The Slab City Night Club 1897
A special THANKS! to the Shawano FHC for sharing this 1st photo with us!

From sitting on the hitching post is Frank Peterman, Elmer Wussow stands next to the porch post, John Kapingst (white suspenders) stand with his two sons, Erwin and Louis, Albert Koch, tall man next to the other porch post, Herman Wussow sits on the hitching post on the right and Henry Wussow stands on the far right.

"Slab City" (yes! it's a real place!) is located just south of Bonduel about 1 mile on Old Hwy 47.  On the top of the hill was Frieden's Ev. Lutheran Church but only the cemetery remains there now.  Down the hill to the south were the local "refreshment establishments" and that's where the pictures were taken.  Slab City had nothing to do with Morgues (until the 1970's!) -- it was named because of the sawmills in the valley and the piles of slabs of wood.

This 2nd photo was sent in by a researcher from the area... seems to be the same tavern, the same day, with some of the same people...