Thanks, Dave Maas,  for transcribing
& sending these in!
These early church records were copied from the "1907 - 1957 Anniversary Booklet" from Peace Lutheran Church in Tilleda in western Shawano County.  Because of the nature of the records and our concern for people's privacy, we are posting  the older baptismal records in an index form.  If you find your family was in this parish and would like more information from the booklet including the exact date, email me for a look-up.  Remember to put "Peace Lutheran" in the subject line. These church records are so valuable because, in some instances prior to Shawano County records, these might very well be the only time a person's existence may be recorded. 
Class of June 8, 1908 By Emil Stubenvoll, Sr.
Christ Kloth Lena Kloth
Royal Sieber Ella Schulz
August Schulz Alex Kroening
Claude Felts Amanda Tews
Class of May 7, 1910
Louisa Schenk Olga Giessel
Mabel Sieber Harry Eggers
George Herman --
Class of June 29, 1913 By E. C. F. Stubenvoll
Eddie Kroening Arthur Giese
Willie Watters Arthur Maas
Clara Watters Louisa Kroening
Marie Giese Ella Reinert
Leona Eggers Hildegard Herrmann
Class of April 12, 1915
Erda Reinert Gertrude Buelter
Walter Grosskopf Willie Blumreich
Hulda Kraft Mildred Herrmann
Selma Heinz Sarah Heinz
Fritz Grosskopf Bennie Kloth
Class of April 22, 1917
Reinhold Watters Louis Nordwig
Otto Giessel Marie Kraft
Adelia Grosskopf Bertha Blumreich
Louisa Steinberg Emgard Nordwig
Brenda Watters Arthur Wiskow
Class of May 18, 1919
Johann Herrmann George Reinert
Edwin Giessel Ervin Maas
Theodore Butts Harry Kloth
Ervin Grosskopf Eleanora Eggert
Selma Nordwig Garda Salzman
Lydia Nordwig Violet Eggert
December 10, 1919
Elsie Zastrow Amanda Zastrow
Class of May 2, 1920
Ervin Blumreich Eva Maahs
Amanda Grosskopf Lucinda Watters
Hildegarde Bohlman Lydia Buelter
Frieda Kraft ---
October 20, 1920
Raymond Arndt Ervin Arndt
Dora Arndt --
December 7, 1921 By Wm. Viergutz
George Schenk --
Class of March 26, 1922
Sadie Jolitz Amanda Nordwig
Louise Watters Herman Grosskopf
Albert Herrmann Martin Maas
Willie Maas Everett Maas
Alfred Page Hattie Reinert
Martha Kraft Celia Kloth
Lydia Grosskopf --
November 14, 1923 By C. P. Stubenvoll
Mrs. Harry G. Felts --
December 20, 1923
Mrs. Fred  Luetzow --
May 31, 1924
Mrs. Martha Splinter --
June 2, 1924
Mrs. Frieda Burnette --
Class of April 13, 1924
Arthur Nordwig Gilbert Nordwig
Martha Bratz Lloyd Watters
Charlie Butt Mabel Eggert
Sarah Eggert Elmer Lutzow
Dorothy Felts Olive Felts
Mabel Kloth Louis Maas
Sarah Grosskopf Lowney Buelter
Vern Giessel Ira Lutzow
Arnold Lutzow Viola Wisnefske
Clyde Giessel Della Abraham
Helena Adam --
March 10, 1925
Minnie Bratz --
April 25, 1925
Mabel Blumreich --
April 7, 1926
Henry Schmidt --
Class of April 25, 1926
Arthur Graper Robert Page
Carl Jolitz Arland Giessel
Clarence Grosskopf Alfred Grosskopf
Chester Wisnefske Sidney Felts
Richard Maas, Jr. William Kraft
Ethel Maas Cecelia Grosskopf
Rose Buelter Verna Giessel
Sarah Arndt Edwin Watters
Frank Butt Emil Nordwig
Harry Schwartzkopf Irene Maas
Esther Watters Margaret Bratz
Marie Flager Anna Flager
Gertrude Adams --
Class of August 21, 1927
Margaret Schmidt Jeanette Page
Doris Eggert Gladys Felts
Grace Voelz Phyllis Sieber
Ruth Voelz Raymond Schumacher
Arthur Herrmann Alvin Schumacher
Alvin Grosskopf Harry Nordwig
Perry Butt Woodrow Felts
Marvin Nordwig Ruben Kraft
Walter Butt Raymond Watters
Claude Maas Raymond Splinter
Myrtle Maas Earl Splinter
Lester Maas Gordon Lutzow
Lawrence Schewe --
March 20, 1929
William Gast --
Class of July 10, 1928
Fred Giessel August Giessel
Donald Buelter Corneval Maas
Earl Giessel Esther Page
Bernadine Grosskopf Verle Schultz
Florence Kolpack --
Class of August 9, 1929
John Gara Margaret Gara
Anna Szucs Irene Jolitz
Doris Hohn Alma Gara
Elsie Schwartzkopf Violet Schmidt
Mona Giessel Myra Letzow
Ellie Bohlman Ralph Herrmann
William Schwartzkopf Wallace Felts
Kermit Maas Willard Flauger
Rayrnon, Letzow Milton Schmidt
Ralph Schmidt --
Class of July 27, 1930
Charles Jeske Fred Adam
Otto Bratz Esther Jeske
Frieda Adam Hilda Hintz
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