Many thanks to Rick Raasch for sending this lovely booklet in to us.  Rick posted the students' names on the Shawano Message Board and then kindly sent the booklet in to be shared with everyone who visits the website -- very nice gift to many people.  I scanned in the pages and if you click on the smaller page views, the larger scan will be seen... and the page with the students' names is already the large view.

And, I'm trying to locate a little on each student, so if you have information on any of them, email it in and I'll post it.  And, if I'm WRONG on the info I have posted, let me know so I can correct it!

UPDATE: Art Peterson sent in the following information and provided the corrected info on most of the students... Art's family homesteaded the property that the school was located on -- Art's grandfather was Ebrat Peterson - many, many thanks, Art!

PETERSON SCHOOL - Navarino, Shawano County, Wisconsin
May 10, 1926   Naomi Miller, Teacher

and the 1926 students were:

Mable Christianson Luella Alfrieda Peterson Raymond M. Kittelson Arnold Landsverk
married Melvin Prestrud
20 Jun 1919-23 Feb 2006
dau of Otto Christianson and Ellen Peterson
married Harvey Kittelson
18 Mar 1919 - 20 Jul 1981
daughter of Peter Gilbert Peterson/Esther Augusta Lindsten
married Lorraine Bauman
1 Mar 1916 -
son of Henry Dextin Kittelson/Dena E. Peterson

River Grove, IL

married Anita Muthig
4 Oct 1917 - 5 Jan 1992
son of Ambrose Landsverk and Oline Amelia Nelson
Marvin Nelson Lewis Rasmusson Carlton Schwandt Norman Verbruggen
b. 1919
son of Oscar/Edna
married Rachel Fenn
18 Jun 1918 - ?
son of
Oscar Paul Rasmusson/Carrie Amundson
7 Jan 1913-Sep 1983
son of William/Ida
Appleton, WI
15 Aug 1918-29 Sep 1984
Cudahy, WI
Clifford B. Christianson Vila Anne Mathison George Verbruggen Rudolph George Christianson
married Alice Hern
17 Feb 1914-14 Jun 1992
son of Carl John Christianson/Bell E Johnson
married Russell Joubert
1915 - 1983
daughter of Lawrence Mathison/Hiljma Amanda Johnson
25 Jan 1916-9 Nov 1998
Felton, DE
married Wilma Ramsdell
4 Jun 1914 - 1 Mar 1983
son of Christian Christianson/Anna Mathilda Amundson (b 1879)

Townsend, WI
Charles Kittelson Orie Arthur Landsverk Edwin Olson Russell E. Westgor
married Bernice Olson
26 Aug 1913 - Sep 1982
son of Henry Dextin Kittelson/Dena E Peterson
Nichols, WI
married Leona Pues
5 Nov 1913 - 13 Jul 1990
son of Ambrose Landsverk/Oline Amelia Nelson
married Mabel E. Wilkenson
1 Jan 1914 - 2 Mar 1989
son of Ebrat Olson/Anna Mathilda Amundson (b.1872)
married Alice A. Moderson
3 Oct 1913 - Apr 1976
son of John Westgor/Helen Aslaug Gunhild Knutson
Anna Verbruggen Mildred Schwandt Harvey Kittelson Alma Elida Olson
  b. 1915
dau of William/Ida
married Luella Alfrieda Peterson
23 May 1911 - 13 Apr 1997
son of Henry Dextin Kittelson/Dena E Peterson
married Edward Wilke
11 May 1911 - 4 Nov 1978
dau of Ebrat Olson/Anna Mathilda Amundson (b1872)
Rosalia Rasmusson Henry Verbruggen    
23 Mar 1913-4 Mar 2008
married Oscar Lindsten

dau of Oscar/
Paul Rasmussen and Carrie Amundson
married Alice Frank
1 Jul 1912-30 Aug 1974
Appleton, WI

And if you have any booklets, class photos or memorabilia to share with us, email me for the details.  Thanks in advance...