Margaret Prehn Nielsen, grand-daughter of Adelaide Walker Magee, sent the following postcards and photos in.. the MAGEE family were one of the pioneer families of Shawano County, settling prior to the Civil War.

Thanks so much, Margaret, for the great glimpses of early Shawano!

Photo by Kim Anderson


MAGEE HOME - Originally at 506 W. Green Bay Street.  Grandmother Adelaide Magee is in the background.  Mother Gertrude Magee is on the smaller bicycle.


MAGEE HOME - Purchased about 1895 - This is a postcard of the Magee home in Shawano. My Mother grew up in this home. Her parents sold it (around 1915-16) when they moved to Wausau to be close to my Mother, who was an only child. This home was moved by a teacher (David Rand) to a site outside of town. The present address is N4933 Pine Lane in Shawano.


SHAWANO HIGH SCHOOL 1909 -- Margaret's mother is in the rear right - marked by the arrow.

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QUEEN ESTHER (about 1893 - 1894) - Margaret sent this photo found in a scrapbook belonging to her Grandma Magee (Adelaide (Charles) Magee.) Adelaide's daughter, Gertrude Magee Prehn (Margaret's Mother) had written the names on the front of the postcard. On the back she wrote:

Home Talent Play
"Queen Esther
Mrs. Cantwell
Mrs. Westcott
Adelaide Magee
Cora Martin

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