Unidentified Couple

SS Clark - Shawano, Wis (Photographer)

Last week, while surfing one of my favorite places for old photos, I found this one... and the new owner Lisa was kind enough to scan in the picture for our site.  The only info we know about it is that the photographer was S.S. Clark and it was taken in Shawano, Wis.  What struck me about the cabinet photo was the wedding dress!  Such DETAIL! and so very gorgeous... oh, and the bride's fingerless gloves...

And a little about wedding dresses... Until the 1930’s the most common were black wedding dresses that could be used over and over again as ‘the nice Sunday dress’. They were dresses to be worn for many years, forever altered in size and shape.  The more common wedding dress around the early 1900's looked like this: It was black and hand-made. It was wool, two-piece, high-necked and tight waisted. The tight waist was often achieved by a corset. It was elegant, but rather impractical. Fast movements and other kinds of free physical activity were not possible in this dress. I can only imagine the amount of ironing & pressing with the old-fashioned flat irons to make this dress look perfect for the wedding day.

And many thanks again to our "Guardian Angel", Lisa, for sharing this stunning photo with us and we hope to have the identity of this handsome couple to add to the photo.