Gary Wegner sent in the following pictures of his grandmother, Bertha Maas, the daughter of Fred and Minnie Maas, of Nebraska, and the third wife of my grandfather William Wegner.  The only info he has about her was found on the Shawano website in the William Wegner's Biography Page... plus these two TERRIFIC photos.  If you have more info on this family and can help Gary find the missing pieces to the puzzle, contact him at

Thanks, Gary, for sharing these with us -- the portrait of Bertha is stunning!

The photographs included in this group are as follows:

Bertha Maas Wegner


The boy on the right is my father, Ervin Wegner. The two girls are his sisters Conradina and Helena.

They lived in Waukechon Township near South Waukechon Street and County Road B.