I SIMPLY LOVE photographs and postcards of schools and classes...family pictures are awesome but they generally pertain to just a couple family lines.  Old school pictures w/students pertain to several families in a Township section.  Such is the case with this GREAT PICTURE POSTCARD!  Lynn Chadek sent in this AWESOME post card from her grandfather's collection -- awesome because it is old - circa 1908, awesome because it has a log cabin school house with teacher & pupils and awesome because the scan is so large and detailed!

The teacher has been identified as Miss Daisy Hudson, Lynn's grandfather's aunt.  From the 1900 Federal Census - Pittsfield, Brown Co., Wisconsin, we learn that Miss Hudson was born in March 1889 to farmer Henry and Nellie (Snow) Hudson and had quite a few siblings.   Lynn writes "The Hudson family had lived in Pittsfield, Brown County, Wisconsin until their move to Green Valley sometime between December 1908 and the 1910 census.  Daisy was his aunt and quite an interesting character -- she was a stewardess for U.S. Steel boats on the Great Lakes for about 10 years and had also been a rural postal carrier. It had been sent as a postcard by someone to their sister [Lyd] Mrs. Lorenze Ebert at Manawa. Wis. and was mailed September 4, 1911 from Zachow.  The writing is in pencil and very hard to make out."

That answers the identity of the teacher... now on to the PUPILS!  As you can see from the enhanced picture below, some clearly appear to be siblings... I'm guessing boys 1 & 5 and also boys 6 & 7 - the little boy 7 just seemed to be frightened by this whole picture-taking experience, as he's holding boy 6's hand... Since this was taken about 1908, most of these children were born 1893 - 1903... and this might have been one of their first photographic experiences!

And we are looking for the exact whereabouts of the Lincoln (or La Follett) School  in Zachow... if we have the location, I can add the Plat map section with surnames and we could narrow the search for the children...

UPDATE: Paul, the Archivist from St. James, has located where the school was: "I asked an older friend of mine and Lillian tells me that the La Follette School was (is) on Church Road (not Church Drive) which is southeast of Zachow.  That would put it between Cedar Rd. and County Rd. B. (Section 17 on the Angelica Township Map on the 1911 Shawano County Plat map).  Lillian Mehlhorn taught in the area in a different one room school for 1 year.  She thinks the school might still be there." -- Many thanks Paul!  And here's the large 1911 PLAT MAP -- if your family is from this area in 1910, check out the picture to see if you can identify any of the children.  (Click on the adjacent map for a larger view)

Additional info: Bonduel Community Archives has the exact same photo - I contacted Beverly Fink at the BCA for any additional info and she sent the following info.  

 "I looked for the description for the Lincoln school and the only thing I can find is that it was in the Town of Angelica. It was razed and the La Follett school was built on the spot. The post card that we copied from was dated 11-04, 1908. On the picture it is written Lincoln School House, Zachow, Wis."

Again, many thanks, Bev!  Also, Zachow Historic Committee has a town page with great area histories and photographs!  I posted a query to the Mailing Lists and Dave Maas answered with this possible clue as to who was the recipient of the postcard:  He has a Lydia Zernicke married to ? Ebert... if anyone has more info on Lydia & Lorenz, we'd love to see if this is the piece to our missing puzzle... my guess is she attended Lincoln School or knew the children in the photo.

And, if you have any school class or confirmation photos, identified or not, we'd love to post them to the site for all to enjoy.  Just click on the photo below for the LARGE original picture... very detailed -- I left it as large as possible!

And. we'd love to know the names of the children!  Here's a larger image of their faces and if you know the names, email me and we'll add them!