About a year ago, I purchased a shoe box of old family photos on ebay.  I thought about how happy I'd be if I ran across someone with an old box of LAEDTKE or BLAESE pictures and thought if I could scan these online, someone might be able to identify the people in them.  They are said to be from the Wittenberg area -- some are labeled LIESCH ~ BLOECHER.... and about 95% of them have nothing written on them to identify them.  If you can identify any of these folks, email me!  THANKS!
Photo by Kim Anderson

"Photo 001 (two women) includes the mother of Edward.  The woman on the left is Caroline Liesch (maiden name Nieman), my great-grandmother.  She was born on Mar 2 1861 and died on Aug 24 1924.  I don't know who the woman on the right side is -- it may be Caroline's sister, Pauline Nieman, but I would like to find out because I have another family photo in which both she and Caroline are in, along with some others."  -- by Steve Leisch
"Photo number 002 on your page of photos from the Wittenberg area is my grandfather, Edward Liesch, born Oct. 8 1883, died Nov. 27, 1963.  He lived most of his life in the Shawano area and he had a brother named Herman."  -- by Steve Leisch (spelling changed by Edward for all his children)
OK, now I thought this would be an easy one -- young man riding a three-legged horse.. People would remember a three-legged horse in Wittenberg... Hubby came in the office and looked over my shoulder and pointed out that the horse's other rear leg is behind the first one... then I got my new bi-focals... *Ü*

"Little P. G., his dog and the rest of us"
Now, I think this is the picture that will tie all the other pictures together.  I left it LARGE in order to be able to read the writing.  The little booklet that it is in belonged to Mrs. Herman LIESCH, Box 313, Wittenberg, Wisconsin.  From a date on another photo taken about the same time, it appears to be about 1927. 

Back row, left to right: Dick, Myra, Dad, Lewis, Jennie, Liz, Meda (Mrs. Herman Liesch?), P.G.
Front row, left to right: Moody, Katy, Mags?,Emily, and the "Boots"...

And ideas as to the relationships, last names and any other clues?