OK, we all LOVE a good mystery... almost as much as we love an old family photograph!  Every few weeks, I get a photograph in the mail or in email that the owner either bought at an estate sale or inherited from Great Aunt Sally and no one has a clue as to the identity of the couple/family.  People move, houses get sold and old photographs get left behind... but, with the Internet, I figure the odds are pretty good that some one some day will trip across this page & supply the names to the unidentified faces -- all the photographs have ties to Shawano county.  So it is with this hope that I post this great photographs as we get visitors from all 50 states and many, many countries worldwide because we are a part of the World GenWeb Project.  I frequently use the expression that this person/data is within reaching distance, meaning that this person lived within the last 100 years -- probably in the last 50 years... and if you are my age, this was within your lifetime.  And we have people I refer to as "our treasures" -- our elders who might look at this old photo and see their own parents or grandparents!  These are someone's family... could they be YOUR FAMILY?

As with most of my web pages, I try to leave pictures large but try to keep the pages fast-loading... so click on the smaller pictures to see the larger scans... and, if you come face to face with "Grandma and Grandpa" email me so we can take them off of the Shawano GenWeb's MOST WANTED page and put them on our regular photo pages.  The pictures are listed in random order, with the town names if known.  When referring to a photo, please include the name or number under the photograph.  THANKS!

And, feel free to add yours to the page as well!  We have had many successes on the Shawano GenWeb pages.

NOTE: If the photo has a link under it, the photo has been sent in by another researcher and you can contact them for additional information.  If you know the people, please email me and we'll update the page with their names.

Most of these have been sent in anonymously, no clues provided.  One of the "perks" of hosting a website is being able to list your items as well as others... the first one is MY MOST WANTED... and here's the tale... this was found in an old house that my Grandparents Laedtke once lived in... as you can see, this picture is in very rough condition -- it has been water-soaked, mildewed, etc as it was found in a nook behind a built-in book shelf - no writing on the picture BUT, I do have my hunches... MY GUESS is that it is a Laedtke or a Spohn, possibly a Blaese or a Krause... if there is anyone who can help judge the DATE via period clothing, etc, I can possibly guess the couple.  I appreciate all your help!



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