Now, isn't that REALLY what genealogy is all about?  Finding the clues and missing pieces to complete the family puzzle...

Tom Strauss sent in the following DETAILED photos and we're hoping YOU can help identify the house and family... if we can identify the house, the family should be relatively easy with the help of censuses, plat maps, etc.  I'm sure there is somebody out there that drives past these houses EVERY DAY... or remembers visiting them when they were children... the family is pretty sure the homes were located in Richmond or Belle Plaine Townships.

And be sure to click on the photos to see the original large scans that Tom sent in...and thanks again Tom for sharing these with us!

The photographs included in this group are as follows:

(Click on the photo for the LARGER ORIGINAL SCAN to help you identify the faces.)

1.  On the first one we know the people in the photo, but don't know where the house is located.  We are pretty sure it is located on County M west of Shawano - either in towns of Richmond or Belle Plaine.  (The home is probably somewhere near County M west of Shawano 5-8 miles.)

Photo: The A. C. BEVERSDORF FAMILY: Emma (nee Krubsack), Adela, Dave, Grover and A. C. Beversdorf taken approx. 1899 - 1900

2.  Anyone know this family or can you identify where the home is?

UPDATE: Recieved the following in an email from Tom (wonderful detective work, Tom!)

<<I cannot say that I can I identify the photos, but maybe I can put some put some perspective on them.  My wife's grandparents where neighbors of the Beversdorfs.  They were George and Rose (Krumbach) Braatz.  Their house is located on what is now Capitol Dr south of County M.  It is the house on the top of the hill.  The address had been Route 3 Box 30.  House numbers were assigned after the property was sold, so we don't know what the address is now.  Their house is similar to the house in the second photo.  They lived there from their marriage in 1911 until maybe the early 80's.  Prior to the Braatz ownership, the land was owned by Rose's parents Fredrick William and Cecelia (Stromski) Krumbach. 

I did send the photos to a couple of George and Rose's daughters.  Here are their responses:

“You might contact Mrs. Hugo Beversdorf in Shawano, WI for some info.  (Hugo is deceased).  Hugo's wife is the sister of Wallace's wife.  Wallace's wife was Lulubelle.  I can't remember Hugo's wife's name.  To my knowledge she is the only lineage member of the immediate family of Paul and Matilda Beversdorf.  All of their children are deceased.  My cousin, Mildred Beversdorf Bates, died a few years ago.  She lived in Bear Creek, WI.  Perhaps you could tract down some of the Bates family for more info.”
“You are right.  The bottom photo looks a lot like the farm, but the people are complete strangers. And I have no idea of what make of car that is so it is hard to figure out the approximate date.  Unfortunately a lot of homes were built in this style.  I keep thinking this top house that the people were identified as Beversdorf looks a lot like the house Wallace Beversdorf lived in (he is dead now but one of his sons still has the house) and is located on Hy M.  The lower photo also looks like the house that stood on M at the corner of Capital Drive and M where there only is a barn now, and used to belong to a Dillenberg.  And I am going by memory only which maybe is playing tricks on me since the house is no longer there I can't really say that was it, but that Dillenberg house looked a lot like my folks house.”
“I had said the bottom photo (that looked kind of like my folks place) perhaps was from the Dillenberg farm that was right on the corner of M and Capital Drive.  However just about 1/8 mile down M from Capital Drive is where Wendorf lived when my folks were alive and this house may look someone like that.  I don't know who Wenforf bought from though.  There were too many discrepancies about the photo and my folks place for it to be theirs.”

Unfortunately the Braatz house has been "remodeled".  The reference to Emma (nee Krubsack) may actually be Krumbach, although "Emma" is not a familiar name to my wife's family. That is just speculation on my part.

The important point here may be that there were several houses in the area of the same design.  The design maybe a pre-1900 version of a tract house.

Can you help me find more information on this property?  I am looking for when the Krumbach's purchased the property.  It was certainly pre-1900.  Who, if anyone, owned the property prior to them.  I'm also looking for when the property was transferred to the Braatz family.  That would be post 1911.  Where would these records be located?>>

and then, Tom sent this follow-up...

<<The photo has generated some cyberspace conversations within the family.  There are corrections to my previous email.  Some of this information may not be directly applicable to the photo, but may be relevant in the larger scheme of things.  I would never have guessed that trillium would have been a protected species 75 years ago.

Here's a couple responses that I've gotten:

“I believe Emma Krubsack Beversdorf and family are correctly identified in the picture by the house.  Emma Beversdorf lived on Cty M next to (Paul and Matilda)  Beversdorf. Wallace Beversdorf's son now owns the property east of where Emma Beversdorf lived.  I remember Emma as she always had creeping phlox growing into the ditch in front of her house.  When I went to Klebsdal School (which not longer exists - a private home is on that sight) our teacher used to take us to pick mayflowers & buttercups.  That was our field trip.  We could not pick trilliums as they were a protected species.  At that time (75 years ago) Emma lived alone in the house.

I think your best bet is to contact Wallace Beversdorf's son.  He should be able to fill you in on more details. Perhaps you might want to contact other people that live on Cty M near Wallace's son.  They might be able to fill you in on the whereabouts of some of the heir's people living in the George Braatz family.

Contact Betty Lohrengel (John Braatz's daughter).  She worked at the Shawano County Court House for years and would know the person to contact.”
“We did have an Emma in the family, but she was married to Uncle Frank Krumbach.  They lived next door to the Braatz farm until they moved to Mattoon, WI.  They had 2 children (Al and Ruth).  Actually Al's name was something else and I think it was Frank but he always was called Al.  Both of them and their spouses are deceased.  After they moved to Mattoon was when Uncle Paul Beversdorf and Aunt Tillie (Matilda) moved onto the farm.  This is the farm right next to thee Braatz farm going toward M.  Aunt Emma was never married to anyone other then Uncle Frank, so the reference to Emma did not pertain to her. 
I don't know when the Krumbach's purchased the property, but my Mom was born in that house (she was born in 1891).  However at that time it was not as big as it is now as the dining room and kitchen area was added on about 1915 or so, as I remember Mom talking about it.  I think the deed from Krumbach to Braatz was sometime between 1910 and 1934, as Grandpa and Grandma Krumbach sold it to my Mom and Dad with a life estate clause with the provision that Mom and Dad would take care of them the rest of their lives.  Grandma Krumbach died when I was either 3 or 4 as I only remember her sitting in a chair by the dining room window playing cards with me. And I never knew Grandpa Krumbach. 
I do hope you can find out more information as this is just like a plot of a mystery, only no murders involved.

Tom Wentzel>>