Many thanks to Kolinda D. Jetty-Guerin for sharing this very nice collection of Family Portraits, Postcards and the beautiful 1908 Wedding Invitation with us -- if you have additional information on the families, I'm sure Kolinda will be delighted to hear from you.  We have so very few of the older wedding invitations  -- this is so very lovely!

And a little on the CRAW family...

1880 Census - George (b. 1816 in NY) and Eveline (b. 1826 in NY) CRAW are farming in Aurora, Waushara, WI and have the following children: George (b. 1866 in WI), Elmer (b. 1868 in WI), Cornelius (b. 1871 in WI) and Ezra (b. 1873 in WI).

David Elmer CRAW's first wife was Bertha ROEDER, who died Dec 26, 1895.  They had daughter Hannah Francis aka Annie.

David Elmer CRAW & his second wife, Anna May HUGHES married May 23, 1896 in Shawano County and then remarried on September 12, 1899 in Shawano County.

1900 Census - Elmer CRAW (Sep 1867) & Annie (Apr 1876) - they have two children: Hannah (Mar 1893) and Lulu (Dec 1898) and his mother, Eveline (Nov 1827 in NY) are residing together in Morris Twp.

1905 Wisconsin State Census - David & Annie M. CRAW are living in Morris Twp with the following children: Annie F., Lulu, Jennie, Violet & John D. and David's widowed mother  Eveline.

1910 Census - David E. CRAW and Hannah CRAW have the following children: Lulu, Jennie, Violet, John and Andrew.  David's mother, Eveline is age 83 and is living with them in Morris Twp.

Marriages for the children: Jennie CRAW to Ernest Bussian on Mar 12, 1918 and Lulu Delilah CRAW to Willie Schnorr on Feb 1, 1915 at Peace Lutheran in Tilleda. 

1920 Census - Elmer D. CRAW & Hannah M. CRAW are living in Antigo at 1444 Minok? Street -- household consists of their children: John D., Andrew E., Belva M., Lucille D., Burt E., and their divorced daughter Violet D. Hoffman.

SS Death Index: John D. CRAW - 22 Nov 1903 - 24 Feb 1996
Andrew E. CRAW - 24 May 1907 - 8 May 1997
Belva M. Smith MAAS: 8 July 1911 - 14 September 2005

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The David and Anna Craw Family
Jennie, David Elmer w/Violet, Anna w/John D., Lulu and Hannah Francis in back???

Wedding Picture
Mr. and Mrs. (Anna Francis Craw) Fred Wolf
May 26, 1908

David Craw House Fire
Back of the Postcard

The Fred Wolf Home
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