakland, CA
James Leslie Whitehouse 23 Mar 1890 Shawano Co., WI Highland Park, IL
Byron Malcolm Whitehouse 4 Dec 1887 Shawano Co., WI Chicago, IL
Herbert Whitwell 9 Sep 1885 Clintonville, WI Kyburz, CA
Albert Leander Willey 28 Jul 1892 Tigerton, WI Chicago, IL
Curtis John Williams 31 Jan 1882 Shawano, WI Harrison, IL
Peter Joseph Wishecoby 25 Dec 1892 Keshena, WI Chicago, IL
Joseph John Wojcik 2 Nov 1892 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Henry William Yankee 25 Sep 1889 Pulaski, WI Chicago, IL
Ernest Frederick Yordi 26 Feb 1886 Shawano, WI Freeport, IL
George F Zellmer 29 Jun 1893 Tigerton, WI Havana, IL
August Herman Zilisch 17 Aug 1894 Clintonville, WI Waukegan, IL



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