Some time ago, Gail Lane of British Columbia, Canada sent a query in to the site.  She is looking for information on the Jacob & Theresia SCHATTL Family of Mattoon, Wisconsin.  The family attended the Catholic Parish Holy Family in Mattoon and later relocated to Antigo.  The parents die young and the older children apparently raise the younger children.  Since the original query, Gail has found some additional information on the family, but still has some blank spaces.  If you know any additional info, please contact Gail directly at -- And Gail, thanks for the pictures!!

Left Photo is of their house in Mattoon, years after they left.  If you know where this house was in the Mattoon area, Gail would love to hear from you.

Right Photo is of the children taken at Antigo - Emma, Fanny & Jackie.  Their father worked on the railroad and the picture is taken in front of the Crocker Chair Company

Emma Mary Louisa McIntire born  May 22 1908
Minnie McIntire born July 28 1906
Fanny  born 1908
Jackie born 1910
Jimmy ??
The parents names were Jacob and Theresia Schattl. The parents died when Emma was about 15 yrs old and are buried in the Holy Family Church cemetery in Mattoon.
Their children were:
moved to Chicago, married in 1931 to a ? McIntyre, divorced and married again to Clair Lane and came to Canada.
Minnie married William Giblin and lived in Chicago till her death in 1993.
They had a girl Dorothy Jean who passed away in 1977 in Chicago.
Jacob or Jakie went to live with his older brother William in Sheboygan following their parents' death.
There was another child who died at birth.

Anna (married Anton Eibenhozl)
William (married Esther),
Antonia (married Frank Robinson, in Antigo -- he passed away and she remarried ??), Mary married Albert Bauer in Antigo
Theresia married Walter Hanneman, divorce and married George Rath - divorced him  ( in Antigo) and I have no idea where she went, in 1930 she and her daughter where in Chicago.
Frances married Leroy Kastler
Gail still looking for information on Antonia's 2nd marriage , Marie Schattl Bauer and Theresia Schattl Rath.
Jacob had a brother Frank who had a large family -- Gail would like any information on his descendants.

Any information anyone has would be appreciated.